Castlegrade Mask Reviews (Oct 2020) Is this a Reliable Site?

Castlegrade Mask Reviews

Castlegrade Mask Reviews (Oct 2020) Is It Reliable?>> You explored the necessity of the pandemic in the above article, i.e. the face masks.

Masks have become an essential part of our life in this Covid-19 pandemic. The question arises that the masks we are wearing are made up of good quality or not? Are you searching to buy a good quality mask in this pandemic? If yes, then you have arrived on the perfect site. In this article, you will read about Castlegrade Mask Reviews.

This website is a new landing in the online market platform. It deals with masks. This website is operated from the United States by its officials. 

Castlegrade masks claim to keep focusing on manufacturing a soft and comfortable mask, perfect for daily use and allow easy breathing as compared to the other covers.

Many websites are coming every day in this online market platform. You should be assured that these types of sites are legit or a scam? So, after reading Castlegrade Mask Reviews, you will be able to conclude: Is Castlegrade Mask Legit?

What are Castlegrade Masks? is a newly arrived website that sells a mask which is reusable designed for daily use.

The base of the mask is made from lightweight silicone that forms to your face. This website claims to keep focusing on manufacturing a soft, light and comfortable costume, useable for daily use. It allows easy breathing as compared to the other masks, and each cover comes with five filters, and it also claims that the mask can easily be cleaned by wiping with disinfectant. 

And the website also claims that they provide complete satisfaction to its customers at a reasonable cost.

Also, this website has not mentioned any of its terms and conditions, return and refund policies, company address in the United States, nor any contact number which clearly states that this website is not legit.

Specifications of

  • Website type: E-commerce website
  • Shipping time: within two business days from new jersey, United States
  • Delivery time: usually 3-5 days.
  • Delivery cost: standard delivery is FREE to all United States addresses.
  • Return policy: no returns accepted.
  • Company address: not mentioned
  • Email address:
  • Contact number: not mentioned
  • Payment gateways: Google pay, Amazon pay, Shop pay, Apple pay, Visa, Master Card.

Pros of

  • It provides washable masks.
  • The mask provided by the site is made up of four protective layers.
  • The site offers multiple payment methods to its customers.
  • Any blacklist engine does not spot the website.

Cons of

  • The website has mentioned it’s contact number, and address.
  • Traffic on the site also seems to below 
  • No return or Refund details were given on the webpage.

Is Castlegrade legit?

Talking about the variety of masks, surprisingly, this website only sells one mask in different colours which I think is not enough for a website. 

And talking about the Castlegrade Reviewsthis website has mentioned customer reviews on its webpage, which seems to be fake. And without any legal studies, the site can’t be trusted by its customers because they don’t want to lose their precious money.  

 This website has not mentioned any details about its return or refund policies and has not given any contact number to contact them.

This website has not given any address of its company.

This signifies that the website is nothing else but a scam.

Customer Reviews:

Castlegrade Mask Reviews that are posted on its webpage seems to be fake. Due to a new entry in an online market platform, nothing is available about this website in any public domain. 

Also, the site does not of having any advertisements or presence on a social media platform, which is a great step towards promoting your products or website. These facts create a negative appearance on the platform. 

It isn’t easy to trust this site. And some customers have used this site, and they are not satisfied with it. They have also mentioned that the product which is delivered seems to be of low quality. 

The website claims that the masks they provide are washable and durable, but the customers who have purchased are not satisfied with it.

Final verdict:

After reading Castlegrade Mask Reviewsyou can easily conclude about the scam that is being run on in the name of an e-commerce website. 

The specifications of this website also clear that this website is nothing other than a scam. And the customer reviews they posted on the webpage also seems to be fake.

Thus, if you don’t want to lose your precious earnings, stay away from such scam websites.

Do comment your views below.

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  1. I bought a mask and extra filters in July 2020. Finally tried it on 9 Aug; the rubbery mask does NOT form a good seal on the face, especially on the bridge of the nose. There’s nothing to ensure a good seal, which makes it worthless! You can feel the breath come out of the unsealed part of the mask on the bridge of the nose, so obviously air will enter in that way as well; thus it is really not filtering the air you’re breathing. HUGE FAILURE! Do NOT buy this.

  2. I just got mine today. The product is exactly as their website said. It did take a bit of finagaling to get get the correct fit. No air gets in or out except through the filter.

    I do wish that they would make an XL size with a slightly longer headboard as that would fit me better.

    Delivery was within a week of ordering and was shipped via FedEx.

  3. Horrible customer service! Horrible fit! I am a medical professional a respiratory therapist and this mask does not pass the inhalation tests of a N95 mask. It leaks and fogs glasses. The do not offer refunds.

  4. I ordered two masks and a pack of 10 filters on August 28, 2020. My order confirmation stated under shipping method, FedEx Ground 3-5 days. My credit card was billed on August 31, 2020 for the full amount ($109.47).

    I received an update email one September 4, 2020, stating that my mask would ship on “Sept 10–11.

    I received a “Note from the Founders” on September 11, 2020, stating that due to a strap issue, ” As a result anyone waiting will get their order approx Sept 18th-21st.”

    It is now, September 29, 2020 and no masks or FedEx tracking or shipment information has been provided. Other than the ability to leave a Chat question, or send an email , there is no contact information on the CastleGrade website. My kindest conclusion is that CastleRock is logistically incompetent. The charging of a credit card with shipment is particularly troubling.

  5. I left a previous comment about Castlegrade complaining because I had not received my order after a month. I had noted that during this time that I was alerted to delays due to a strap issue, but that I still had not received my order more than 10 days after the last promised date. This comment is an update. I contacted Castlegarde by email and within 24 hours received a response. It seems that my shipping and billing addresses had been combined to produce and undeliverable address. This was most likely my fault. The address was corrected, and I received my order by FedEx three days after my email and two days after correcting the address issue. I will have to give Castlegrade an A+, five Stars, excellent on customer service. I have only just tried on the mask for a very shot period, but they appear excellent. Particularly, I am able to get a good air seal so that all of the air into and out of the mask is through the filter. My background includes duty on US Navy submarines. As a result, I am experienced in testing respirators (OBAs, EABs, Scott Air Oaks, etc.) for a “seal.” Castlegrade passes the test.

  6. We have problems with this company. We received two of their masks. The order number for the two masks was CG4749. We found the masks to be very difficult and impossibly uncomfortable to use. We were promised that we would receive two of the longer, softer straps. On 10/01/2020 we received a notice from the company stating that one of the longer straps had been shipped. We have two problems:
    1. We have not received the strap that was allegedly shipped. The order number for this was CG11996.
    2. Only one of the longer straps was allegedly sent (we have not received it yet). However, we have two masks and need two of the longer straps.
    At this time we do not have any of the longer straps. We have sent several emails, and we have not received replies to any of them. We cannot use the masks with the current straps because the masks impossibly uncomfortable.
    Please answer this email and send two of the longer straps. Alternatively, send a return label so we can return these masks that are worthless without the longer traps.
    I hope the company will have the courtesy to reply to this.

    This company is as disreputable as they come. We bought two of them masks. They are so uncomfortable that we cannot use them. The masks are no more than a ripoff. The company promised to send us two new straps that would allegedly make the masks more comfortable and therefore useable. However, the company has refused to send the new straps. This is no more than a ripoff. I would stay away from this company. It is my individual, personal, subjective belief that I was ripped off by this company. Therefore, it is my individual, personal, subjective opinion and belief, that the company is incompetent, dishonest, and/or unethical. The foregoing review solely provides my individual, personal, subjective opinions, beliefs, and interpretations. Any individuals who may view this review, or any part thereof, should examine the facts and issues for themselves and form their own individual, personal opinions, beliefs, and interpretations.

  8. I received my masks (M/L and Kids size) about 30 days after I ordered. Although I wanted the masks within a week, I understood when they emailed constant updates. They kept me informed as to why there was a delay which is all you can ask for. Customer service was responsive within 24-48 hours and gave me the correct info. The masks themselves are great, no leaks as some people have reported. I think they’re not following instructions because you have to adjust the straps so that you don’t get leaks. So IF you follow instructions, you will not have any air leaks. I wear glasses and they don’t dog up like it does with other masks/respirators and it stays put. The only downside is that if I wear it for a long time (3 hours or more) and I’m talking a whole lot on the phone, I sweat inside the mask. It’s not a huge problem because I wipe away the sweat and I’m good for another 3 hours. All in all, a great respirator mask!

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