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Em General Reviews 2020 【Read This Before Buying】

Em General Review

Em General Reviews 2020 【Read This Before Buying】 >> In this article, you read about a mask that is fit to fight against COVID-19.

Do you want to buy a mask that keeps you safe from Corona Virus? Try Em General.

The mask is currently in demand in the United States, and Canada.

With the significant outbreak of Corona Virus from China recently, the past few months have been all about noting where all the virus has spread. Medical experts are always asking people to avoid public meetings, to stay indoors, to avoid touching hands on the face, and also to keep washing hands from time to time.

But what if someone has to go out for any critical work? What if someone in the home is sick? Or what if someone has to work outdoors?

For all such questions, the answer is Em General anti-virus mask that allows you to take care of yourself even if you are supposed to go outdoors. You will find many other Em General Reviews on the internet as well.

What is Corona Virus?

Officially known as COVID-19is a virus that is found generally in animals. Still, from 2019, it has affected a lot of human lives, killing thousands of people.

The virus spread of the Wuhan city of China and now has its patients all over the globe.The primary symptoms of Corona are just like any other viral disease or infection.The symptoms include fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing.

As of now, no vaccine has been invented that can fight Corona. The medical experts also do not have any idea about which animal transferred this virus to the human and from one human it ended up spreading in the world.

Let us find out is Em General a Legitimate Company, or not.

What is Em General?

Is Em General a Scam? Or is Em General Legit? Let us tell you.

To help you protect yourself from COVID-19, Em General is here to act as an anti-virus mask. It is just like any other mask, but it has an important feature, i.e., it has an N95 filter attached to it that gives you additional protection. Even the doctors have recommended the use of masks with N95 filter on them.

These masks can filter up to 99% of the harmful germs and pollutants as per Emgeneral Com Reviews.

Because the medical team is not yet sure of what transferred this deadly virus from an animal to a human, it is better to stay safe from everything. The leading cause of the spread of this virus is said to be the contact.

It is said that the virus can also spread through the air and thus air that is around us is very harmful. So, using the N95 Em General mask can be one of the preventive measures that you can try.

Why do people use an anti-virus mask?

A few months ago, people were using anti-pollution masks only to tackle pollution, dirt, and pollutants in the air. The whole world did not wear the mask. But as per the current situation, the majority of the world is seen in a mask.

These masks with N95 filters do not allow the harmful particles, germs, or preferably viruses to enter in your nasal cavity. These masks clean out the air around you before you breathe in.

Specifications of Em General:

  • It has N95 filter
  • Filters up to 99% airborne particles and germs
  • It has adjustable straps
  • The material is of premium quality
  • It is made using waterproof material
  • It has an adjustable nose clip
  • The material is breathable
  • It comes with a rotatory breathing valve
  • It filters particle size as small as 2.5PM and as large as 10 PM

Benefits of using an anti-virus mask:

  • It protects you from Corona
  • It is affordable
  • The cover is made up of breathable material and thus can be comfortable to wear
  • The mask can be worn every day
  • It does not allow the heat and moisture build-up around your mouth area
  • You can change its filter every day
  • The rotating valve allows the air to flow in and out easily
  • The nose strip can be adjusted according to the size
  • It allows free delivery
  • The site is protected by SSL which means your data is safe

Where does Em General lack?

  • Shipping takes time of around 1-4 weeks and eventually delivery is very late
  • It allows only PayPal and principal credit card payments only
  • The order cannot be exchanged
  • In case you want to cancel the order, you have to do that in 60 minutes of placing your order
  • If the item does not reach you, you cannot ask for a refund before five weeks
  • It takes up to 3-5 business days to update the tracking of your order
  • Shipping Policy is not updated on the website

Is Em General worth buying?

Em General’s website does not share complete information about them, and thus one can feel something is fishy about them. The shipping policy only says “free shipping in the USA”, and this does not make any sense at all.

The privacy policy does not clear any authenticity either. The shipping and delivery time take too long, and now when the world requires these masks, the delivery has to be fast.

Final verdict

In this health emergency because of the Coronavirus, it is the best to use anti-virus masks with N95/N99 filters on them that keep away 99% of the germs.

Em general is one of those masks. They claim free shipping to the USA. But you can only pay via PayPal and your credit cards. The shipping policy is not mentioned on the website, and this makes us feel sceptical about this website.

We suggest our readers use anti-virus mask on an everyday basis but use the masks with powerful filtration. If you are willing to buy Em General mask, then cross-check about it through their social media handles and your networking. If you feel that it is okay only then buy from them.


  1. I recently purchased some masks online from a company called EM General Company, on 03/01/2020. They accepted my payment, but have not filled my order. I have called them multiple times, but no one has answered. I have also emailed them several times as well, and I get the same general kickback email every time.They are running a scam. Please report them to Federal Trade Commission.

  2. Do NOT order from this company. They do not charge shipping because they never intend to ship you anything. I plan to file a lawsuit against the company this week.

    1. I recently purchased some masks from EM General on 03/1/020. . Web site was adversiting 10 days delivery. Today, I called their phone number which were disconnected. I sent several emails and they replied that due to high demand they were shipping out on 03/ 18/2020 which it will take 5 days. Today is 03/25/2020 and did not receive any response to my email either. Are they Legit or scam?
      Pls report them Federal Trade Commision

      1. Same has happened to me. I ordered on 2/25 and still nothing. No phone # and no reply to my many emails. I feel it’s a scam but how do we get our back?

  3. I am a PI in North Carolina. I ordered a couple masks in February. They keep delaying. I am starting a background on them. Any info you can forward will be appreciated. My payment was processed in Muskegon, MI. If anyone has anything different, please forward info.

  4. I was also a victim of this scammers. Haven’t received my mask and got the same email form this guy explaining about the delay of shipment but failed to be consistent on the shipment dates which tells me really it’s a scam. If anyone knows how to get my money back please please let me know.

  5. I ordered face masks on March 2 2020. Tracking said in process for about 2 weeks. I have emailed and left a voice message, no response. Tried to call them today, got an automated response that their number is disconnected. Sounds like a scam to me!

  6. I ordered 4 masks end of Feb. And never received them. Everytime I email them they send me an auto populated response that they are working on shipping the. They are a scam! I even called the number and a guy answered not even using the company name. He asked me for my order number and kept asking me for all my information. I asked him doesnt my information pull up when I give you my ordered number? He gave me a whole speech that they are working hard getting these masks out to everyone. They should be ashamed of themselves taking advantage of people during times like this.

    1. Ordered mine in February and have not received them. Sent several emails and they redpond with the same general explanation. The website states shipments began on March 13th and today is March 26th and still haven’t recived them

  7. Wow…I had the exact same experience as everyone else! 800 number disconnected, kick back email saying from the CEO Mike but was sent from Dennis Rivera, copy, paste of FAQ, and never answered my ONLY question of projected shipment date. I ordered 2 masks 3 March 2020.
    Transaction appears to be MI as well.

  8. Seems like we are all getting the same responses. I’m going to see if my credit union will go after the scam and get my money back, When I paid on March 3td, they never offered Pay Pal.

  9. I too have been scammed. Ordered on February 27, 2020. It’s been 4 weeks. They say they’ve been shipping masks since March 13, 2020. Can’t get a person on the phone.

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