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As a source of entertainment, movies have always been the first choice of many people. And so, with the introduction of the science-fiction genre, viewers, especially from the United States, geared their interest there.

Catering the needs as such, NBC Universal launched Syfy, an American cable channel that features science fiction, horror, thriller, supernatural kinds of movies, miniseries, and series. Learn how to Activate/Activatenbcu Code to enjoy the television experience. 

It later broadcasted its original four-season series Battlestar Galactica, which gained worldwide attention. Today in the era of the internet-driven public, it has become easy to watch your favourite series on TV in just a matter of a click. 

What is Syfy?

Syfy is an American cable channel which broadcasts series, miniseries and movies of science-fiction, paranormal, thriller, fantasy, horror and many more genre. It is owned by the NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, a division of NBCUniversal.

They have Syfy Wire as their website, which covers science-fiction, fantasy, horror, and comics news. It has been serving 92.4 million families in the United States.

It released its five regular podcasts in 2018 and has included interviews of public figures in it. Syfy app ensures that its viewers have an uninterrupted experience while watching their favourite shows and movies. 

To access Syfy on your Roku Tv, find activate/activatenbcu roku details further. 


Roku TV is a Hisense product with a simple-to-use home screen and powerful advanced features. Its smooth working remote and automatic software updates makes better viewership. 

The access to Syfy on Roku

It is simple to access 150,000+ movies and shows avail by free and paid channels. To enjoy the hundreds of unique programs on Syfy Now, people can switch to Roku TV and Roku players.  

First, you need to have a subscription to Syfy and catch up on recent movies, series, content from NBC Universal family networks like NBC, CNBC, USA, Bravo, Ei, and Oxygen. 

Get a Activate/Activatenbcu Code and enter it by opening the NBC’s official activation site. The only thing left is to find Syfy Now channel on TV Everywhere in the Roku Channel Store and Roku players.

Viewers on Syfy experience 

Getting Syfy Now on Roku has levelled up the expectations of viewers on Tv watching. People for a long time are now enjoying the sci-fi genre on Syfy and are appreciating the vast content delivery. 

They are thrilled to have a one-place destination solution for their craving for all kinds of shows as they started other genres too. But many people are disappointed by the activate/activatenbcu roku due to frequent advertisements and repetitive shows. They are backing from taking its subscription anymore. 


Syfy Now has been entertaining people from its shows and channel and the online gaming portal. Serving millions of people around America, it has revolutionized into something bigger.

Viewers now have an ultimate experience of sci-fi shows and another genre, whereas, with time, people are facing issues with its app buffering and ad disturbance now and then.

Before going for Syfy Now, it is advisable to look for more information on it and not neglect the reviews present online. 

If you have any problem regarding Activate/Activatenbcu Code, share with us in the comment section. 

16 thoughts on “ Activate/Activatenbcu Code {April 2021} Enjoy Series!

  1. No matter what I do I can’t activate SYFY on my Roku.
    When I try to watch SYFY it says to link my TV provider with SYFY but all I get then after entering my code is a warning page that says “unhandled exception”.
    Then I cleared my cookies but that didn’t fix it either.
    What am I doing wrong?

  2. It’s impossible to link my Roku with SYFY (NBC)
    I’m trying to follow the directions but always ending in failure, continuous loop asking for code, wrong code, unhandled exception, 404 page not found.
    I have no idea why it has to be this difficult.
    I can watch it on my computer.
    Why can’t I watch it on my Roku?

  3. I’ve tried several generated codes, and none of them work. What do I do now? Very frustrated.

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