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Laemkum Reviews [2020] Worth or waste of money?

Laemkum Reviews [2020] Worth or waste of money

Laemkum Reviews [2020] Worth or waste of money? >> This article is about the website People who are unaware of it’s existence can now gain a fair idea about the ‘Laemkum’ e-commerce business.

Internet shopping being available at our fingertips has become an essential part of life these days, we seldom get time to visit the brick and mortar shops for purchasing things. Sometimes the deals are pretty good and satisfying while at other times, we feel cheated and robbed of our trust and money through flashy online sales and sites.

Laemkum Website is an online store that has originated in the United State and sells a number of hardware equipments, toys, and electronic items including phones and cameras and accessories.

So, let’s check that out!


The main page of exhibits all sorts of products like laptops, phones, gadgets, tools and accessories, which are affordable at low quoted prices. How authentic are these prices that can be ascertained only by comparing similar products being sold at known shopping sites like Amazon.

It has actually been developed that most of the costs projected herein, are unreal and imaginary. Several trap setters employ such tactics to create bait for eager customers. seems to be one of them. has also set so many broad categories which are almost empty. If you click on them, then there’s nothing much inside. Why to do this? A comprehensive and legitimate site won’t do such a thing. It gives a wrong impression to the searcher and disappoints the latter. Reviews

The ‘Contact Us’ page does present a physical address in America, a phone number with American code and an e-mail id belonging to their own domain but this doesn’t certify the website to be a prudent one. On checking the provided location through ‘Google Earth’, it has been established that there’s no such place that exists. Instead an ‘Indian Eatery’ is located at that place.

Nothing about the owner(s) has been mentioned in the website. Hiding of such details,only shows that this business isn’t genuine. One doesn’t have anything to fall back on if any discrepancy occurs.

Whom to contact, if the product received is not up to the mark or if the item goes missing? There’s no one who can be held responsible for. In such cases it’s better safe to keep your money than divulge it here.

Is Legit or a Scam? lacks social media presence, which is alarming. Though several social media handles are reflected under the ‘contact us’ bar, at the bottom of the main page. None of them really exist. If you click on any, it just leads back to the website itself. So, that’s fake.

Apart from showing the images of the products to be sold, this site has nothing else to fortify their business. Customer testimonials are missing. No description of products are there and also it’s advertising for others rather than it’s own product bag. This confirms that isn’t a serious e-commerce business.

Few of the first hand experiences of customers say, that 

  • once your money is debited from your account, the product is never sent. There’s no use complaining through the e-mail id even, because you receive no response. 
  • Moreover, the site has already gotten your credit/debit card details, which is dangerous.
  • If the product is delivered, then it turns out to be a completely different item than what was ordered.
  • There are also complaints that without the card holder’s consent, the site has charged randomly for products that were never ordered in the first place.
  • seems to have a lot of similarities with other fraudulent sites. So, beware! isn’t a trustworthy shopping site. Such online stores should be reported to the concerned authorities which deal with scams and online frauds.

Since, people have already fallen prey to, nothing more needs to be explained.


Online shopping is tempting but one should always keep the mind and eyes open before investing money in any virtual business. Most of them are fragile and would lose strength with time. They are just there to make a handful of money by duping the customers with flashy sales and discounts.

Websites like are easy to construct as they follow the pattern of ingenuine commercial platforms. The website is full of products and low prices, which clearly shows that they are simply playing with the human psyche.

Once, the money is received they simply don’t own up for anything at all. If you have already lost your payment, then do contact the bank authorities for immediate reversal and blocking of card.

Spread the word about your horrible experience in all social handles so that others are warned.

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