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China Seeds Warning (July) Valuable Content Summed Below

China Seeds Warning

China Seeds Warning (July) Valuable Content Summed Below >>This article will guide you through the latest news about the unsolicited seeds received by residents.  

Could seeds harm? Maybe yes. That is the reason why CNN flashed ‘China Seeds Warning‘ in many states. 

After all the pandemic crisis, the United States was sure that it was all planned by China. However, the Chinese government never agreed to it. Recently, the residents who put up in several states of the United States received an unsolicited package containing seeds. They are said to be delivered by China. Although it is still unclear that who the sender is. 

Keep reading to know more about these seeds.

What are China Seeds?

The residents of several states of the United States received the unsolicited packets containing seeds. The address referred on the package was mentioned to as from China. Therefore, these seeds are being called as China Seeds. No one ever ordered these and yet were delivered in the mailboxes of the residents of around 30 states. Hence, the agricultural officials have been spreading theChina Seeds Warning‘ so that people don’t plant them.

It isn’t clear if this is some prank, hoax, and agricultural bioterrorism act, or an internet scam. The thin gray package consists of the label that mentions Suzhou, which is the city of Shanghai in China, and states that the box contains a piece of jewelry. But, when this light gray package is opened, a transparent plastic bag is seen with some unidentified seeds.

This article will further impart more information on the same.

Where are these seeds found?

These seeds were delivered in the mailboxes of several residents of more than a dozen states in the United States. The packages were light-weighted, stating the address of a city known as Suzhou, Shanghai, China, and contained another transparent plastic packet of mystery seed. Some seeds are delivered in a white package that displays “China Post” while others sent to Ohio are in yellow envelopes.

These seeds were anonymously sent to numerous address last Sunday. 

Which states are warned?

The notices to not use these unsolicited seeds were issued in the states of the United States including Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Colorado, Wyoming, Tennessee, Virginia, Oklahoma, Iowa, West Virginia, Kansas, South Carolina, Washington state, Mississippi, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Montana, New Jersey, North Dakota, Texas, North Carolina, Maryland, Nevada, Minnesota, and Nebraska.

What to do with these seeds?

The people who have received such packets are requested to contact the state’s plant regulatory official or Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service are supposed to instruct further on these seeds, and until then, the people are urged to hold onto the seeds, including the packaging and the mailing label. They are also advised not to plant any seeds from unknown origins. 

What are people saying about China Seeds?

The agricultural commissioner of Kentucky said that they have the most abundant and safest food supply in the United States, which are unwilling to risk. Hence, they do not prefer experimenting with these seeds. He further added that these seeds could be invasive and could harm livestock or threaten the environment. He said that the seeds might be capable of introducing unknown diseases to the local plants.

The China Seeds Warning also includes a statement from the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the state not to plant these seeds unless it is clear as to where have these seeds come from and what is the purpose of these seeds.

The people are asked to report the delivery of such packages to the Smuggling Interdiction and Trade Compliance Program (SITC) at 1-800-877-3835.


The unknown seeds were delivered to the numerous addresses of the states in the United States. These are feared to be harmful and might risk the environment or the food supply of the nation. Therefore, the USDA has urged the residents not to plant these unsolicited seeds. Moreover, if these seeds are thrown away, they might grow there and affect the environment. Thus, the agricultural officials are working on it and investigating what they are and where they have been delivered from to the various mailboxes.

Have you received the China Seeds at your address? What are your thoughts about the packages, and do you think it is some agricultural bioterrorism act by China? 

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