Types of Corporate Video Productions and How They Are Made

Types of Corporate Video Productions

The visual medium has a power that has been documented time and again to need any repetition. It is fast, effective and leaves a long-lasting impression. In the corporate world, too, it occupies a prominent position.

Advertising a particular brand or business through corporate video production ensures that it receives the maximum attention. Brand awareness is created while allowing the company to tell its story creatively.

It is hardly surprising that multinational companies and global brands have been using video promotion services and marketing tools with incredible. But what are corporate videos and the steps involved in making one? How many different types of corporate video productions are there? Read on to know. 

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video refers to a moving image created and sponsored by a company, business or corporation from motion graphics to animation. It is directed to a specific audience, which is chosen after careful study and research. The purposes of such videos are varied, from informing the consumers about themselves or eliciting a call to action. Often, they are used for training and instruction purposes for the employees or drawing attention to the achievement of goals by a company from time to time. 

Various stages of corporate video productions

Corporate video productions consist of three stages: pre-production, production and post-production. The pre-production stage is marked by chalking out a strategy, designing an effective communication plan, searching for talent, equipment selection, preparing a script and storyboarding. Then comes the production stage, where the videos are shot, or animations are created. It is interesting to know that the production processes of live-action and animation videos are different. In the making of live-action videos, set, lighting, rehearsals and recording play a role. Steps involved in animation videos are illustration, animation and sound design. In the post-production stage, there is editing, including sound mixing and visual effects, followed by the release of the final delivery. 

Types of corporate videos

  • Company introduction videos

These are videos that introduce a company, brand or business to the public. They are informative and inform the consumers about the company’s history and goals. They may also tell the people about the services or products on offer. Such videos aim to bring brand awareness and ensure that it catches the public’s eye. 

  • Conference videos

Conference videos are an excellent way of bringing interactivity during corporate events and conferences. What they do is breathe life into a business event with an exciting script, captivating visuals, and learning tools. Presentations, graphs and charts can be made quite colourful and appealing with a variety of online tools. These videos are also utilized by CEOs of companies who may not be present at a meeting but need to send a message with a personal touch. 

Customer testimonial videos

There is no better and effective way to establish the credibility of a brand, organization or product than through a testimonial video.

Several studies have shown that these videos influence the buying decision of customers. Listening to the testimony of another consumer also reinforces the trust of an existing client. The credibility factor is increased several times over when a celebrity is hired to advertise something. Of course, this is an advertising strategy, but the results speak for themselves in such cases. 

Training purposes

Companies and organizations keep upgrading their infrastructure and system from time to time. They expect their employees to remain updated with the changes to ensure the smooth functioning of the company. One way to communicate these changes is through reading material. The problem with those is that they are often dull and fail to communicate the differences. On the other hand, videos convey the message with clarity while bringing fun into the process. Training videos are also helpful in helping the employees understand the regulations, ethics and etiquette expected of them. 

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) videos

CSR videos are a great way to show the employees, stakeholders, and the public of the company’s various contributions and causes in this field, whether philanthropic, environmental, ethical, or economic. It effectively wins the consumers’ admiration and those of clients since it shows its dedication to society. A message is sent across that the company’s objectives are not limited to profit-making alone. 

Online advertising videos

Online advertising commercial videos enjoy a distinct advantage over regular television commercials as they are not required to stick to a short time frame. Online ads have higher reachability since they are seen by internet users all over the world. The reach factor also plays a significant role in this. Since the number of smartphone users continues to rise, online advertising is likely to be significantly noticed. That ensures a massive increase in traffic, which translates to greater brand awareness and more prospective clients.

Corporate video production is undoubtedly the most effective, result-oriented and easiest way to reach out to the customers, employees and stakeholders. The visual appeal is set to grow in the future, and banking on it would be immensely profitable in the long run. 

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