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Planetfocal com Reviews {July} See The Genuine & Scam Site

Planetfocal com Reviews {July} See The Genuine & Scam Site

Planetfocal com Reviews {July} See The Genuine & Scam Site -> In this review, we will get to know about a website claiming to sell trendy furniture and gym equipment.  

Have you been shopping for Furniture and Gym equipment lately? If, yes! Where have you been doing it? Now check out Planetfocal com reviews.

We have received several requests to find out is Planetfocal com Legit or not? As the website not much old, hence we thought of sharing its details with our readers who are looking to shop for trendy furniture designs.

Several websites are coming up every day, selling various items online. Be it clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture, gym equipment or anything else, you can buy them using your smart devices. To increase their market presence, companies offer free shipping, discounts and rewards.

Keeping this habit of people in United-States, the company is claiming to deliver top-class items at excellent prices. Let us read below and find out if all these claims by the company are valid or it is just another scam fooling people to make money.

What is Planetfocal?

It is an online market place, especially for furniture where you can buy other things as well. The list includes gym equipment, items for your pets, hand games, camps, outdoor speakers, tailgater, and much more. It specializes in all sorts of custom items coming from highly professional suppliers and production houses.

The company claims that all the items available on the website made from using top quality raw materials and has the vision to spread uniqueness. But the real question is Planetfocal com Legit? And the money you spend here is safe or not. It is another scam company we need to save ourselves from. 

Well! There are several things we can discuss below to find it out. 

Specifications of Planetfocal:

  • Company Name: Peace of Mind Market
  • Website Name: Planetfocal
  • Website Link:
  • Shipping Information: Not Available
  • Shipping Fee: Free Shipping 
  • Cancellation: Before Shipping
  • Return: 14-days return policy
  • Refund: Applicable but no timeline available
  • Customer Care email:
  • Phone Number: 618-348-6850
  • Office Address: Not Available
  • Payment Mode: Credit Card Payment

Is Planetfocal com Legit?

Well! The about us section in the website states it to be At the same time, the company name given is Planetfocal, which is entirely different. When you check the bottom part of the website, you will see the company name as “Peace of Mind Market”, which varied from the above two. It is a bad sign and makes it look like a scam. 

When we check the shipping information on the website, it will redirect us to the home page, which means no shipping page is missing. A genuine company will never do it. Moreover, when it comes to the payment section, it only accepts payment via Credit Card, which again is not good for people of the United-States.

There are several other things like office address is missing while it is using the free email server. When you check the website link – it is different from all the names mentioned on the site. The website does seem like a scam. There is no good reason to buy from here. 

Pros of buying from Planetfocal:

  • Claims to offer top quality products
  • Significant in terms of pricing
  • Free Shipping
  • You can return and ask for refund

Cons of buying from Planetfocal:

  • You can access only via Credit Card; no other payment option
  • No information about shipping and delivery
  • Third-party free email server
  • Company address is missing
  • Different company names on different areas of the website
  • Website link is different from the company name

What are customers saying about Planetfocal?

There is no customer review section available on the website. Therefore, we went to find out what people are saying on different channels, we realized that there are no Planetfocal com reviews available. When we checked the domain age, it is almost a year old, but the company name is different from the domain name. It is a bad sign.

Most of the algorithms tell it to be a threat to our personal data. Various other websites are using similar data and platform, which makes it nothing but a clone site. It seems like a scam website, and we do not recommend it to our readers. 

Final words

The website is approximately one year old, but essential information such as shipping and delivery information are missing from the website. Moreover, it states different names on different areas of the site; even its link is different from the name available. It leaves a wrong impression on the user and makes is nothing more than a scam site. If you have any doubts, do let us know in the comment section. 

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  1. I ordered an inflatable pool. No receipt no response. They did charge my card. The site charging my card is saying they have nothing to do with it. When I click on the link from my bank it takes me to the same facebook account. Luckily it was a small amount and I was able to freeze my card before they could do any damage.
    Stay away! Be afraid!

  2. This Web address “” known as PlanetFocal has changed it’s name to DISCOUNTFOCAL at and now there is no trace of my purchase on the site plus they hit me for three other charges I did not authorize. I filed a complaint with my bank and FCC against them.

  3. I am waiting for my inflatable hot tub that should have been here a week ago and can not find any tracking information. Tracking number is 58755. Please notify me on to when it will arrive. Thank you

  4. I am waiting for my inflatable hot tub that should have been here a week ago and can not find any tracking information. Tracking number is 58755. Please notify me on to when it will arrive. Thank you

  5. I ordered 2 of the Coleman spa’s in mid june to which they have already took the money out of my account . I still have not received ither one of these spa’s and they refuse to refund my money

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