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Love for Jesus Website Reviews [2020] Is Scam or Legit?

Love for Jesus Website Reviews 2020

Love for Jesus Website Reviews [2020] Is Scam or Legit? -> In this article, get to know about various products related to Jesus Cross and Quotes online.

Are you a Jesus lover? Do you wish to buy the products with a token of love for Jesus and that too online? Head over to Love for Jesus website.

This online site has a variety of products related to Jesus, be it a cross Infinity Necklace or a dashing Faith Hope Love Sweatshirt, various products are available here on this site.

Love for Jesus Website Reviews says that this site is doing good as it has many beautiful things related to Jesus to offer. From boy to girl, anyone can order these fashionable items. It has also received quite a several audiences in very little time.

As per the demand, this site is gaining all the attention in United State. Most of the audience here in this country is highly enthusiastic about the items.

However, before you place an order on this online store, we would like to enlighten you with its salient features and find out that is Love for Jesus Website legit or a scam.

Is Love for Jesus Website legit?

It is a fact, in recent times, many online stores turn out to be a scam. Thus the audience finds it extremely difficult to make sure that whether he should trust a particular site or not.

One and the only error is made by the customer that they do not carefully look into the online store and without giving a second thought buy the product by coming across any pleasing offer. However, reviews of a particular online store help understand the site well.

What is a Love for Jesus Website?

Love for Jesus Website is an online website that has numerous varieties of items. For instance, it has Cross Bracelet, necklace, and many fashionable t-shirts with motivational quotes. The prices of these items are incredibly adequate.

There are 30 percent to 50 percent off on every product, which is quite a big deal. The t-shirts specifically look attractive and too cool to be worn by the younger generation. The cross-shaped necklace and bracelets also are pleasing, and one would immediately wish to buy it.

Why is Love for Jesus Website unique?

It is very less that we come across the sites which have specifically the items related to Cross and Jesus.

However, the ones who are quite religious and at the same time fashionable too can be impressed with the items displayed here and that also at very reasonable prices. The bracelets and necklaces with a cross always look classy to wear!

Therefore, getting the desirable things and that too at low cost at one platform, is what more a customer desires?

This makes Love for Jesus Website unique. Now we would highlight some main features, specifications, advantages, and reviews of this online website.

Specifications of Love for Jesus Website

  • Products: Cross Infinity Necklace, Sweatshirts, Over-Sized Shirt, T-shirts
  • Website Link:
  • Email:
  • Shipping Fee: Free shipping for orders above $35
  • Delivery Time: depends upon the location
  • Returns: until 30 days, unused
  • Non-returnable items: Gift Cards, Downloadable software products, some health, and personal care items
  • Mode of Payment: Amex, Pay, Master Card, Visa, etc.

Pros of buying from Love for Jesus:

  • You can order the products, whether it’s a t-shirt or a bracelet at a reasonable price.
  • Refunds can be done within 30 days.
  • You can use any of your debit cards to place the order.
  • The prices of the items are incredibly reasonable.

Cons of buying from Love for Jesus

  • The refund cannot be done if it exceeds 30 days.
  • Payment can be made online only.
  • It has very fewer reviews.

Customer reviews on love for Jesus Website:

As already explained, the online site is quite successful in making a significant influence on the buyers. The products displayed in this online store are incredibly reasonable. There are many deals which have a lot of offs in various products.

However, due to the lack of feedback from the customers, this makes the website bit dicey. Otherwise, the email id, return policies, and shipping policies are entirely genuine.

Final Verdict

Love for Jesus website is just registered recently, and it has no contact number. It also lacks the customer feedback. But its other details like shipping policy, shipping fee, email id, etc. are given in detail.

It has a variety of products which are quite appealing. We recommend buying items from here as it does not seem a scam and is a genuine one!

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  1. I placed an order for $70.52 on 3-23-20.
    I was billed on 3-24-20 on Discover Card and have not received any merchandise as of 4-26-20.
    My phone number is 931-808-7292. I have called you regarding this message said come to website leave a message.

  2. I placed an order for $81.96 on 04.26.20. I was billed 04.27.20 on my mastercard and have not received any merchandise as of 05.12.20 I have emailed you regarding this order and received a reply that message was received and this was being checked on. Nothing else ever received. This website Love for Jesus was on my facebook page. I’m thinking this is a scam!

  3. I placed my order on 4.1. 20, iwas billed the nextday 40.00 , I never received the order. any thing, , no phone nu, ,I emaied on the reviews 4 times. no anser. was told over and over it was on its way., of course it was not, I would say they are a scam, too bad the used jesus name in scam. my # is 506 510 32 62 my name is Gwen Freeman in case they would like to explain.

  4. I ordered an oversized shirt on March 30th and paid for it. I haven’t received it. I would like it or would like a refund.

  5. I ordered $60 worth of merchandise on May 4 and still have not received my merchandise and my money was deducted on 5/5. I have emailed got response that order was shipped then email saying my order was taking longer due to Covid.

  6. I placed my order 3 months ago and received an email stating it was shipped never received and then just read the shipping was going to take longer. Do not order from this company!!!!!! You can’t get a hold of anyone from this company. It’s very sad that they take advantage of people and using Jesus’s name to do it.

  7. 5/2/20 I made a purchase to my Visa card $67 and received a fake tracking number, daily emails with bible verses, a letter for “Rick” the CEO thanking me for my orde,r. another email. Confirming my order with my receipt, another saying due to covid19 there are delays in my shipping, and on and on… no merchandise. I sent emails asking to cancel my order. Disputed the charge and will receive my money back. They want to delay you Long enough to prevent you from disputing the charge. SHAME SHAME SHAME on them for using Jesus to scam people.

  8. Love for Jesus Shop is a scam!!! BEWARE!! An order placed nearly (3) months ago still hasn’t been received. Contacted them numerous times and am continually told there may be minor shipping delays (a week) due to the the Covid crisis and that I will eventually receive my order. They were advertising through Facebook looks like it’s been removed now) stating they are closing their business and offering special sale prices. Reported through PayPal and BBB. Most concerning is they are seemingly targeting the Christian community offering for sale Christian merchandise and clothing, have no intention of actually fulfilling orders and are taking advantage of the current climate…

  9. I placed an order on May 1st and my card was charged the next day. I’ve contacted them numerous times for them to reply the same response, that they have had shipping delays because of COVID. “Alvie” must be tired of sending the same response to everyone! Now, here I am on June 26th with no merchandise and out $$. Shameful to say the least! Using the name of Jesus to steal from people is despicable!!! I only purchased from them because of the name and that they were going out of business. I thought I was helping, little did I know they were stealing from people….

  10. This has been the WORST customer service experience I’ve ever had! I ordered a shirt from Love for Jesus back in April. Toward the end of April, I started, repeatedly asking for my money back. They kept telling me, no, that the shirt was on it’s way. (76) days later, it arrives at my door and guess what, it doesn’t fit. So again, I email them telling them I want to return the shirt and get my money back. Their response was, “We can offer you a 25% refund and you can keep the shirt.” The shirt doesn’t fit! Why would I want to keep something that doesn’t fit and what kind of refund is 25% of what I paid? How can they use the Lords name and treat people like this? I will never buy anything online again without checking all of the reviews before doing so. Horrible, horrible people!

    1. Diana I am having the same experience as you and the other people who have commented. I hope These people rot in hell for using Jesus to sell their scam.

  11. I made a order with them on April 24th and still have not received my product. Do not order from them. I have received a million reasons why I haven’t received it thou.

  12. In February of 2020, I made an order totaling $55.96. To date they have not shipped the merchandise or refunded the money! They emails, that come from usually bounce back, but the can continue to solicit business & offer coupons. They are a bad company, if they even exist. I was taken in by the lovely name & the products looked great. I was receiving answers for awhile, I wanted to cancel, they said I couldn’t, but I could send back when it came. It never came & they were quick to charge my credit card. Do not deal with them, run, do not walk away from them. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, it seems they have received multiple complaints on the same issue. No merchandise, and they feel free to keep peoples money. If you have been scammed, contact the Better Business Bureau & file a complaint. At least if enough people are aware of it & do it, they will not keep suckering good people, especially in these times of dealing with the virus, which is their standard email, and excuse, delays because of the virus!

  13. I placed three orders in April and my credit card was charged. I have not received my product and I cannot get ahold of them. I used Pay Pal and reported it. Nothing!

  14. I placed two orders in May on the same day. My VISA card was charged and I still have not received any of the orders. I am out $50.76.

  15. I have waited four months once I complained to charge cars they sent m emerchandise. sirts are ridiculous small. how do we return??

  16. Be patient. My order did arrive after 3 month’s! Quality not the best, sizes run small. I think coming from China was the issue.

  17. I was billed on April 23, 2020, for $24.94 and never received any merchandise as of today, 7/16/20. Lesson learned on my part to look into companies before I purchase. This is a scam!!!

  18. Do not buy from this company! I placed an order in the beginning of April and have received nothing! Tracking info has been incorrect and now they tell me the order was attempted to be delivered but the post office said no one was available. After 2 calls to my post office who say they never received this package. Love for Jesus insist they do. I’ve never had a problem with my post office in the 30 years I have lived here.

  19. Why does this site state “Final Verdict” is to buy from Love For Jesus website!?! This site and the Love For Jesus website shop is a total resale SCAM!
    I ordered over $100 of products that were on “sale” due to an advertisement that stated going out of business-yeah right, just checked and though they show a lower number of offered products, it still shows many of the products I ordered as being available. I ordered a variety of products for my family and for gifts in APRIL 2020. They took the money immediately from my card and stated shipping would be in 3-4 business days. It’s the beginning of JULY 2020 and no products. I have complained each month and keep getting excuses that it’s the covid-19 fault due to delayed shipping and am offered anywhere from 10% to 20% off to get more of the products I have already ordered and not received! One email even offered me $3.21 in “Jesus Cash” to order more stuff as a sorry for the delay. I was surprised to find all items on “sale” from this company on the WISH.COM site for 3 times less money and I do know from experience that their shipping can take 2-4 months to arrive. I have a strong suspicion they are ordering from WISH and keeping the profit while scamming everyone on the shipping time. Update: 1 & 1/2 weeks after filing a claim with PAYPAL (I used to pay for the order) against the company demanding a full refund for items not received – I received my order mid JULY 2020. Update: JULY 23, 2020 received another email from this company stating:
    Hi ______,
    We know it has already been very long since you first purchased from us.
    You must be sad for not receiving your product on time.
    Trust me ! We have already processed your product.
    Your order has already been shipped from our side. But our fulfilling team is running low on staff.
    They are delivering a little late than usual time. They even charged us extra money.
    But don’t worry. We have covered it for you.
    And again I am really sorry that even after trying everything, I can’t get the products delivered sooner.
    So as an apology, I want to give you 20% off our whole store.


  20. I ordered a sweatshirt over two months ago and it just arrived today. I emailed them twice and I got zero shipping updates. When it came, it was really small and was more like a thicker long sleeve than a sweatshirt. I wouldn’t suggest ordering.

  21. It is so sad, it looks like i’m on a long list that is still waiting to get my Tee Shirts I placed my order April18th I guess i gave a $40.00 Donation

  22. I placed an order for two XL sweatshirts and one XL t-shirt on April 9, 2020 (a typical size 14 woman). After numerous attempts to email the company and receiving info that shipping is taking longer than normal due to CORVID 19, on July17, 2020 I received my order. The packaging was obviously from overseas. Well, after all that time, as is usual with articles of clothing that come from overseas, specifically China, all 3 items were more like a small/medium size rather than the XL that I ordered. None of the three fit. Reading the refund/return policy there is no address or phone number and it has to be returned in the original packaging (which was scary to even touch, much less keep). And, you have to pay for your return. The items are children’s size so I will donate them rather than go through email process to attempt to return. $50 plus dollars later, I have learned my lesson. Do not buy from this company!!

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