Earn Long Shot Medal Cod Mobile (March) Check The Ways!

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Earn Long Shot Medal Cod Mobile (March) Check The Ways! >> This article will tell you about an online multiplayer game and how you can win achievements and medals in it.

Are you a user of the Call of Duty mobile game? Are you here to find out how you can Earn Long Shot Medal Cod Mobile? Well, your search is over because, in this article, you will get all the information regarding this online game and how you can earn the long shot medal. 

COD or Call of Duty is an online multiplayer game played in countries like the United States, India, United Kingdom, and many other countries. So let’s know more about this game in detail.

Why COD is Popular?

Since the game was released in October 2019, it gained a lot of popularity and audience. People like this online multiplayer game because of the different stages and impressive gameplay, attracting many players. 

You can Earn Long Shot Medal Cod Mobile and different prizes as the company of COD issues challenges and seasonal rewards so that more and more players join the game. That is one of the reasons behind the popularity of COD. 

By winning these seasons and tournaments, you can earn rewards like gears for your avatar, skins for your guns, sinks for grenades and other weapons, and many other things. Call of Duty has over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store, which gives us a clear view that how popular this game is among the youngsters. 

Best Features of Call of Duty 

Some features make this game better than others, from Earn Long Shot Medal Cod Mobile to getting different weapon skins. So let’s see some of the features of this game.

  • You can customize your loadout after every game. It means you can choose the weapons and gear which you want to use during the match. 
  • You don’t need to pay anything to play this game as you can download this game from the google play store free of cost. This game is famous in countries like the United States and many more. 
  • You will get more realistic graphics and gameplay which is better than other games of a similar category. 
  • You can form your clan with your friends.

How can you Earn Long Shot Medal Cod Mobile?

To earn the long shot medal, you need to kill your enemy at a long distance. It is recommended to choose a map in which you can use long-range guns like snipers and assault rifles. 

The best-recommended map for earning this medal is crossfire and kill house. You can choose sniper rifles as sniper rifles give you a better chance for precise and long ranges shot with significant damage and high accuracy

Try to play more and more multiplayer modes with friends so that your skills can be developed. The best sniper rifles to earn a long shot medal are DL Q33, Locus, and Arctic Queen. If you are new to this game, you watch some youtube videos for tips and tricks.


We know that Earn Long Shot Medal Cod Mobile is not a very difficult task with the given information as you need some training and practice with gameplay. You can win some exciting gifts and earn a good of battle points, which helps buy gears and kits for the avatar. 

If you are a COD user, tell us how many medals you have won in the game share with us in the comment section.

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