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Ailsary Shoes Reviews {July} Is It Legit or Another Scam

Ailsary Shoes Reviews

Ailsary Shoes Reviews {July} Is It Legit or Another Scam >> In this article, you will get the information about the site that claims to deal in products for women.

Are you searching for a perfect item to gift your lady-luck but unable to do so due to its price? Don’t worry because today, in this review, you’ll get to know about one such site – that deals in clothing and footwear for females.

The website is launched only seven months ago, that implies it is not veteran, but trying to adjust in the online space and growing each day.

Ailsary Shoes Reviews tell us it has already won millions of hearts across the United States. But have you ever heard its name before? Do you know Is Ailsary Shoes Legit or just a scam to cheat you and other potential buyers? Let’s read the whole article to know the mystery of this website.


It is an online site claims to deal with clothes and footwear related to females and deliver at your doorstep. All you have to do is click on the link, add to your cart, and pay for your favorite item.

The extensive collection on the shelf consists of sneakers, sandals, boots, slippers, Loafers and flats, Pumps and heels, Wedges, and clothing.

The site offers various discounts. Let’s see what these are:

  • Buy one and Get 25% off on the second (Code AY25)
  • Buy two and Get 50% off on the third (Code AY25)
  • Buy three and Get 100% off on the fourth (Code AY25)

Now read further details about the site like – specification, advantages, disadvantages, customer reviews, and also check its legitimacy.


  • Product- Shoes and Clothes for Females
  • Established In – Dec 2019
  • Website link-
  • Contact Person-Not Given
  • Email Id-
  • Contact Number – Not Given
  • Contact Address – Meledo Company Limited 107-111 Fleet Street, London, Greater London United Kingdom EC4A 2AB
  • Standard Shipping time – 15-25 business days
  • Processing time- 3-7 business days
  • Shipping Cost to USA, Australia and New Zealand: One-piece- 5$, Two pieces- 4$, More than four pieces- 16$
  • Shipping Cost to Canada- One-piece- 8$, Two pieces- 13$, three pieces- 15$, four pieces-20$, and More than five pieces- 25$
  • Return- Within 50 days
  • Shipping Cost to rest of the countries and Time: $7 and Time may vary
  • Mode of Payment- PayPal


  • Tracking order facility
  • You can subscribe for Newsletter
  • The site has a presence on social media
  • There are many Ailsary Shoes Reviews available
  • We did not find any suspicious word in the domain name
  • The site not yet blacklisted yet
  • The site uses a valid HTTPS connection
  • Many products under single shelf
  • More than 7.5K likes on Facebook


  • Only a single mode of Payment
  • The text in the content is copied and pasted
  • Similar images were seen on other sites
  • A terrible trust score of 1%
  • The site has no presence on Amazon, which has millions of customers
  • The short Life expectancy of the domain name
  • Shipping Time is too long

Is Ailsary Shoes Legit?

Have you brought any product from this site or thinking of buying from it? Is this site following the guidelines made for the legit sites?

The website seems legit at first glance with a trendy design, high-pixel images, customer reviews, and a valid HTTPS secured connection,

In our investigation, we found certain red flags- Copied content, fake images, no contact number, linkage with many fraudulent sites, etc. can’t be ignored.

Thus, we conclude that this site is potentially a suspicious website and can’t recommend you. If you have to purchase anything from this website, kindly do your in-depth research for the same.

Feedback by the Customers

Customer reviews serve as an eye-opener for the potential buyers to choose from a variety of products available in the market.

We find so many Ailsary Shoes Reviews on the site that tell us the customers are delighted with the company’s services, but general reviews are contradictory and can’t be ignored. They say that the site is linked to many other bogus sites, and its domain is about to expire soon.

Final Verdict

The site was launched on 24th Dec 2019, so we can’t judge whether it’s legitimate or not as it lacks contact number, and we find many warning signals that are mostly found in fake sites.

Thus we highly recommend you choose another brand that is not a newbie and must-read its reviews and check its legitimacy with the guidelines we have already discussed. Kindly do your manual check before purchasing anything from here.

Kindly share your experience in the comment section below. We’re waiting for your opinion on this Ailsary Shoes Reviews.

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  1. Wow, I guess I should have checked out this site more. They got away with a gift I was getting. HOW SAD AND TINY YOU SHOULD FEEL. GETTING OVER ON A LADY. YOUR PARENT SURE SUCKED AT RAISING ALL OF YOU THE RIGHT WAY. NON CARING HURTFUL HATEFULH BUNCH YOU ARE. I should of known better.

    1. My experience has been similar. I ordered a pair of shoes back on September 6 believing the shoes would arrive for a 9/25 birthday. Here it is 10/02 and I received two identical machine generated responses to my inquiries and so far no tracking number or shoes. The company is very quick to take your money but mailing the product seems beyond their capability.

    2. I am yet to receive my order of $135!! Ordered waaaay back in August. They keep telling me it’s coming but nothing. I am reporting this to Better Business Bureau. Tired of scammers. Not fair.

  2. I’m teetering on it being a scam. I bought 3 pairs on 7.27 and today is 8.7.20 and no shoes yet. I have emailed twice and immediately got responses but asked for tracking and have not been provided it yet. I’m going to seek a refund from PayPal on 8.17 ( 30 days) if my shoes don’t arrive by then. They asked me to be more patient and that the shoes are on the way.


  3. I placed an order for over $100 back on July 10. It is now August 25 and I have not received anything. Furthermore, they use the “Shop” app for tracking information. My order status has never changed from the 1st day I ordered which is “Order Placed”. I’ve had probably 13-15 email exchanges where I have asked for a tracking number. They will not provide one, and give me excuse after excuse ex. The post office was delayed in processing, etc. I have stated repeatedly if they are in fact getting these updates then they have a way to track the shipment and I want the tracking number or refund my money. They ignore this and keep saying for me to give them more time. I feel this is a scam site. At this point I just want my money back but they’re ignoring this request. DON’T BUY FROM THESE SCAMMERS!!

  4. I am so irritated, upset,pissed off and angry because I ordered shoes from Ailsary over a month and a half and I haven’t received them. Ailsary will respond to my emails but they just keep saying the shoes are on the way. I will never order anything from them and I will warn people about my experience. I will now check to see if a company is legit before I order anything from a company.

  5. I ordered a pair of shoes on July 18th and have not received them. I also sent an email to inquire why it’s taking so long, they replied with an apology and a code I guess for a discount on my next purchase it doesn’t really say. I will not purchase from them again.

  6. I placed my order July 14th it is noe Sept 16th. Im getting the run around from this bogus company. I want my money, I am no longer interested in their products

  7. I placed an order for 2 pairs of the same style shoe, in 2 different colors. I received my order nearly 7 weeks after I placed it. The quality control of the product was extremely poor, and I am unable to wear the shoes. One shoe fit differently than the other st the top of the sandle and in the opposite color, the opposite shoe fit poorly.
    I contacted the customer service and they said it would cost more than I paid for the shoes ($65) to ship them back and offered 15% of what I paid as reimbursement! I told them that their return address was in CA, though came from overseas. They responded with a 15% discount code for something else in their store. Its been over a week of back and forth emails with customer service and I still have 2 pair of shoes that I’m unable to wear and no return service from Albris. Save your money. The quality is poor.

  8. Ordered sandals on May 3. In June, I sent an email wondering when I might expect to receive them. They assured me my order had been shipped and provided tracking info. After another month I was able to track it to the post office where I live and was informed that the post office returned the sandals to Ailsary because the shipping label they prepared had an undeliverable address. I have sent 3 more emails to Ailsary and all I get is a boilerplate response saying that my orrer is on its way. They owe me $40.

  9. Definitely a scam. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes and received them in about a months time. Only thing was one pair was a totally different style than the one pictured on the website, and the second pair was identical to what was advertised but instead of rhinestones, it was like, mirror-like sticker “rhinestones” 😂 I was pretty annoyed. I emailed them back and forth saying I wanted to return them, and they said that shipping them back to China was not cost efficient, so they would refund my card 15% of what I paid and I could “give them to a friend” What?! Lol. They were NOT kidding. The email had lots of gramatical errors and poor English. Very disappointed with my experience. I filed a dispute with my credit card company and I am awaiting a response. Don’t buy from them.

  10. 2 months have passed and no delivery. Just BS about a Chinese Holiday that has apparently lasted 2 months… It’s 100% BS and 100% a scam. DO NOT PURCHASE from them.
    They lie when you inquire, and I encourage everyone to flag their social media posts, and to hopefully put an end to this horrible company.

  11. Definitely a scam, I ordered July 20th, sent an email in August & Oct, its now Nov16th and nothing! The first email response just said I’m sorry for the inconvenience the second email response said that there’s delays in customs…The crazy thing is I don’t actually see it being taken from my PayPal account so I am about to check with PayPal to see if there ever was any money taken out. I sure hope not! Man I was bamboozled!

  12. I ordered two pairs of shoes through them 4 months ago and have received nothing. I contacted them and was told that they would resend – that was two weeks ago and nothing has been shipped to UPS like their fake email said it would be. It is a SCAM and they need to be shut down immediately.

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