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Buttonholing Corner Shelf Reviews (2020) Read Then Buy!

Buttonholing Corner Shelf Reviews 2020

Buttonholing Corner Shelf Reviews (2020) Read Then Buy! -> In this article, we get to know about an online store that sells corner shelves to fit in every place inside our home.

Don’t we often wonder that the things that lay scattered on that table move to a corner, and everything looks spic and span? Yes, we wish it to happen always. The buttonholing corner shelf, a trendy store in the United State specializing in shelves that fit into every corner, has the solutions for you.

Our daily routine is so hectic that at times we do not know where to fit in those petty things which are essential but do not have a proper place. Here, we realize that we should have a corner shelf or fitting that helps us organize these things in a place to make the house look clean and tidy

 Have you read Buttonholing Corner Shelf Reviews before?

Many times in our hurry to clean up the mess, we pile up these things in a corner or leave them as it is to complete the task and move on. As several of these items are essentials, too, we might end up losing the same at some point in time. Hence, it is always better to keep everything at a proper place. Is Buttonholing Corner Shelf Legit?

Is Buttonholing Corner Shelf Legit? 

This is a question that comes to everyone’s mind while they plan to place orders of corner shelves through this site. Though the question seems to be valid, the answer lies in our analyzing skills and the way we approach to place the order. 

One should have the credentials checked and enquire through people who had been using the site for some time now. The way of dealing with this kind of issue lies in our smartness to become a responsible shopper.


The buttonholing corner shelf is an online store that sells shelves to fit in every corner of all homes, offices, or any places that have small things to be set in a proper shelf. They have shelves for every room, whether it is the drawing-room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or even the storerooms.

These shelves come in as handy in modern homes because one has limited space and endless different things to be kept. They have floating shelves, ladder shelves, wall mounts, and what not; it is a fantastic place to get what you require for arranging things.

Who is this for?

The buttonholing corner shelf is for each one of us who wants to get rid of scattered things and make everything look arranged and stacked at proper places. The shelves they have are made of wood, metal, plastic, aluminum, bamboo, glass iron, or even stainless steel, so we do not have to worry and can place the requirement according to the specific places. The wide range of material used helps it to fit at every place, home, or anywhere outside the home.

Specifications of Buttonholing

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  • Premium material
  • Easy to fix
  • Several sizes option
  • Colors to choose
  • Material to choose
  • Decorative
  • Functional

Customer reviews

Buttonholing corner shelf has many positive reviews for the quality and the equipment used; people have found what they want to fix their scattered things properly. Some brought more shelves after buying one because they liked the product. 

Some believe that the shelves cannot take on much weight, and one has to be careful while keeping things. Some even say that the product description is different on the website and inside the packet when the shelf id delivered.

To get to the conclusion, one should go through the website first, review the products displayed and check the details given to form an opinion on whether to buy or not to buy. So, let us examine the Buttonholing corner shelf first before making the final decision.

Pros of Buttonholing

  • Assembled shelves
  • Multi-functional shelves
  • Made of wood
  • Mounting equipment provided
  • Trendy and stylish
  • Occupies the smallest space

Cons of Buttonholing

  • Narrow space
  • Can hold the minimal weight
  • Product description differs


The modern era is marching towards many forms of development, and in these times, we require things which are economical and occupy less space. Though we are on the path of advancement, everything around us is fast, and we have to complete our tasks and move on to the next. 

Therefore, to save our time and energy, we should keep things at the assigned places to match the demands of the technological era. You never know the Buttonholing corner shelf can be a helping hand to you and help you maintain a clean house as well as to attain a challenging career.

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  1. I ordered shelves since last month and paid almost 55$ and they sent me an email that my 3 shelves are on its way. However I have not received my 3 shelves yet. My order number is
    GCXUF2992126364YQ. Please find out why I have not received my shipment. Thank you

    1. I bought them as well and still haven’t received them. I did get an email back saying that it take 45-55 days after shipping to receive it. WHAT?! I 100% would not have bought them if I realized they were shipping from China. Nothing online is worth waiting that amount of time to get. The address on the website was California (I think). I only purchased them because the reviews said they arrived quickly. I asked for a refund, but since they’ve been shipped (literally a month ago) they cannot issue a refund. If I don’t get them soon, I will dispute the charge with Paypal. I don’t care how long they are held up in China – they weren’t suppose to ship from China.

      1. I got mines June 4th ordered back in April just like you said the address was California but was shipped from China the two little boxes they came in had Chinese writing all over it. Now the sad thing about it is what was sent to me was not what they advertised it is some small cheap looking plastic that look like a kids toy. And to top it off been trying to get them to send address so I can send it back can not reach them. I really think it is a scam something has to be done.

    2. I have also been scammed. Product is not as described – no return address – emails bounced back! Disputed with my credit card company who is now helping me through the process. Finally got a return address for product – some industrial park in China – just a big scam!!! Do not order from this company!

  2. Addendum to my comment/ order GCXUF2992126364YQ. Payment went to Buttonholding. Please find out the status of my order that I have not received (3 shelved)

  3. Have tried through numerous emails to get an address to return the corner shelves I bought. Sent in the information that is requested and I keep getting a response that they need more information but they don’t say what additional information they need. I just want the return address.

    1. Im having the same problem. These shelves do not work. Trying to return is a nightmare. Someone name piggy writes you back then nothing

      1. I have ordered the 3 shelves as well since may amd nothing! And yes from China when I also thought they were from California. Ten days ago the tracking information said they were in LA 90040 close to my home and now it says they’re somewhere near San Francisco. This email is full so how am I going to get a response????? This is ridiculous!

  4. Looking for a return address to send back shelves I bought….sent photos and information to and keep getting response that they need additional information…..of course no phone number to call….I just want the address for the return….
    Could I get some information please

  5. Why can’t the address for returns just be listed on the website instead of this game of back and forth
    emails . There is no phone number for you to speak to somebody……and you don’t get a response
    just that they need additional information but they don’t tell you what your missing……
    Very annoying and irritating for sure…………….

  6. I received plastic corner shelves from this company which when received were not usable. Raised a dispute with PayPal and after some discussion will receive a full refund on receipt of the products returned to China. I am not happy with the company or with PayPal. The time frameto return the shelves is unrealistic given the current lockdown. I will no longer use PayPal.

  7. I bought the Buttonwholing corner shelves and when I finally received the shelves they were not the shelves I ordered. The shelves they sent to me were not usable. This company is a scam do not buy from them. I too raised a dispute with PayPal and they will refund me my $75.00 if I ship the shelves back to China. This doesn’t sit will with me espically since this was not my mess up.

  8. Me too. Who can we take our complaints to? They can not get away with this robbery. I’m going to write the FBI to see if we have a case.

  9. I ordered in April of this year. I got them July 4th on a Saturday they were not what was advertised they were small and cheap looking they did not have the drainage holes or the pressure handle that advertised tried to get the return address with the email they have( do not go through. I WOULD LIKE MY MONEY RETURNED BUT I THINK THIS IS A SCAM.

  10. I ordered my shelves on 4/23 and they finally arrived yesterday, 7/7. I tracked my package and could see they were stuck in quarantine due to COVID. Fine, no problem. What I do have a problem with is that the shelves that arrived were not what I ordered. There is no pressure handle and they are just cheap pieces of plastic. I tried e-mailing the e-mail address provided on my order, but the mailbox is full. I want my money back immediately! I agree that this is a scam.

  11. I ordered these as well. Too really long to receive. Came from China even though their website specifically says their warehouse is in the US. When I finally received them the shelves they send had sticky mounts and not the lever underneath. After several emails they told me the original product was on Beck order so they took it upon themselves to shop out a different “better quality” product as they put it without my permission. They offered a 20% discount which was definitely not enough because I couldn’t even use that type in my shower. PayPal was no help. My only option through them was to pay to return to get a full refund which would have cost more than what I paid. The company convinced me to cancel my claim and deal with them again. But after a dozen more emails the only offered me the same original deal. Now it keeps saying there inbox is full so I can’t even respond. It’s very irritating. PayPal said I can go through the credit lender itself but I haven’t tried that yet. I’m also curious what else can be done. This is definitely a bogus company.

  12. I order (ORDER 200520045114273 } in Mid May and still have not received the order. Try to contact customer service rep. but only got their mailbox full.

  13. I had the same problem: received the 3 shelves after waiting months. Then tried to use them and they are nothing but junk. I e-mailed the and know its coming back e-mail failure… Have no idea who to get a hold of for a refund?? I think this was a scam also…

  14. I purchased shelves on 5-20-20 and have not received them as of 7-13-20? Order number 200521062427358

    Thank you,

    Mamie Futch

    228 217-7285

  15. This is a scam. We finally received the shelves which is not what was presented in the videos. We installed one anyway and the shelve could not hold the weight of a couple of shampoo containers. After reading the reviews I realize this is happening to a lot of people. The purpose of this review is to warn others – this is a scam.

  16. I ordered a set of shelves in April and they finally got here in June. One shelf had a bug inside the plastic wrapping! I put the shelf up in the shower — it was on the wall for over 4 hours. I placed one bottle on the shelf. About two hours later we heard a crash from the bathroom. The shelf fell off the wall. The sticky holders DID NOT keep the shelf on the wall.

    Customer service has been terrible. When I did not get the product I was charged extra for postage. They did not respond in a timely manner. The responses I did get were very generic and did not address the specific concerns I expressed.

    Not a reliable company.

  17. Ordered in May.. Still no product and it is July 26!! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS PLACE!! They have no Customer Service department and never
    answer emails. Facebook should throw them off their website!!!
    Barbara Lotti

  18. I received the product 3 months after ordering, assuming COVID mail from China had something to do with it. The product received wasn’t as advertised. I emailed the customer service and received multiple “unable to deliver” emails from my gmail. Yesterday, I received an email from asking for more information. I had to google the email address because it made no mention of the company it was associated with. We shall see what comes of it.

  19. I ordered the bathroom shelves. What arrived was similar to what I ordered, but not the same. The ad showed lever attachment; what I received was adhesive attachment. One shelf fell pretty soon after I put just a few lightweight bottles on it. Also, to keep the shelves from falling, I had to add tape I had on hand. I don’t understand why what I ordered isn’t exactly what showed up.

  20. I bought 2 corner shelves for my new shower. They came with no directions on how to use them. I cant figure it out. Been trying to find them online for directions but so far no luck. Not happy! Do not buy from this company.

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