Decorsday Reviews (Jan 2021) A Scam?

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Decorsday Reviews (Jan 2021) A Scam? >> Before shopping for themed décor products from this website, please check its legitimacy through this article review.

Decorsday Reviews: Human beings love to enjoy their special days in their life. No matter what day it is, celebrating that day is a sign of joy and happiness. Further, with the celebration of particular days like a birthday, you can meet with your kith, and kins and take the blessing of elderly people. Besides this, in the United States, people now follow the new trend for celebration. Couples do theme wedding and Receptions. Here, we have a website that helps you in organizing your theme parties. Let us find the authenticity of this product’s website through its reviews.

What is Decorsday com?

It is an online store for wedding decors and themed party products. In other words, from this store, people can shop for theme party supplies and also giftsFurther, on this online décor store, you can shop for Gatsby themes, modern them, southern wedding themes, greenery, geometric, boho, reception themes, and guestbooks.Besides organizing supplies, you can also shop for gifts like Tote bags, Pillowcases, mugs, and tea towels. Let get more about this via Decorsday Reviews.

Specifications of Decorsday com decorator store

  • URL: If you are organizing any theme wedding, reception, and birthday party and want some products, then click on
  • URL created: The domain of the online decorating store was created on 30 November 2020.
  • Domain age: The website is only one month old yet.
  • Domain Expiry: This online store will expire on 30 November 2021.
  • Email support: Communicate with customers. This website uses its email server with email
  • Contact Support: This website use mobile number 812-679-0194 for telecommunication service. Let explore it more by Decorsday Reviews.
  • Physical address: The mailing address of this store is 10810, Richmond, Texas, 77406 United States
  • Products available: From this website, you can get various themed products for receptions, weddings, Guestbooks, and gifts. You can shop for art deco cake topper, personalized art deco wedding card box, wedding coasters, wedding sign, present, and many more items in this category.
  • Product details: In reviews, you will get style details, color details, size, fabric details, and other details.
  • Shipping: This website will do shipping’s in between 6 to 9 business days.
  • Refund conditions: This website accepts the return of unused products in decoration within 14 days from its shipping date.
  • Payment:  This decoration store accepts payments by only Paypal.
  • Newsletter: For promotional products mails, you can opt for newsletter services.

Pros of shopping on Decorsday com

Here we get the following pros via Decorsday Reviews.

  • This website has a return policy for unused products.
  • This website is secure for Paypal transactions as it has HTTPS security.
  • It has email server support for customers.

Cons of shopping on Decorsday com

  • This website’s mentioned physical address is the misleading address.
  • This website doesn’t have any social media account for the product’s promotion.
  • This website does not have any reviews for its products in the description.
  • We are unable to find its product reviews on internet platforms.
  • Trust score of the website is one percent.

Is Decorsday com legit?

During Decorsday Reviews, we get that the themed products website’s domain age is only one month and a few days yet. Further, it has no reviews for its product yet. It may not be famous, however, as it is new. So, it is too early to find the legitimacy of the store.The website’s interference is sound, but it missed some points like social media accounts details and misleading address. It might be possible it is a dubious store, but it is new yet.

Customer feedbacks

During its exploration, we don’t find any customer reviews on its website and the internet yet. Without the reviews, it is impossible to judge the services and product qualities of the website. So, we are not able to comment about its benefits.

Final verdict

During the exploration of Decorsday Reviews, we found that it is one month old and has a negative point for customers. Like it has no online presence and created one month back. So, we suggest that online explorers explore more about it before shopping for it as it is new.It is recommended to stay away from all such sites about which you are not sure yet. Online stores are in range and it is vital to know genuineness and never spend money foolishly. For more queries, please write to us in the comment section.

0 thoughts on “Decorsday Reviews (Jan 2021) A Scam?

  1. This site is fraud, I’m a victim. Do not buy from this site. Paypal is allowing for its customers to be victimized, as it only offers paypal as the only form of payment.

  2. I have my doubts , they are selling a
    Ludwig supersonic snare drum for $94.
    The value of the drum on Sweetwater music store is over $700 .

  3. I placed an order with decorsday on 1/10/21. I have received no confirmation or correspondence from the site. I tried to use the “” email address and it bounced. I am pursuing remediation with paypal.

  4. Sent an email to the address listed as the contact on their site and it bounced back.
    This email was sent on 01/17/2021

  5. Just did business with Decorsday before I saw scam ratings. Texas address does not exist, phone number is registered to someone in Bloomington, Indiana( called many times to “mailbox full” message. When I charged to Paypal, charged invoice item only said one item ordered, no description , Paypal invoice said Qty 1 Item Desc: IMBEAD yc4p3h189. No response from numerous emails. I received notification of item shipped with UPS tracking. 5 days later ups notified me that item was delivered. It was not. I called UPS and said it was delivered to a different address, not mine as the invoices stated. It was received by Oscar as Proof of delvery stated. Item listed weight was listed as one pound. It should have weighed about 5 to 10 pounds. Made a non- delivery claim with Paypal. They are trying to contact Decorsday. 1-20-2021

  6. I have purchased a electronic device through this company and realized they were selling me something that had nothing to do with there web page advertising wedding decor. Pay Pal took money out of my bank Gave it to a guy in China,,, I e-mail them 3 times , no one replied to me , Then called that Guy Chris Walker from Texas thats supposed contact his mailbox is full and cannot receive messages, Then i E-mailed Him And Microsoft is telling me the e-mail will not go through…This Company Is a SCAM…… Please Tell Everyone… .

  7. This site is nothing but a SCAM! They took $109.20 from me and would NEVER respond when I would email them all the time so I contacted PayPal and they gave PayPal a tracking # and PayPal closed my case. Well today, I get notification that my “package” was delivered to GAITHERSBURG, MD and I am in ALLYN, WA clear across the United States. Finally PayPal got me my money back but this company will take your money and give a bogus tracking # just so you can’t get your money back!

  8. This is in fact a company that scams people. I just dealt with their scam and almost lost nearly $100. The name and address list on the webpage is not the person who gets paid through Paypal. In fact, its a female named Christine Martin who gets paid through Paypal.
    How they scammed me…she sent a package to someone in my city with a tracking number. She listed the tracking number on Paypal. Package got marked as delivered only it wasn’t delivered to me. According to the post office who keeps all the details of a package and it’s delivery, stated that package was addressed and delivered to someone else in Salem. They were also able to provide me further details confirming it wasn’t what I paid for nor intended for me to receive.
    I filed a claim with Paypal even providing a letter form the postal inspector confirming what he said to me regarding the package.
    Paypal emailed stating they cited with the seller because she gave them a confirmation number that stated delivered.. They didn’t even bother to speak to the post office. I called Paypal. They tried telling me I had to have a form filled out. I explained to them the Post Office will not provide me with details of where the package was delivered due to their privacy issues. Mentioning the word privacy is what seemed to make a difference because he seemed more willing to help me. He said they had a way to check and placed me on hold. When he came back on the phone, he said he was able to confirm that I did not get the package and that my money was refunded.
    Had he not refunded, I would have filed a claim with my bank and provided them with the letter from the Post Office.
    I’m telling people about this to help anyone else who is dealing with a mail order scam.
    Note–never have something sent 1st class unless you are willing to take the risk. 1st class mail doesn’t provide the tracking information like priority and overnight delivery.
    If a package is missing, file a claim with the post office. If you end up in my situation, get a letter stating the confirmation number and that is was not delivered to you.
    Get a printed copy of the confirmation number given to you by the seller.
    You might also want a copy of details of what you purchased…item size and weight. In my situation, I bought a scanner. What the seller shipped was only 1 oz. Definitely not a scanner.

  9. Yes it’s a scam. I bought a “glider chair “ for a pregnant mother expecting at my church and of course it was to good to be true. They sent a fake tracking number from ups. When I called ups they said it was a stolen Amazon tracking number. They have a way of getting tracking numbers from Amazon with the same city you live in and providing it to PayPal so it seams like it was delivered to you. I contacted PayPal and reported them.

  10. This website decorsday is a rip off i ordered 2 things off this website and they got the money but 2 weeks later my orders are still pending and ive tried calling the number and emailing the email on the website and never get a response its a big scam and i lost $94

  11. I was scammed by them, they have a fake shipment signature. I’m in dispute with PayPal right now from being scammed by this site

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