Bruxias Clothing Reviews [August] Check If It Is A Scam!

Bruxias Clothing Reviews 2020

Bruxias Clothing Reviews [August] Check If It Is A Scam! >> This post will help you in revealing the legitimacy of the online store that sells women’s gothic style clothes and shoes.

Do you want to know about that medieval style gothic Bruxias Clothing store? If you want then, please stick with us in these Bruxias Clothing Reviews and learn about the Bruxias Clothing store and its deep & dark intentions. 

Bruxias Clothing is the women’s clothing and footwear store where you will find a huge collection of black dresses and shoes. This store is registered in the United States and seizes the attention of the people worldwide. Moreover, it has a very dramatic user interface that grabs your attention in the first visit. The store is selling its latest gothic style clothing and shoes items at affordable prices. 

Furthermore, Bruxias Clothing is quite famous on Instagram due to several reasons. But if you are thinking of buying from this store, make sure you will read these reviews until the end. Find out below is the Bruxias Clothing scam or not. 

What is Bruxias Clothing? 

Bruxias Clothing is the women’s dresses and shoe store that deals with highly fashionable stuff such as skirts, tops, bottoms, sandals, boots, and T-shirts, etc. at reasonable prices. Likewise, the Bruxias Clothing store is inspired by the gothic style that originated decades ago. In deep, gothic fashion is the apparel style that manifests by dark, mysterious, and homogeneous features. The typical gothic fashion includes dark lipstick, dark clothing & shoes, and dyed black hair, etc. 

In the United States, people are also drifting towards the gothic culture and taking part in their events. Besides this, Bruxias Clothing is claiming to provide quality stuff at low prices to beat the fellow competitors in the market. If you are a fan of the gothic style, then you will get some great options on this store to flaunt in the upcoming event. However, the store is not offering any discount or exclusive giveaways on it, which is disappointing.

Correspondingly, we think that the Bruxias Clothing store is mysterious. Let’s find out more about it in these Bruxias Clothing Reviews below. 

Specifications of Bruxias Clothing 

  • Website URL –
  • Products – Women’s clothing and shoes 
  • Location – The United States 
  • Email address –
  • Contact number – Not specified 
  • Company address – Not mentioned 
  • Shipping time –  25-45 business days 
  • Shipping cost- Free shipping worldwide  
  • Order tracker – Not available
  • Order history – Not mentioned
  • Return & Exchange – Within 30 days 
  • Refund policy – Time is not mentioned 
  • Discount offers – Not available
  • Warranty – No 
  • Newsletter – Available 
  • Payment method – American Express, Apple Pay, VISA and MasterCard

Advantages of Bruxias Clothing

  • The website has a Free Worldwide shipping policy, so you don’t have to pay shipping charges.
  • There are a variety of different dresses and footwear available in the Bruxias Clothing store. 
  • You will get guaranteed delivery of your products within 60 days. 
  • You can contact the Bruxias Clothing store’s customer support for any query. 
  • The store has good Instagram followings. 
  • Bruxias Clothing is claiming to provide the best quality items to its customers. 

Disadvantages of Bruxias Clothing

  • Bruxias Clothing store has not disclosed anything about the company address and contact number on its website. 
  • There is no Refund time is specified on the website. 
  • The site is not having any discount offers on any of its products. 
  • We have found some major errors on the website’s shipping policy page. 

Is Bruxias Clothing Legit or Scam? 

Without a doubt, the Bruxias Clothing store is not 100% safe and reliable. Accordingly, we have found so many negative points about the store. Initially, the Bruxias Clothing store has not revealed any information regarding its whereabouts on its website. Next, the site is not being honest about its policies. And the last, the Bruxias Clothing Reviews, are telling everything negative about it. 

Hence, the Bruxias Clothing store might be a scam. 

What Customers think about Bruxias Clothing? 

As we mentioned earlier, the site is popular on the Instagram app. We have found a bunch of negative Bruxias Clothing Reviews over the internet where every customer is claiming that the site is a scam and delivers cheap quality clothing. 

Some customers also claimed that the Bruxias Clothing store randomly sends DM to everyone who uses the hashtags “goth” or “goth fashion”. 

Final Verdict 

The Bruxias Clothing store is the scam. We have explained everything in deep in these Bruxias Clothing Reviews to help you get a clear vision about the site and its intentions. 

If you have also got the DM from the Bruxias Clothing, please tell us in the comments below.

0 thoughts on “Bruxias Clothing Reviews [August] Check If It Is A Scam!

  1. I actually just got a message from them asking to be an ambassador for their website and they gave me 50% off to buy stuff but I’m not sure if I should do it because i don’t know if it’s legit

  2. I had actually received a dm on Instagram by a random account with no posts or followers and no pfp, telling me that Bruxias wanted to do a collab and that I would need to message them.

  3. I just got an instagram dm from them asking to collaborate and wanted to do my research first. I doubt they are a legit site and if they are, they don’t have the best quality or prices.

  4. I got a DM from a total stranger with no posts, no followers and no one following, that I should send a message too Bruxias.official on Instagram because THEY want to collaborate with ME. I reported both the stranger and the Bruxias page.

  5. SAME I replied to bruxias after the rando told me to and they offered me 50% off to become an ambassador offered me a 40% off code for my followers and I get 30% commission on anything people use my code for but idk if its legit or how good their product is.

  6. I got an email from the official website and this is what it said ~
    Hi Dear
    My name is Evelyne, i’m the marketing manager of @bruxias.official . We’re looking for ambassadors for our brand and your profile fits perfectly with what we are looking for ?.

    To join us, steps are simple.We are offering you a 50% OFF which you can use on you entire order On our website bruxias (link in bio) ?
    Once you place your first order we will sign you up as a new ambassador of the Bruxias Team ?
    You will be getting your own discount code of 40% to share with your followers, everytime your code is used you get paid 30% comission. All we ask in return is to take pictures wearing our products so we can feature you on our main instagrame page @bruxias.official ?

    That’s how our offer works, would you be interested?

    Aw as not sure if I shouldtrust it or not.

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