Clearmask Reviews (July 2020) Is It A Legit Or Scam?

Clearmask Reviews

Clearmask Reviews (July 2020) Is It A Legit Or Scam? >> In this article, the website deals with clear masks for precise and comfortable communication.

As the whole world is scuffling with the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing masks for protection has become a new part of our life. But wearing traditional masks sometimes leads to so much anxiety and irritation because it covers faces due to which no one can express himself/herself. This is so much frustrating.

But No worries! There is good news for all of you as in this article, and we are going to introduce you to leading e-commerce portal “Clearmask” dealing with solicitous transitive face masks.

The above-listed website is currently associated in the United States. You people should check it out our Clearmask Reviews.

 Is Clearmask Legit? We need to research this, so let’s read further.

What is Clearmask?

Clearmask is an online portal which dealt with the first transparent FDA registered masks. It was founded by the LLC Company of the United States in 2017. The company’s main motive behind making this website was to transfer a human element by providing maximum lucidity and comfort by making human connections more humanly and clearer, which is impossible with regular masks.

Clearmask s is offering two types of transparent face masks strap styles- EZ Adjuster and Classic-tie-on Right now due to COVID-19 Clearmask is currently available for the hospital staff and members.

Specifications of Clearmask 

  • Website is dealing with – Transparent face masks
  • Estimated delivery time – 2-3 business days and bulk orders may take a longer time.   
  • Refund policy – not accepting refunds due to COVID-19
  • Shipping policy – Free shipment for bulk orders like 432+ masks.
  • Cancellation policy – Before order confirmation
  • Company contact details – Not Available on the site
  • Company address – Not Available on the site
  • Email address to contact – sales@theClearmask .com, and orders@theClearmask .com 
  • Mode of Payment – PayPal, Visa card, Google pay, etc.

Pros of Clearmask 

  • 100% secured shopping guarantee.
  • The order will be delivered in just 2-3 business days.
  • Anti-fogging masks and protects from aerosols, fluids, and sprays.
  • Free shipping on bulky orders ( above 432+ masks )
  • Provide a guarantee of the best quality products.

Cons of Clearmask 

  • Not responsible for any damage or expense caused at the time of transportation delay.
  • Clearmask s are not responsible for any damaged and lost products during the time of shipment. 
  • Orders cannot be canceled once the order is confirmed, and payment has processed.

Is Clearmask Legit?

Is Clearmask Legit? Before telling you the answer, I would like to inform you about the Clearmask first. It is three years, five months, and 29 days old website as its domain was registered on 29-01-2017. It is FDA registered, SSL certified, and also been certified from SBE, MBE, and DBE i.e., there are high chances of its security. 

It is associated with almost all social media platforms, and customers also gave positive reviews towards this website. They have praised the product and used it wisely for clear protection.

Hence now coming to the answer, I would say that there are fewer chances of this website to be a scam, and if you people are bored from wearing regular masks and wish to buy transparent masks, you can try Clearmask s. If you still people have doubts, it would be advised to go through from Clearmask reviews under customer reviews for the Clearmask section.

Customers Reviews for Clearmask 

Customer reviews are so important while buying any product online as they give us confidence in the product. To make your views more clear, we have explored so much to find customer reviews towards Clearmask. We are so much excited to tell you that this website has received so many positive reviews, and the customer has also shared their experiences for their products.

Therefore there are fewer chances of being scammed on this website, and if you wish to buy masks from this website, then you can try for sure. 

Final Conclusion

Clearmask is SSL certified and highly secure website. It is associated with so many social media platforms, and its domain age is more than one year, E-mail id for customers help has also been provided on the website. The company addresses and contact information have not been provided on their website but have found many positive reviews of their product, making it trustworthy.

Hence we conclude that Clearmask is Legit and right now, ensuring their product accessible to all the hospitals under US territories. 

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  1. The premise is absolutely great, but the noted pluses are not correct. The mask gets hot and it does fog up. I’m ready to donate these to whomever. I purchased 48 mask or two boxes regrettable. I gave one box to a local hospital employee and she gave them back. Sorry, I won’t be purchasing these ever again. I hate they won’t refund or return since the cost was $72.00 per box ( 2)

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