Cegetstic com Reviews {July} Think And Buy From Legit Site

Cegetstic com Reviews

Cegetstic com Reviews {July} Think And Buy From Legit Site -> In this article, you get to know about an e-store that caters to a wide variety of products like fashion clothes and decorative items.

Do you check an e-commerce site’s trustworthiness before placing an order? If so, then let’s check out Cegetstic.com. 

A lot of ardent online shoppers are wondering about Cegetstic com reviews. As this is a new site, we thought of sharing some of our findings with our readers. 

Nowadays, there is no shortage of e-stores that sell items belonging to varied categories. Buyers always try to explore new sites to quench their thirst for trendy pieces and money-saving offers. 

Before buying products online, it is imperative for customers to check if the site is trustworthy or not. 

There is a lot of buzz regarding this site among online buyers in the United States. We conducted a search to find out if the site is legit or not. Read on to know what we found. 

What is Cegetstic.com?

Cegetstic.com is an e-shop where you can find a myriad of products. Some of the categories listed on the website are calendars, clothing items like cardigans, stylish hair accessories

However, the site lists other items like pool set and water floating pad on its homepage. The site’s shipping and delivery policies are provided on respective pages. In general, the products appear to be priced at lower rates. 

On the surface, the site looks trustworthy but is Cegetstic com legit or scam. Here we assess the various factors of the e-store to determine its legitimacy. 

Specifications of Cegetstic com:

  • Website type – an e-shop selling varied items like embroidered clothing and home décor items 
  • Delivery time – 10 to 22 days
  • Shipping fee – free standard delivery 
  • Return/Exchange – within 30 days of order receipt 
  • Cancellation – not shared 
  • Mode of payment – PayPal. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express 
  • Company phone number – 14805611293
  • Company address – 621 S Santa Fe Avenue, Norman, Oklahoma 73069, United States 
  • Company email id –cegetstic@outlook.com

Pros of buying products from Cegetstic com:

  • The site boasts a massive collection of various types of products.
  • The products are available at relatively low prices. 
  • Buyers can return or exchange an item. 
  • The site does not charge any fee for standard shipping. 

Cons of buying products from Cegetstic com:

  • No option to pay cash on delivery, as the site only accepts credit and debit cards and PayPal. 
  • The site shares no information about the company except the contact details. 
  • No reliable review available online. 

Is Cegetstic.com legit or not?

Here we answer the critical question, is Cegetstic com legit or not. Let’s look at the points that are in favour of the e-store. The site ensures data protection as it possesses the SSL certification. The e-store shares adequate and relevant information about the products listed onthe site. 

However, there are a few problematic aspects of the e-commerce store that indicate its untrustworthiness. The products on the site are not systematically arranged. The domain is hardly 18 days old. Some of the icons on the site’s homepage are inactive. 

We couldn’t locate the site on portals such as Facebook and Twitter. After evaluating all these aspects, we think the site is not legit. 

What are the customers saying about Cegetstic.com?

As the site is extremely new, there was no review posted by a buyer available on the website. It is quite expected in the case of new e-commerce stores. However, after conducting a search on other forums, we found that the site does not have any review. 

We tried to look for Cegetstic com reviews on Facebook and similar social media websites. But there is no review posted online. This is one of the negative signs that you should never turn a blind eye to. 

Final Verdict 

The site appears to be new as the domain was created just 18 days ago. The site has an SSL certification and appears to be well maintained. The e-store’s policies are shared on the website. 

However, some of the content on the site appears to be unoriginal. Also, the products listed on the site appear to be randomly categorized. Moreover, the site does not have any review posted online. All these factors make us conclude that the e-store is not legit. 

We suggest our readers steer clear of this site as it appears to be untrustworthy. If you have any shopping experience with this site, then we request you to share your experience in the comments section. 

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  1. That number they provide for this website is also listed on 3 other e commerce sites. This is a scam. One is a site called Domitestic.com. When you look up the address, its a run down house in Louisiana.

  2. Unfortunately I ordered what I thought was a float mat for the lake. I received a small bag of N95 Mask instead of the float mat!! Beyond pissed that Google offered this company in my search for buying options and it appears to be a F—ing scam e-commerce site. I actually had emails and a tracking number sent to me that I kept up with and thought I was coming home to find my float mat had arrived. But NO! IT WAS A BAG OF MASK!!! BEYOND ANGRY!!! And attempting to get my money back through PayPal!

  3. thay are a rip off. I ordered a swimmimg pool and paid for it tjat was on July 10th 2020 I still have not gotten it. they sent me 2 pk of 5 face NASK, THEY SAID WOULD RESHIP POOL WELL NOW THEY SAY POOL Ws lost during shipping. they said they cpould only refund 60 % of what iI paid ,They keep 40$ FOR LOST ITEM COST AND SHIPPING FREES.i BELIEVE TYHJEY NEVER SHIPPED [POOL OUT TO ME IN FIRST PLACE. hOW CAN THEY KEEP ANY OF MY MO0NEY.

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