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Sometimes it becomes hard to choose between right and wrong, especially when it comes to the job. During the pandemic situation, many employees lost their jobs, and frequently we saw a rise of fake online opportunities, making companies actively scammed several individuals. In this section, we are elaborating on the Reviews.

The company is registered in the United States and offering work from home jobs. It depends upon online marketing and selling, although a few legit companies offer legit work and payments. But there is a system by which they hire and offer jobs; nowadays, digital marketing is booming, and lots of fake websites maligned very smartly into this business.

People were asked to pay a sum of money or to purchase the software so that they can offer you a job. Or they will do fake promises and demand to submit some cash as a charge. People should never trust websites that ask for money because no companies ask for money for the job unless it is a job consulting firm.

So, let us discuss more about the Reviews.

What is is a website that offers online jobs; their working culture depends upon bitcoin or cryptocurrency. The company will ask you to invest in the company and promote them, and they will take your money to invest in the cryptocurrency.

The investments will be made based on software on ICO, the CEO of the company is Max Oltersdorf as per the information over the internet. According to him, he worked under some political leaders in the United States; he stated that they have an advisory team who are experts in machine learning.

Customer Reviews

When we analyze the customer point of view, we found that some negative Reviews where the customers complaint about it is a scam. They informed that they get a continuous call from the person name Cory, he offers work from an online home job. He said that they could earn $20,000 per month if they join the program.

Few people found it fishy and blocked the number, but he still sends a text message and disturbs them. One of the customers noted that Cory is a recorded message where he will ask you to visit the website and saw the two videos and proposed you the job.

Overall it is found to be a fake online scam, which misleads people by offering work from home jobs.


As per the study over the internet, the website is not a legit one; it is a scam; we found many complaints against, during our research on Reviews

They will call you at random times and continues to irritate you after you reject the call. So, stay away from such fraud calls and search for the legit earning sites. Digital marketing is a vast field, and there are many methods that you can make in a legit way.

Meanwhile, if you have ever received call from such companies, let us know in the comment section and spread the awareness.

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    I ordered from anoylther similar co. & turned out it took almost 3 months. The items were nit like the pictures and did not fit according to size selected

    No thank you unless it is USA based!

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