News Reviews [July] Is The Site Hoax or Legit? Reviews 2020 Reviews [July] Is The Site Hoax or Legit? -> In this article, you find out about an online store that caters to the needs of bathroom essentials for modern households.

Are you searching for a place where you can find beautiful bathroom essentials? Check

Right bathroom essentials are a must-have for every household. Innovatively crafted and attractive bathroom gadgets and appliances enhance the look of your bathroom and go a long way in nurturing good health and hygiene.

To transform your ordinary looking bathroom into a truly stylish one, you need the right set of shower room tools to go with it. Thankfully, several online stores can cater to your need for a good looking bathroom.

Online web stores have come up with a range of appliances that provide solutions to your every problem. One such store is, which has recently started operating in the United States.

Read the full Reviewsto know about a site that sells a range of smart bathroom essentials.

It will aid you in making an informed decision regarding whether to invest your money on the site’s products as you will know whether Is Legit or not.

What is

It is an online store that features a wide variety of smart and appealing bathroom essentials. You can find toilet drain unclog cleaner, tri-fold LED makeup mirror, bathtub spa pillow, and the like.

The products are offered at reasonable prices, and you can also subscribe to their newsletter to know more about them.

Site Specifications

  • Website type: Online store offering a range of modern bathroom essentials and related accessories.
  • Email:
  • Shipping time: 2-3 business days
  • Delivery time: 3-8 business days
  • Exchange: Applicable on contacting at the earliest
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Return: Applicable
  • Cancellation of order: Applicable
  • Phone number: (678) 571-1153
  • Address: Vernal, 373 South 3240 West, UT 84078 United States
  • Modes of payment: PayPal

Is Legit? Reviews say we have analyzed this site from a variety of sources and have concluded that it is not legitimate. Firstly, the site is very young. It is hardly some months old. So we cannot see it as a legitimate one.

Secondly, there is no proper information on the About page of the site. It does not say clearly what the website intends to offer to the customer. This lack of coherence in the About page diminishes the credibility of the site.

There are no customer reviews of its products either on the site or on the internet. They don’t have any valid social media links, and so the quality of their services remains uncertain.

Besides, the site has a dubious domain name. Domain names like .com, .net are considered legitimate, but this site does not have a valid domain name.

Hence we would not consider this site as legit.

Pros of purchasing products from

  • The site offers a vast range of modern, innovative, and appealing bathroom essentials.
  • All the products are currently being sold at attractive discounts.
  • The site provides a provision for return, exchange, refund, and cancellation of products.
  • There is also a provision of round the clock customer service to settle any product query.

Cons of buying purchasing products from

  • The information given on the About page is not clear and is not connected with the site or its products.
  • The site does not have a social media presence on any platform.
  • No customer traffic or feedback on the site’s products can be seen anywhere.
  • The trust index of the site is very low.

What are people saying about

Due to the lack of Reviews on the website and elsewhere on the internet, we cannot form a valid opinion about the quality of the site’s services.

There are no social media links to the website as well, through which we can find more information on the working of their products.

Final verdict Reviews by customers cannot be seen anywhere in the virtual world. In a way, it is good that customers have not purchased anything from the site as the site has every mark of being a scam.

As a young site, its legitimacy is already suspicious. Still, on top of that, the incorrect information furnished by the site on its About page as well as low trust index, absence of social media links, and a dubious domain all lead us to confirm that the site is not legit.

The site is currently offering its products on ‘too good to be true’ discounts. No authentic site offers products on such a steep rate.

You can easily ascertain the answer to the question Is Legit as being a straight no.

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  1. Fraudulent Website. Placed an order for the following Kayak rail mounted rack for the suspiciously low price of $99.15 free shipping, no tax (usual price from legit retailers is $250+).

    Paid via PayPal (only option, no credit card option). Never received an invoice or confirmation email. My PayPal account was billed $114.02 with no explanation for the inflated amount despite my timely efforts to cancel the payment.

    About 3 hours after placing the order I received an email from PayPal with a shipping confirmation from the seller that indicated the product had been delivered to my zip code (but not my address) and fake tracking record indicated it had been shipped 2 Days BEFORE I placed the order.

    Fake USPS tracking record and delivery confirmation showing item was shipped 2 days BEFORE it was ordered (ordered 7/16, supposedly shipped 7/14).
    9400109898642501500434 The real head scratcher is that this tracking number does pull up a tracking record and delivery confirmation on the USPS tracking application. This is a sophisticated fraud.

    PayPal, USPS and Godaddy are investigating. Let the buyer beware…

  2. Same thing as the consumer before. Fake. No email, no order, just sucked my money up thru pay pal. And now cannot cancel. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!

    1. Call your bank that what I did today ,so they can investigate it. My bank is giving me my money back while they investigate it

  3. I ordered a 26″ Weber Kettle Grill for their advertised price of $99.65, on Monday the 20th of July 2020. I have not received any acknowledgement from them as having received my order. I called the number and got a voice message stating “the person you have called is not available”. I sent them an e-mail requesting order status. As of today July 24th 2020 I still have not received any response. Since I paid for the order through PAYPAL, I have filed a dispute for the charge. I do at this time believe that this is an illegitimate (scam) web site.

  4. I ordered an air conditioner , and no email confirmation was sent, and I have been waiting awhile! I contacted Paypal to resolve this.

  5. They must have a way of tracking what you are looking for because I was looking for a specific coffee maker and it popped up on their site in my price range. And free shipping. PayPal is the only payment option. I received a notice from pay pal with a tracking # and the sellers name was not and the payment type was listed as tuition/other, obviously so he wouldn’t have to pay PayPal fees for ripping people off. It is interesting how they are stealing UPS or USPS tracking #’s. My tracking # was an Amazon sender to a totally different name and address. I would think that could be some type of mail fraud? And all of the info is obviously FAKE because when I went back to check, the item that I ordered and paid for has never been on their FAKE site.

  6. Big scam I got ripped off for $65. They provide a phony tracking number that states was delivered but I were to be found. Phony email address. So keep away its a Scam!!!!! And pay pal to help you good luck with that.

  7. I ordered a vacuum 7/16/2020…was a deal too good to pass up…I thought…started reading how it was a scam sight…was able to get back on fat world to leave a message…told them I wanted to cancel my order in the comments bar..and sent it to them…next day tried to get back in to fatover and couldnt…they had me blocked.. went to my paypal account a few days later and checked it…they had taken 90 some dollars out of my account …but it was put back in…a -90 some…I lucked out somehow and they didnt get my money..I dont even find fatover. world when I google it now…they must have went out of business already

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