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Do you wish to shop for books online? Do you also want to know about the bookstore that sells books and that also supports the independent book stores? Well, the users will get all the essential details regarding it below.

We see that e-commerce and eBooks have changed the way we figure out publishers and their books. Now those days are left behind when people would spend hours in the bookstore searching for a book. 

It has become easy to browse books on the internet, click some buttons, and get it delivered to your doorstep. Reviews shows that the independent bookstores are struggling to meet their requirements and reach out to people when ecommerce has gained all the popularity.

The readers from the United States need to know that this ecommerce website is trying to help about 150 independent bookstores.

What is

This is an online platform that sells books online and contributes its help to the independent bookstores. The book wholesaler and distributor meet the orders.

The website helps create an easy and convenient way to efficiently support the bookstores and quickly deliver the books to the customers. It is a place where groups, authors, and publications can even earn affiliate fees. Reviews shows that more and more book stores are signing up for the offer and have increased the number of stores signed up to 320.

To know more about the features and the details of the bookstore the readers should read ahead.

Features of the

  • Andy Hunter has founded the bookstore and is the CEO of the foundation.
  • It offers financial partnership, which means that 10% of the book sales affiliate will go to the earning pool, and these are then divided between the ABA members.
  • The receipt issues email to the customers with the information regarding bookstores near them.
  • For the Reviews, the book stores which are a part of the affiliate program earn about 25% commission on the sales.
  • Also, an essential feature of the bookstore is that it helps anyone from the United States to sell books and earn a commission.

Views of people regarding

We see that many legit sites have gained lot of popularity, be it any sphere in the online shopping industry. But we see that due to this, the growth of the independent stores is declining.

So, to help the stores and let them earn through the affiliate, the web store is making its efforts.

The bottom line:

We see for the Reviews the web store is legit as it is working since 1998. Since then, it is actively participating in helping the stores, and the customers quickly get the books delivered to their doorstep.

Thus, we would recommend the customers to shop from the online store and contribute their share to the growth of the independent stores. Also, do check out the reviews for more details on it.

We hope our information is helpful. Do leave your views regarding the information.

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