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Ever Given Ship Tracking (March) Get all Updates Here! >> Please read this write-up if you want to know about the ship, which is one of the largest container ships stuck in the canal. 

Want to know about Ever Given Ship Tracking (IMO 8320901), which is a Container Ship. Read this article to learn about reliable facts of the scenario. The article will give you complete details about the ship and occurrences related to this. 

We will also let you know how people of the United Kingdom and the United States are getting affected by this. 

Details of Ever Given the ship

EVER GIVEN (IMO: 8320901) is in the news, recognized as a Container Ship. The ship is sailing and registered under the flag of Panama. The deadweight of the vessel is 53239, and its gross tonnage is 46410. 

As per the article Ever Given Ship Tracking, the ship was built in 2018 with a 32.29 m beam and 269.67 m (LOA). The container capacity is 3753 TEU. Evergreen Marine Corp has operated the ship. 

Where is the ships’ current position?

AIS have received the up-to-date position of the ship. The location details have been displayed on the following chart by relying on the Vessel Finder services.

The container ship is situated at RSEA – Red Sea. The position is 32° 34′ 48.792″ E and 30° 1′ 3.432″ N, as stated by Marine Traffic Terrestrial Automatic Identification System. 

More about Ever Given Ship Tracking

The above information was available on 2021-03-24. In the ship’s current location, the wind blows from the North direction with the power of 0 Beaufort.

According to new updates, the ship is at the port Suez Canal, EG. The next terminus of the Ever Given is Rotterdam, NL. The movement operation of the Ever Given container ship is yet stranded in the Suez Canal. As per the latest reports, its movement has been suspended until Thursday. An Egyptian official advised that the exertion could take a minimum of two days. 

What new has been done in this case, as per Ever Given Ship Tracking?

Due to the marine traffic in both Suez Canal directions, the ship got stuck on Tuesday morning. The Suez Canal Authority has opened the historical units of the canal to enable the movement of vessels.

More about the incident

The ships’ steering lost its control the early Tuesday and got stuck in the Suez Canal. 

Japanese firm Shoei Kisen KK possesses the ship, and the insurers of the firm could have to deal with entitlements from the Suez Canal Authority. 


This incident has been in the news as it is regarded as potentially the world’s prime ever container ship catastrophe. As per Ever Given Ship Trackingthe report also says that the ship was insured in the Japanese market. 

It is probably covered for $100-140 million worth of machinery destruction. Registered in Panama, the vessel ran grounded in the Suez Canal, making it blocked and impassable. This thing happened in 2021 only. 

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