Driving Test Website Not Working (August) Read About It!

Driving Test Website Not Working (August) Read About It!

Driving Test Website Not Working (August) Read About It! >> This article will tell you about the crash of driving test website in the UK. Please read the details now.

Suppose you were planning on getting your driver license or were midway in your process when the government imposed the lockdown, and all activities came to a halt. It also affected the procedure of driving tests, and other activities as all offices and buildings were closed. Recently, the process restarted, and people started applying for their driving tests. But, sometime later, there were several complaints about the Driving Test Website Not Working

At a time when driving licenses are being checked whenever you go out, not having one can cause you trouble. The website not working assumed to be a result of heavy user traffic.

After the lockdown was removed in the United Kingdom, the offices and buildings opened to a limited capacity. So users started applying for driving tests as only limited slots were available. Soon, the website crashed as several users took to social media to report this problem.

Why is the Driving Test Website not working?

As we mentioned earlier, it’s not entirely clear why the website crashed. But, Driving Test Website Not Working assumed to be because of the heavy user traffic. As the lockdown had been imposed several months ago, all activities, including driving tests, weren’t occurring. 

When the lockdown was removed, everyone who wanted to get their license visited the website to book their slot as there were only limited slots, and the demand was high. Soon after the bookings started, users started complaining of the website not working.

Highlights of the event of the Driving Test Website crash 

After several complaints from users regarding the Driving Test Website Not Working, The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) released a statement where they claimed to solve these problems as soon as possible and apologized to the users for the inconveniences faced. 

  • The website for driving tests reopened on this Friday after months of inactivity.
  • Limited driving test slots were available.
  • Users who had not been able to give their tests due to the lockdown and new users both started applying for the seats.
  • As a result, the website faced heavy traffic and crashed.
  • The DVSA cited the unprecedented demand of the slots as the reason the website crashed.
  • The DVSA apologized for the problems users had to face and assured them they would solve the problem quickly.
  • More slots are expected to be available on Monday.

Final Verdict

The current pandemic had a massive impact on our daily lives. All activities came to a halt when the lockdown was imposed; the driving tests were no exception either. 

On reopening after months in the United Kingdom, a massive number of users rushed to book the slots, and the website crashed, which lead to various complaints of Driving Test Website Not Working

The problem, however, was quickly noticed by the DVSA and is expected to be resolved soon. More booking slots will be available shortly, so you should keep checking the website frequently. 

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