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Breathe Cup Reviews [Jan 2021] Decide It Is The Scam Site

Breathe Cup Reviews 2020

Breathe Cup Reviews [Jan 2021] Decide It Is The Scam Site -> Have a look at the content to know about the reviews of breathe cup (world’s first mask capable to insert accessory).

Safety has become an important priority these days as there is pandemic all over the world. At this moment no one can take a risk of going outside without the mask. But all of us face various problems in wearing mask. So, today we are here to explore Breathe Cup reviews.

In today’s content we will see whether the breathe cup is legit and we will also explore the reviews of the product. As every one of us wants to get rid of the problems which are caused by wearing mask and use some alternative of it.

People of United States preferably look for alternative that can reduce the issues caused by wearing mask. So, today we are here to help them out by exploring Breathe Cup reviews that will help us to decide whether the product is safe to use.

Readers carry on you reading to know about the product.

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What is Breathe Cup?

Breathe cup is the special mask that is capable of inserting accessories which can help people to get rid of issues that they face while wearing mask. Most of the people with spectacles face difficulty in wearing mask as there glasses become foggy when they breathe while wearing mask. So, breathe cup is very helpful for those people.

Moreover, customers can get heavy discount on purchasing breathe cup. With hypoallergenic the cup is made up of premium silicone and hence safe to use.

It allows air to direct out which avoid fogging of glass. The best thing about the product is that it is reusable and washable.

To know more about the product let’s have a look at the specifications of it.

Specifications of the Breathe Cup:

  • Product name – Breathe Cup
  • Product type – Mask that insert accessory.
  • Cost of 1 pack – $19.97
  • Discount – Available
  • Reusable- Yes

Pros of using Breathe Cup

  • The breathe cup can be used by people of all age group.
  • It is washable as well as reusable.
  • It can be used with all types of mask.

Cons of using Breathe cup

  • Breathe cup reviews are not available.
  • The product is new in the market.

Is Breathe Cup legit?

As the product is new, so many people have not purchased it. Due to this reason people have not shared their reviews about the product. But the product is very active on social media platform.

The product has well maintained instagram page with more than 3000 followers but no reviews of the product are available there. But as we see the features of the breathe cup the product seems to be genuine.

But there are many products available which provides customers with the same features as the breathe cup is providing. But it’s our responsibility to choose the one which is safe for us and make us free from our issues that we face while wearing mask.

So, at this moment we are unable to comment on the legitimacy of the product. All we can say to our readers to wait for some time until we get breathe Cup reviews.

What are people saying about breathe cup?

As the product is new in the market so it does not have any buyer reviews. But the product is active on instagram.

Breathe cup is helpful to the people who face breathing problem. Moreover it is hypoallergenic which means it cannot harm our skin and safe to use.

Since it has many followers we can conclude that people liked using breathe cup but until and unless we get customer reviews, we cannot say about the legitimacy of the product.


Being new in the market the product has extraordinary features that can help people to get rid of the problems that people face while wearing mask. No foggy glasses, proper breathing, no removal of the lipsticks of the women and no maskne- all these advantages are provided by breathe cup.

Because of its advantages people will like to use this product. Since no customer reviews are available so we cannot comment about the legitimacy of the product.

So, I advice readers to wait for some time till the Breathe cup reviews are available online. For the buyers who have already purchased it they must share their reviews online as it will help us to decide the legitimacy of the product.


  1. To whom it may concern.

    Being an employee of a school district and having to wear a mask 24/7 I see that there are no reviews good or bad about the product.
    To get the word out about the product, I would suggest maybe donating some mask cups to some schools and let the employee use them to give you feed back on the product. I know we are all tired of foggy glasses and breathing the mask in and out of our mouths and trust me if it works like you advertise, we will tell EVERYONE in every school district or anyone we meet on the street. I would like you to give our school the possibility to be one to test sites.

    Thank you,
    Cathy Bibb
    Bowling Green R-I School District
    Bowling Green, MO 63334

  2. I just recently purchased the Breathe Cups. I thought they would be a little bit bigger since they are suppose to fit everyone. They fit me a woman fine but are a little small for a man with a big nose, my husband. The company is not a scam but the cups do come from China and because of that they take almost a month to get to you. If you’re in a hurry to get some I would suggest going with someone else like Amazon that delivers faster. They do make a difference by keeping your mask away from sucking up your nose when you breathe in and out. I’m not sure about the no foggy glasses as of yet. I bought the 20 package and that is what I would suggest because I couldn’t see paying more than $2 each for them. If you don’t need them all then share them with people that could use some air room in their mask. I hope this helps anyone considering to purchase them. I will catch you up on the foggy glasses later after I try them for a week or so. Good Luck and stay safe.

  3. It’s Andrea again, on the followup about no foggy glasses or not with wearing the Breathe Cup. I’ve been wearing mine for about a week and I still get foggy glasses! They might not be as foggy as before, but they are still foggy. I wouldn’t claim the cup makes them fog free, because it doesn’t. I would say it reduces fog on your glasses. I still feel they are a great purchase in the maximum amount and for the air and space you get to breathe in between your mouth and mask, no more sucking your mask into your mouth and nose! Well, there you go, now you can see how they work for you. Good Luck and stay safe.

  4. Ordered ours over a month ago. Does come from China and tracking was good till November 23 where it has been sitting somewhere in York, PA since then. There is no real customer service. Just an email that has bots responding. Literally every time it emails back the same exact thing no matter what I say. I’ve been back and forth with this robot for a week with no response besides that one same sentence. I’m filing a report with my cc company for a refund since they refuse to respond or find out on their end how to file their claims for lost packages. It’s a scam. How their site has any good reviews is a mystery to me. Though now I’m realizing the newest one was from August. Perhaps they used to be legit.

  5. Be warned. I ordered this product on 10/20/20. On 10/25/20 I received an email with a tracking number. As of today, 12/11/20, the package has been “in transit” since 11/4/20. I emailed the company asking for a refund, and was told to read their shipping disclaimer. Now, we are well beyond the 4 weeks it takes to arrive, free shipping or not. I have asked for my money back, and have repeatedly received emails about shipping delays. They are not willing to refund my money. I have since seen them on many other websites, and in CVS stores. My suggestion, buy them elsewhere. ***Also, there is no way to leave a review on the breath cup website. There are reviews up there, just not a way to leave one. hmmmmmm…..

  6. This is a garbage, bait-and-switch product. They only post selective reviews. I reviewed the product, with pictures, on their site a week ago, and there are still only 23 lovely reviews, with nothing below 3 stars. They are just discarding the negative reviews.

    I ordered 20 pieces in Nov and I received my order after a full 30 days, and my package also sat in NY area for over a week at a forwarding house. The statement implying that they have domestic warehouses but “may ship from China if they are out of stock domestically” simply means everything ships from China. There are no domestic warehouses.

    I did finally receive it after 30 days but they are definitely not made of “premium silicone” as the site implies. In fact, they are not made of any type of silicone. Instead they are made of LDPE or some sort of hard but somewhat flexible plastic. They have scratchy flashing on the edges which is very uncomfortable on the face. And 19 of the 20 units were twisted or deformed. Definitely a bait-and-switch compared to what they are marketing on their website.

    Upon requesting a refund I got an email response pointing to their “thousands of satisfied customers” and offering two options. Take a 50% refund now and keep the items, or send it back at my own expense to an extensive address in China, which would cost me around $20 shipping, and expect to wait 30 days for a refund.

    I started the process of a PayPal dispute because what they are shipping is significantly different than described. Lo and behold, within the PayPal dispute form the company has a message begging you not to file a dispute, saying they will do anything to make it right and asking you to email to get assistance as a “high-profile case”.

    I emailed the VIP address this morning so I don’t know the result yet. But part of me feels like following their request and not disputing through PayPal allows them to continue doing bad business.

  7. Ordered 2 at the end of November. Still haven’t received them. When I asked about the delay I got no response. So I’m assuming I got scammed.

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