Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner Reviews {July} Scam or A Legit?

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner Reviews 2020

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner Reviews {July} Scam or A Legit? >> In this article, you will read about a portable air conditioner and will check its legitimacy.  

Are you tired of scorching heat in summer and looking to buy air cooler at a discounted price? Just check one of such device – Bluxair. 

Nowadays, the feedback is readily available online. Thanks to the buyers who take to guide and aware the other potential buyers. Bluxair is not much popular, and you’ll hardly find any Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner Reviews online.

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner  

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Do you know Is Bluxair Legit or a scam to cheat the customers across the United State. With our unbiased review, you will get to know if this could be an appropriate choice for you and the answer to this question. 

Let’s get started.

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About Bluxair

It is a powerful and compact AC that pulls out hot air from the room via its evaporative filter. You get fresh and clean air. It also humidifies and purifies the air. You have to fill the tank with water, plug it, and that’s all. It can run up to 36 hours per fill. 

It also allows you to adjust the temperature as per your wish with three kinds of adjustments – ordinary usage, by adding normal water, and by adding icy water. You can also enjoy various discounts:

  • Buy 2- Pieces and get 10% off and Free Shipping
  • Buy 3- Pieces and get 15% off and Free Shipping
  • Buy 4- Pieces and get 20% off and Free Shipping

Continue reading to know the specifications, advantages, disadvantages, and customer reviews of this product. 

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner Review

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  • The product is Air Cooler
  • It has intelligent wind control
  • It has 500 ml large volume spray concentration
  • It has the wide-angle air supply
  • It has a brushless motor 
  • It has a long-lasting battery life
  • It has a low power consumption
  • It gives efficient Cooling through Hydro-chill technology 
  • It has a wide-angle air supply
  • It supports USB Charging


  • Complete description is available on the site
  • It is small in size and convenient to use
    • It can store a large amount of water
    • It can be used wirelessly
    • It gives you rapid cooling
    • It has a durable battery
    • It has smart third gear
    • It is quite and Portable
    • You can opt for a discount of Up to 20% if you buy four pieces at once
    • 24X7 customer support is available for this product
    • The product has worldwide shipping

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

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  • It is not available on any social media
  • It lacks popularity 
  • It is not available on other ecommerce platforms
  • There are no Bluxair Reviews available on the site

Is Bluxair Legit? 

Whether the product is legit or not, that depends on how much information about the product is available, whether the details are transparent or not, and finally, what feedback the customer share with the potential buyers and the company. 

In our first glance, we found the product is beneficial, cost-effective, and many unique features. But our in-depth research and available negative reviews showcase a different story. 

Based on those reviews, we can say it seems to be suspicious. Also, the absence of the product on other ecommerce portals and any other social media raises so many doubts in our minds. 

Thus, we recommend you to go for thorough research if you still wish to buy it. 

Hence this answers – Is Bluxair Legit?

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner legit

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Feedback by the Customers

The reviews given by the buyers prove to be crucial as they share the reality with potential customers. They also serve as a mirror of the company – they guide others whether upcoming buyers should go with the product or not. Let’s read some of the Bluxair Reviews available online:

One of the customers says that the website is offering poor customer services and they are calling it a scam.

Thus, from the above reviews, we can sense that customers are not happy with it and suggest that others not waste their money.

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner  where to buy 

Final Verdict

Based on the reviews we found online, we can say that it is not a 100% legit product and potentially a scam. United State audience, don’t be just trapped in the con tricks and discounts available on the site. 

If you still think you should try this at least once, we left the decision to choose it or wait for another better option. Thank you for reading this complete review. We are waiting for your Bluxair Reviews. Please share your response in the below comment section. 

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  1. I received today and was disappointed in the size. It did not look like what I ordered. The instruction manual was very vague and did not give instructions on how to use it. I had to find a video on YouTube. I would not recommend buying it.

  2. I receive the fan and is so small that i don’t think is good enough for a room i did try it is so disappointing is not working like the video commercials.

  3. We ordered 2 and 3 months later they never came, I reached out to the email order confirmation we received, I did get a response that there was a mix up in our order and they were sending it with expedited shipping. 2 weeks later no product! Called my credit card and disputed the transaction. I guess it was too good to be true! SCAM

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