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Brushx Reviews {Jan 2021} Read to know if it is a scam!

Brushx Reviews

Brushx Reviews {Jan 2021} Read to know if it is a scam!>> If you want to give your hair the salon-like styling within minutes, then read this review.

Your hair always a sloppy mess because styling them every day is too tedious? Then get the Brushx tool to style, comb, and also detangle your hair on the go.

There are a lot of things a working woman skips out on and on top of the list has to be hairstyling. Using hair styling tools regularly can be damaging to the hair as they suck all the moisture out of your hair. You also cannot achieve salon-like results on your own using them!

Brushx Reviewsis centered around a device that promises to cause no damage to your precious tresses. The device has been gathering attention in the United Statesas well as other countries.

If you are tired of your hair always being unmanageable, then you must keep reading this review.

What is Brushx?

One glance at the Brushx will make you assume it is just a large comb! It is, in fact, a 3 in 1 product that will provide you with all the benefits of a brush, blow dryer, and flat iron. It was created with the vision to reap the best benefits of technology.

A regular hairstyling routine involves both hands on deck, one hand holds the comb and the other the blow-dryer or hair straighter. It is taxing and takes too much of your time, making it impossible to be followed every day.

Brushx has a ceramic dryer fitted in it that removes frizz and static from your tresses without damaging them. Its bristles are made up of nylon that detangles as well as add volume and life to your hair. All of these can be achieved at home at a price that fits right in your pocket.

Specifications ofBrushx

  • Size- 40.5 x 14.9 cm / 15.94 x 5.52 inches
  • It uses about 1100 watts of power
  • Weight- 620 gms, It is lightweight and thus portable
  • The power chord is about 2-meter-long and must be plugged into a wall socket to use
  • It is best on towel-dried hair
  • The barrel of the brush is 2-3 inches big and oval-shaped
  • It has 3 power mode options
  • It takes one-third of the time taken by regular styling tools
  • The brush is coated with a ceramic
  • Its bristles and pin tips are made up of nylon
  • The device will aid users in improving and maintaining the hair quality

Pros of using theBrushx

  • The ceramic coating on the brush ensures hair is not damaged
  • Every use will give hair smoothness and a natural volume
  • It will help to remove the frizz that is commonly associated with dry hair
  • It is effective on all hair types
  • It is cheaper than the amount spent on hairstyling at salons
  • Takes 1/3rd of the styling time taken by regular styling tools

Cons of usingtheBrushx

  • It resembles a lot of already existing products
  • It can only straighten out the hair
  • It may not be able to fix the hair quality
  • Customers may have to pay a hefty delivery fee
  • Similar products available are much cheaper

Is the Brushx legit or a scam?

The Brushx is a legit product; this can be attested to by giving its online reviews a read. Customers in their reviews have attached before/after images of their hair as well as images of the product. The product is highly effective and also budget-friendly!

Their website, which has a July 2019 creation date, provides proper information regarding the Brushx and all that is can do. It has an HTTPS certificate as well as contact details! This information further establishes its legitimacy.

What are the customer’s views about the Brushx?

The customers give positive Brushx Reviewsand talk about falling in love with the hairbrush. It is faster and detangles and dries my hair in one go, says a happy customer.

Others comment about the Brushx giving their hair a salon-like blow dry, which is usually not achievable with the regular styling tools. The women in the United Statescan’t stop gushing about how easy it is to use.

However there are noticed negative reviews on the Facebook by few customers.

Final Verdict-

The longer the hair, the more difficult it is to manage and style them. Brushx brings with it the comfort of a regular comb but the effect of blow dryer and straightener. A total of 15 minutes will give you a salon-like blowout, so if you have such requirements, we suggest making wise decision and research properly before buying.

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