Modorro Scam (Feb 2021) Explore The Review!


Modorro Scam (Feb 2021) Explore The Review! >> Does the store with the latest technology electrical goods can offer fake deals? Please have a look at the content and know about it.

The latest technology encourages us to purchase the latest electronic gadgets. We came to know about Modorro Scam but is it true? As to meet our requirements, we often start searching for stores that provide electronic devices. Many people of the United States and Canada are questioning about it. All the stores available are not trustworthy, so, we will share the details of the store that is providing electronic gadgets. We will try to explore this site thoroughly.Sharing all the store details, we will help you to know whether you can purchase from this store or not. 

What is Modorro com?

This store offers the latest electronic items that perfectly match with the latest technology. The site brings trendy products from all over the world so that customers can get in touch with the latest technology. The site provides new featured products to the buyers. All the details of the various featured products are available on the site. The site offers such a fantastic collection of electronic gadgets that customers would never think that Modorro Scam is real on viewing its web page. But we have discussed in the above section, and found this site to be suspicious. Let’s know the specifications of Modorro com.

Specifications of Modorro com

  • Type of site – the site with the latest technology electronic items.
  • Return Policy – If customers are not happy with their products, they can return them within 30 days.
  • Refund policy – the site will provide a refund of 14 business days.
  • Email Address of company –
  • Cost of shipping – free shipping for United States and Canada.
  • Delivery time – 5-7 business days are taken to deliver the items.
  • Acceptable payment methods – Amex, VISA, MasterCard
  • Address of store – Not Available

Pros of Modorro com

  • The site provides the latest technology items for the buyers.
  • The email address offered by the site for contacting, matches with the name of the site.

Cons of Modorro com

  • The site is just 60 days old.
  • No reviews of customers are available and gives a surety of Modorro Scam.
  • The site is not present on the social media platform
  • The site is providing limited contact details.
  • The site has low traffic.

Is Modorro Scam?

Many people are questioning the site, so let’s check whether it is a trustworthy store or not.The domain is new as it was registered on 8 November 2020. The site does not have a social media presence. Even no icon of social media platform is available on the main page of the site.

The reviews of the site are also not available online. The identity of the owner is hidden. The webpage of the site shares incomplete information with its customers. Moreover, no details about the company are available on the site.

The contact details are incomplete, due to which buyers may find difficulty in contacting them. The site has low traffic and has a low trust score. The about us page is not available on the site.Is Modorro Scam– The site has many negative signs and is not seems to be trustworthy. This site is suspicious, and we are awaring you, readers, that you should stay away from it.

What are people saying about Modorro com?

The site is not too old, so not many reviews can be expected. But not having a single review adds a negative sign about the site. The site does not show its presence on social media also. If it had its presence on Facebook or instagram, it would be easy for the customers to remain connected. Moreover, its low traffic indicates that people are not showing interest in visiting this site as it is not popular. No reviews are available at present, and sites show the signs of being suspicious, so there is less chance of receiving reviews in the future also.


The site is offering products at an affordable price and is providing free shipping to attract buyers. But the negative signs found about the site does not allow us to shop from this site. If the site had shared its complete information, we would have given a thought to purchase from this store. But the limited information along with low trust score proves Modorro Scam site. To get such latest technology goods, you can go to some other portal, but please don’t take a risk of investing your money on this portal. This is not a safe site.

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  1. Yeah, I didn’t do my research before dealing with this site and it looks like I got took like a sucka. I ordered a product from this company on January 9th for a price that I thought was too good to be true. It was 49.99, and I just thought maybe it was my lucky day, As of today, I still haven’t received the product and when I emailed the company about its delivery of the item, hoping to perhaps get a tracking number or at least confirm shipping, they just ghosted me and never responded. It’s Feb. the 3rd and I’m out 50 bucks with no recourse.

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