Geoghost Store Reviews [April] Should Anyone Buy From It?

Geoghost Store Reviews [April] Should Anyone Buy From It

Geoghost Store Reviews [April] Should Anyone Buy From It? -> This article is meant for those who wish to learn more about Geoghost online store.

Yet another budding online store for you guys. People who are interested in trivial things in and around the house will surely quip seeing ‘Geoghost Store’. The website is registered in United State and can also be called

Since online shopping is the norm of the day, why break our heads into searching stuff at brick and mortar shops. We need to squeeze out time from our busy schedules and search out so many shops till we find the right product.

So, the easier way out is to buy from the internet world. There are several e-commerce businesses here, which are promisingly doing well while others are flunk factories.

In this article, I would like write on the Geoghost Store.

What is Geoghost Store?

The Geoghost Store is just like our neighborhood shopping stops, from where we purchase small but necessary items like pencils, pencil cases, hair clips, scarves, cups and so on. 

So, this elementary online shop will make even these daily wares available for us at cheap prices. You can get clips worth $1 and $2 till elegant chairs for $20. Isn’t this amazing and out of the world?

But, how realistic are these unimaginable deals that are to be discerned.

How does it work?

Like most dubious companies located in China, Geoghost store has no information about the payment mode, yet there’s a subtle indication in the ‘return policy’ section which talks about refund on cancellation of orders prior to delivery.

Whether the refund will happen or not, that comes later but the point to be noted here is that the website has the only option of advance payment.

The contact information is described as : Yangzhou primitive toys co. LTD

100% e-commerce creative industrial park ( green apple maker space), no.115, north canal road, Hanjiang district, Yangzhou

e-mail :

Telephone : 14232666400

From, the address, it can be said that the company has it’s own server and is located in China, though registered in America. 

Who should buy from here?

Geoghost store isn’t selling any big ticket items so that can be an attractive feature here. Getting a couch for $17 or even a chair for $4 is bewitching.

So, I guess several people will fall in for the small costs without even thinking much about any other attribute of this web store.

Why is it famous?

The store probably will be favoured because of the cheap but necessary products that it represents. The website doesn’t look cumbersome with a lot of information about every item or the company.

It’s just look, like and buys for any random onlooker.

What are the negative remarks about it?

If you observe closely, you will certainly find several loop holes in the construction of the geoghost site. Firstly, the ‘About Us’ section is completely copied from other dubious sites. This also signifies that the owner(s) of such scam businesses is same.

China is one place, from where several fraudulent companies have emerged so the authentication of the physical address must be calculated before buying goods from here.

Remember, such sites will either never deliver the ordered items or send inferior quality things that don’t conform to the images shown therein. Returning back the undesired stuff won’t be easy either because shipping goods to China, won’t be cheap.

Many unstable e-commerce businesses copy images of products from other places without permission and quote low costs and huge discounts to lure in digital onlookers. This is nothing but a devious trap so never fall for such sites without verification.

is geoghost store legit?

The company doesn’t look legit to me as the most important page ‘About Us’ is duplicated from scam sites. Moreover, it doesn’t show any external links and extensive social media presence which is eminent in case of new businesses.

Being located in China and registered in the U.S is another common feature that most distrustful Chinese companies share. The Chinese do so because they get easy buyers in this affluent continent.

A word of caution here, never divulge any vital information about your credit cards and passwords in such sites, which they ask for at times. Even if some of them have SSL certification, the latter isn’t a guarantee that your money is safe.


The information you share can be misused and share with third parties without your consent. Sometimes, they are even successful in drawing money from your bank account using the data provided.

Always remember to talk about such new e-commerce businesses among your social media groups and solicit experiences pertaining to the same.

This will lead you to take better decisions. Do share your comments in the comment section below.

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  1. Great, they just ganked me out of $400.00. I’m going to try to get a refund if not I’m going to take 400.00 out of someone’s ass.

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