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Elishop Reviews [April 2020] Is This Site Genuine?

Elishop Reviews [April 2020] Is This Site Genuine

Elishop Reviews [April 2020] Is This Site Genuine? -> This read is for those who wish to learn more about

When we dress up for any occasion, especially talking of ladies, our dressing remains incomplete without wearing the accessories or jewellery. Days of placing heavy expensive metallic earrings or bracelets on the body are almost gone.

These days, what’s trending is inexpensive trinkets that can be changed frequently matching with the outfit we wear.

Elishop is one such online store that’s originated in the United State and deals in artificial jewellery ranging from earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces with eloquent and delicate designing.

What is Elishop? is a website that has it’s contact address as,

Li Rongwei

No.89, Zhengbian Road, Guancheng District,

Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, 4500047, China

e-mail id :

Phone number : +8617100951308

The company is located in China but is registered in America. That’s a little strange but several companies do that, maybe for doing better business.

The products are women centric so elishop’s prime customers will be young and old ladies, who are fond of light jewellery with intricate designing.

How does it work?

Typically, Elishop would take 3-5 business days to deliver your ordered items. Payment has to be made in advance through Paypal, is a secure website with SSL certification, so transactions between the customer and the company will remain encrypted and safe.

If you wish to return the items then you can do so by contacting at and returning to the same address mentioned above. The expense will be totally borne by the customer.

Shipping goods to China isn’t cheap. It costs a lot and the expense is much higher than the cost of the items itself.

Who should buy from here?

Every young man or woman can buy from here. A lady would buy for herself while a man would purchase for his lady.

The collection is huge and one will never run out of choices. However, the authenticity of the products and prices must be cross checked by comparing with the similar or same products available at other sites.

Without being sure of the quality and real costs of the items, please do not shell out money as the ordered items may not reach you or even if they reach they may be of inferior quality or damaged.

Why is it famous?

Elishop is an elementarily designed website. It has several items listed in it with only pictures for identifying them. There’s no elaborate description or customer testimonials that would testify for the products. It’s therefore difficult to know about the quality and composition of the ornaments.

There company has made it’s social media presence evident through facebook, Instagram and But, there’s not much of information available in these platforms.

The prices of the items also seem to be quite pocketing.

What are the negative remarks about it?

There are however several traits that become prominent when you look closely at the website. Firstly, it’s designing and content look amateurish. The ‘About Us’ page seems to be missing and there are not too many external links visible here.

External links and social media presence is important for any new e-commerce business to establish itself in the virtual world.

The company is based in China. The location has to be verified crucially as there are several fraudulent companies which have risen from China and sometimes they share the same owner(s) and address.

is Elishop legit?

Well, for me to declare Elishop as a legit company is a little difficult as the firm has not furnished any details about it’s owner(s) or creators.

What is it’s mission? Why is it that it doesn’t have any COD(Cash On Delivery) option in the first place? 

Many distrustful websites insist on advance payment and only that in order to receive the money quickly and then flee. Such companies can’t be trusted.

The images might be copied and prices can be unreal. All this has to be verified.


We women turn into impulsive shoppers when it comes to products like clothes, jewellery and so on. Here, we make a mistake. It’s so difficult to lose the money instead of retaining it. These scavengers who are sitting to gulp your earnings without giving any value to it must be exposed.

Spread a word about such new web launches and let the social media be used for the purpose. This will not only enlighten the ignorant but also draw in stories and experiences of customers who have already dealt with it.

Do share your comments in the comment section below.

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  1. I have purchase a item elishop deer freezer 7.1 the item number name admeon o45n28s6. This item purchases on March and say 3 – 5 business day. This item takes 3-5 business day, but this tracking number 1Z8lWV080344467129 saying my package arrived. I never received my package. Is their different tracking number?

  2. The guy scammed you! He did the same to me he uses a tracking number from someone else ups said and when it says delivered it’s not delivered to you. PayPal refuses to reimburse me for the 89.94 Elishop took from me!!!

  3. I ordered from Elishop
    However, I didn’t get an order confirmation email. My paypal shows That $94.94 will be paid for it. I tried to log in again to website and my password could not be repeated or replaced by email. Do NOT buy from elishop!

  4. Elishops scammed me i ordered a step 2 play house for 81.95 paid via paypal never received was sent a fake ups tracking on shipment saying it was delivered but I knew it was fake because no address detail and said the play house only weigh 4lbs. Paypal denied my dispute for refund because of the fake ups tracking saying it was delivered. I reported this to the feds. Yall should do the same

  5. I bought a RCA 7.1cu freezer on April 4/2020. The freezer has not arrived, the ups track number 1Z805YR31314876695 was incorrect and elishop’s phone number 861-710-095-1308 does not work. I sent several emails to and elishop, but nobody answers me

  6. Do not buy anything from elishop. They are scammers. As many others have reported, I ordered a Kayak for $99.00. Received a order confirmation and a short time later got a shipping tracking number. When I hit the tracking it confirmed delivery had been made. I tried to contact them and they no longer existed. I then went to PayPal to stop payment they said that payment had already made. I’m talking a 20 minute period. I was told to contact my credit card company. I send them an email every couple of weeks and get the same response. They got me!

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