Parler App for Android (Nov) Get Your Voice Heard

Parler App for Android 2020

Parler App for Android (Nov) Get Your Voice Heard -> Now make your voice heard in the community to bring innovation and improvement while protecting fundamental rights.

Do you feel that social media platforms have become a governing body where your voice is not heard? Some app developers are creating new applications where you can raise your voice on critical issues. Parler App for Androidstands among them! It is gaining popularity among the people for its user-friendly and easy-to-use portal.

Joe Biden has recently won the elections in the United States. However, there are some issues on which nobody wants to talk about them. It is because the government bodies threaten their fundamental rights and trouble them with imprisonment. For this purpose, Parler Stock Ticker Symbolis becoming famous in the US.

What is Parler App for Android?

Parler Appis a free speech and non-biased social media platform that focuses on safeguarding your rights. You can create communities and enjoy news in no-time on this platform. It comes with different tools that help you in moderation to filter content according to your needs. With this application, you can control and empower your social media experience. You can also become a verified community member!

What are the benefits of the Parler App for Android?

Many users are posting comments related toParler App Issues. We will be discussing them in a while. Meanwhile, enjoy reading the benefits of this non-biased application.

  • Comment, vote, echo, and share on Parlays
  • Discover entertainment, sports, politics, and news
  • Discover how many followers you have
  • Engage with thoughts and official statements from community leaders
  • Enjoy the viral and virtual experience
  • Experience versatile media such as GIFs and photos
  • Find which Parlays were echoed or voted
  • Get hold of videos and news headlines
  • Inform the world what you think
  • Moderate and debate
  • Personalize profile with background photos, location, description, and profile picture
  • Respond to echoes or comments
  • Share media posts and parlays

What is new on Parler App?

Since the app development, the developers are upgrading it to give you new experiences. The updates are listed as:

  • Enhanced new Parler screen user-interface
  • Extended limit of over five accounts
  • Fixed various bugs

Specifications of Parler App:

You all have been asking, “who owns parler?”. Therefore, we think it is best to describe relevant information alongside your query. Please check the below specifications to know more about the owner and application:

  • Android required: 5 and above.
  • Applicable Version: 2.6.2
  • Content Rating: Teen
  • Designer: Parler LLC
  • Developer:
  • Installs: 1000000+
  • Interactivity Elements: Users Interact
  • Last Updated: 28th October 2020
  • Size: 31M

Final Verdict:

Parler App for Android can be a new concept for all of you. However, it stands as the most user-friendly and non-biased social media platform. It helps you uplift your voice without fearing the governing bodies. The application also helps in protecting the fundamental rights that have been suppressing by political leaders and us.

If you have a voice, make it heard. Kindly post your views in the comments to let us hear your voice!

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