Broclea Reviews [July] First Know Its Legitimacy Here!

Broclea Reviews 2020

Broclea Reviews [July] First Know Its Legitimacy Here! -> This article will help you know the legitimacy of an online store selling branded cleaning products at cheap prices.

Are you looking for various cleaning items at cost-effective prices? Online platforms have now different varieties of websites claiming to sell different items at reasonable prices. Well, this has increased the risk of fraudulent sites in various countries like the United States

This pandemic state has frustrated many people, and people are making sure of their hygiene to fight back. But the prices of the cleaning products which are of good brands have increased way too much, and people are looking for alternatives to cut the cost. 

There is one new site named Broclea, which claims to sell Lysol cleaning products at jawdropping prices. But people are also curious about this site and have asked Is Broclea Legit? Or not. 

There are very few Broclea Reviews online, so we will try to analyze the site profoundly and provide you with the authentic and unbiased reviews. So, you can decide whether to shop from here or not, continue reading till the end to get all the needed information.

What is the Broclea website?

The website claims to sell branded Lysol cleaning and sanitation products at cheap prices. The site has different categories to choose from. The company sells all-purpose cleaners, cleaning wipes, bathroom cleaners, disinfectant sprays, and laundry sanitizer.

Broclea Reviews say the site has showcased its flash sale products and best sellers. The company has mentioned some credentials about itself. 

The site is new and claims to be on different social media platforms. They have sections regarding the credentials like privacy policy, etc.

Now let’s check out the specifications of this site.

Specifications of the Broclea website:

  • Website: It claims to sell branded Lysol cleaning products at reasonable prices.
  • Company’s address: 2180 Barlow Rd, Hudson, OH 44236.
  • Contacting number is +1 (330) 650-3333.
  • Fax number: +1 (330) 650-3333.
  • The customer service is available at
  • Social media platforms of the website: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.
  • The shipping time is 2-3 days.
  • The return policy is valid for 14 days.
  • The mode of payment is PayPal.
  • Free shipping is also available.
  • The website link is

Is Broclea Legit?

Broclea Reviews say that the site has tried to provide all the needed information about itself, making it easy to judge. The site is very new, only a few days old. The trust score of this site is very low, only 2%. The website also does not have traffic on it. 

The site claims to be on different social media platforms, but that is a complete lie. The website has given much false information about itself. The customer reviews showed on the website are very positive, and when searched about it, there were only negative comments. 

All of the information given above makes us believe that this site nothing but a scam. Stay with us for more detailed analysis.

Positive remarks of Broclea website:

  • The site has different varieties to choose from it. 
  • The website is offering great deals.
  • The site has provided enough details about itself.
  • The website is well maintained.

Negative remarks of Broclea website:

  • The website has fake social media icons.
  • The website seems to have copied content.
  • The site has negative customer reviews.
  • The site has a low trust score.
  • The site has given false information about itself.
  • It is a suspected scam.
  • The site has only one mode of payment.

What are people saying about the Broclea website?

There are not many Broclea Reviews found on google, and the reviews on the site are false and do not have accurate information. There were some reviews of the site on a different platform, and most of them are negative.

One customer said he ordered Lysol products from the Broclea website, and they used PayPal, and he was scammed very severely. No one could help him to retrieve his money.

Another customer said that PayPal closed her case because they could not retrieve the money. She has lost her money, and she is reviewing this site to help others.

Final Notes on the Broclea website:

Broclea Reviews say the site’s information is fake; the customer reviews of the site are very negative. The trust score of the site is also low, and the copied content present on the site makes us doubt its legitimacy. 

The answer to Is Broclea Legit is no; the site is a scam, and we do not suggest it.

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