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Dr Stella Immanuel Reviews (July) Read And Know Facts

Dr Stella Immanuel Reviews 2020

Dr Stella Immanuel Reviews (July) Read And Know Facts >> In this article, we tell you about the video that recently went viral regarding the cure for COVID-19.

A lot of misinformation is being spread continuously through social media platforms. However, the latest such incident came under a lot of spotlights after it was popularised by the President of the United States, Donald Trump. 

The video of Dr Stella Immanuel, a 55-year old doctor in Houston, went viral after Donald Trump retweeted it. Dr Stella Immanuel Reviews for her services to her patients are positive, and she’s said to be a skilled doctor but she made some huge claims in her video.

In the video, she claims to have found a cure for Covid-19. According to her video, she called Hydroxychloroquine a surefire treatment to the disease claiming that she has successfully treated many patients. Her video went viral in several countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia. But, it was removed later from all platforms for spreading misinformation. 

How did the video of Dr Stella Immanuel go viral?

The viral video of Dr Stella Immanuel came under the spotlight recently. After the video went viral, she was put under a lot of scrutinies for spreading misinformation. Donald Trump also found himself as the subject of several negative remarks for promoting and spreading misinformation. The video went viral and was seen by thousands of people in several countries like the United States, Canada, Australia. We’re going to tell how what she said in her video. 

  • Dr Stella Immanuel is a 55-year old doctor who shot a video of herself in the US Supreme Court building with some other doctors.
  • The video was produced by Tea Party Patriots, a known political group.
  • In her video, she remarks that the entire country had been misinformed about the effectiveness of the malaria drug, Hydroxychloroquine.
  • According to her, the facts surrounding this drug had been suppressed, and she called it a surefire treatment for COVID-19.
  • She disregarded all studies that claim that Hydroxychloroquine isn’t an effective treatment.
  • Furthermore, she claimed to have personally treated 350 patients of COVID-19 from the same drug successfully.
  • She called Hydroxychloroquine along with zinc, and the antibiotic Zithromax to be the cure for COVID-19.

All researches and scientists call her claims to be entirely inaccurate.

Information about Dr Stella Immanuel

  • Name – Stella Immanuel
  • Occupation- Pediatric Medicine Specialist, Primary care physician.
  • City- Houston, Leesville.
  • Age- 55
  • Qualifications- MD.

Highlights of her viral video and analysis of the claims

Dr Stella Immanuel made several claims in her video; let’s take a look and analyze them.

  • Several scientific studies prove that Hydroxychloroquine isn’t a permanent cure for COVID-19, and her claim is false. Several studies are available to back this research.
  • Some of the most qualified doctors and scientists have disregarded her claims.
  • Her online profiles also went viral after users noticed that she believed in several conspiracy theories, and spent a fair amount of her time warning people about them.

Dr Stella Immanuel: Reviews and Opinions

Some of the world’s leading minds have called her claims false and scrutinized her for spreading misinformation despite being well educated. The evaluations of her skill as a doctor were positive. 

After the recent controversy, Dr Stella Immanuel received a lot of criticism for her claims. It’s unclear why she made these remarks. Several celebrities, politicians, doctors, and scientists have called her behavior irresponsible. Her social media profiles hinted that she was involved in several conspiracy theories.

Final Verdict

The entire world is worried by the current predicament and the continuously worsening condition of the pandemic, which has held the whole world hostage. There’s unrest and stress in people’s minds as they find their regular lives disturbed by the current situation. Among this panic and chaos, social media is also playing its part, as evident by the viral video of Dr Stella Immanuel. 

Scientific research and experts have stated that all the claims that she makes in her video are false. Some scientists have also done a detailed study of Hydroxychloroquine, and they also do not call it a surefire treatment for the illness. 

Dr Stella Immanuel Reviews tell us that she’s a qualified and excellent doctor. Some of her patients have also confirmed the same on some online portals. We’d like to state that the information she spread in her video is false, and the claims of Hydroxychloroquine as a permanent cure for the illness isn’t correct either.

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  1. I neither condone or support her actions , for her beliefs are her own. If she says she has treated and saved over 350 patients why not ask her for the proof and debunk her story. Perhaps to dissipate her claims by investigative means would help to inform and educate the public .

  2. Dr Immanuel is 100% correct. Hydroxychloroquine works by altering cell membrane permeability to pathogens trying to infect cells including viruses, mycoplasma, malaria, and bacteria like Lyme disease. Adding Zinc is essential, as cellular Zinc electronically interferes with viral replication. The Zithromax is added to prevent bacterial secondary infections in patients with compromised immune systems. I am not at all surprised that this regimen works on Covid. I practiced Radiation Oncology for 40 years and also practiced Alternative Medicine (actually metabolic medicine) for 25 years one day per week. I am quite familiar with the “designed to fail” studies used by conventional medicine and Pharma to discredit everything from Vitamin C to glycolysis inhibitors for cancer. The Pharma push here is to promote Remdesivir, a viral replication inhibitor, and vaccines. Putting medical staff on a moderate dose of Hydroxychloroquine will likely prevent the disease, as cell membrane permeability to viruses is reduced. My own personal doctor was trying to set up a study by using hydroxychloroquine as a preventative in the Nursing Home that he attends. The definition of “evidence” has been hijacked for the purpose of obfuscating truth. You don’t need a study when something works 350 straight times. For those who like randomized studies, the Henry Ford Hospital study showed a 50% reduction in death rate in the hydroxychloquine arm. I am glad that Dr Immanuel spoke up despite threats, etc.

  3. So, she must have had many patients die, whom she claims did not die from the coronavirus. Or, she simply has not treated any coronavirus patients. In both cases, she is absolutely lying. Either that, or she is telling the truth and the left smear machine has gone into overdrive to silence her. Which is it?

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