Blaroken reviews (March 2021) Is It A Scam or Not?

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Blaroken reviews (March 2021) Is It A Scam or Not? >> Is the store providing lots of discounts is offering safe deals to you? Are you investing your money in the right shopping portal? Check here!  

All the men here be ready to introduce the site dealing with the most dashing outfits for you. Today’s content is exciting as while discussing; we will be talking about Blaroken reviews shared by the people. Canada, United States, has chilling winters these days, so if you want to purchase long coats, then research this site with us. We will explore its features and see what dicounts the site offers to the buyers, and that is safe? Guys, let’s check it out.

What is

It is a global online store that offers the latest apparel for men. The site has a collection of shirts, bottoms, jackets, long coats, and shoes for men. Men can have its complete outfit from the site as the site is rocking with its hot outfits.The site is offering styles that men can wear at parties and going to professional offices. The site offers sales to the customers so they can enjoy their style within their amount. The site offers new and high-quality outfits to their customers to get satisfied, but how customers feel about their items can be found only by knowing Blaroken reviews.

Specifications of

  • Type of site – a global online store with the latest apparels for men
  • The email address of the company –
  • Address -1402A 15/F the Belgian bank bldg Nathan RD Mongkok Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Name of the company – Blaroken Technology (Hong Kong ) Limited
  • Shipping cost-free shipping on orders of all your outfits over $89
  • Time take to deliver – 7-14 days for Canada, United States
  • Return Policy – The return of your item is applicable within 30 days
  • Method of payment – VISA, Master Card, American Express
  • Refund – within five days, the money is refunded back.

Pros of

  • The site has shared its complete details on the about us page by mentioning its mission and services.
  • The site is offering many styling outfits for men.

Cons of

  • The domain is new; it just crossed 152 days.
  • The site is offering unbelievable discount offers on every purchase of the customer.
  • The social media presence is not so good as one post has been shared on Facebook.
  • The Blaroken reviews even not satisfactory.
  • The site has not shared owner details.

Is legit?

Let’s check whether the site is trustworthy or not before making our money invested on this portal. So, first focusing on its age its 152 days old site. It gets registered on 21 August 2020. So, it has not completed its six months yet, so its hard to earn trust.The site has shared the mail id but fails to shares its contact number, due to which customers’ queries remain unanswered usually. As visiting the store is not all people ‘s cup of tea. It does not have an excellent social media presence as only a single post has been shared on Facebook that has been liked by four people until now. Even it is not available on any other social media platform.

Blaroken reviews are few and is not in favor. Moreover, the unbelievable discount offers have been thrown by the site to grab people’s interest over it. They are trying to mislead people with attractive offers.The site is suspicious, and one should stay away from it. Beware, readers.

What are Customer reviews?

The reviews shared by the people are very few and are not good. People queries have been remaining unanswered, and they do not have any other medium to contact. The people have suffered this lack of communication. Moreover, on Facebook, the score of reviews is 1 out of 5. That’s too bad.So, a few reviews available with negative remarks.


The site is a scam and misleading the customers by giving lots of discounts offers to them. By doing such things it is trying to attract the customers but we must avoid shopping from this store as choosing the trustworthy store is our duty.

So, friends, we suggest that you do not use this scam store for purchasing your outfits as it gone waste your money to the fullest, and there is no hope of refunds. Blaroken reviews turned out to be negative, giving us the reason for not trusting this site.Please save your money and invest it in some trustworthy store.

10 thoughts on “Blaroken reviews (March 2021) Is It A Scam or Not?

  1. This site is a scam. Ordered a men’s XL coat, but it would not even fit a child. Convoluted web site which is impossible to navigate, as Earl Ge referred me to the website.
    This firm is ethically and morally bankrupt. It is a Chinese fraud. They should have a return label in all their purchases, which they do not. Now, I am disputing this purchase in Pay Pal.

  2. I made the mistake of ordering from blaroken,com; they had an ad on Youtube. The ad looked legit and the clothing items looked like quality.

    I found out firstly that they don’t actually have many of the advertised items. They don’t tell you and you don’t find out until after the delivery arrives with items missing. The scammer uses the excuse that their supplier is behind because of shipper issues which is bull. They then offer to give you a credit on their website. If you push they’ll offer a refund for the undelivered items. It’s important to realize that they promise a 24hour or 72hour refund but actually may take a week or more; that’s if you actually receive your refund at all. If you didn’t use a payment option like Paypal or maybe VISA that has a resolution center, then you’re likely to never see your money again.

    Secondly, they’re shipping from China and it takes almost a month for your items to arrive. The problem with that is their 30-day return policy starts from the date you ordered, not the date you receive the items. That means a store credit if they credit you at all.

    Thirdly, the clothing items they send are made from the same fabric as cheap Halloween costumes are made from. In other words, it’s not really fabric like a standard t-shirt or pants are made from. If you hold the item up to a light or window during the day, you can see clearly through the fabric; the thread count is extremely low and the fabric snags and rips very easily. This is the case regardless of what item you ordered.

    Fourth, the sizing of the clothing is not even in the ballpark of correct. I ordered an extra large; what they sent was a medium size with an XL (extra large) label sewn into it. I also ordered a large but the size was the same as the supposed extra large but had the L (large) label sewn in. I wouldn’t be surprised if they only make one size and are sewing different size labels into everything so they can pretend it’s a different size and claim after the fact that it must have been a mistake.

    Fifth and final, realize that you will not get your entire refund back. Also know that they don’t issue return labels so if you are able to get them to give you a return address, which is hard to do, you are responsible for the shipping costs and if they claim to not have received the item, you won’t get a refund and because they’re in China, you don’t have any legal recourse.

    As this article notes, this organization is a scam. Take this advice from someone who made the mistake before you and do not order from them. Also note that the cost of their items is basically the same as clothing stores that sell similar items. You work hard for your money, don’t allow lowlife scammers to trick you into giving it to them.

  3. escroc de première le pantalon que j’ai reçu et la qualité ne correspond pas du tout à la photo publicitaire c’est une copie médiocre du pantalon en photo solution de remboursement proposée par le vendeur un bon d’achat de 14 € sur 61,99 € pour leur acheter une seconde merde je déconseille à 100 % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. My wife ordered a tactical jacket on january 6th 2021, gave her credit card details at the same time. Blaroken spokesperson said delivery would take 10 to15 days,it is tody the 3rd of february,and nothing has been received from Blaroken,this is a joke!

  5. Well unfortunately I made an order before I read this blog. Received my XL jacket that was certainly a child’s size. Couldn’t even get my arms in the sleeves. I contacted the customer service and they did respond and apologized for the inconvenience. I was told to keep the jacket , as to ship it back would be too expensive. Duh! They offered a partial refund or online credit, about a third of what I spent. . However, based on what I have read I will be disputing the charge with my credit card company. On the plus side 3 other items ordered came OK and as advertised. So if its a scam site, they need to be shut down. Looks way too authentic.

  6. A complete and total scam. I ordered 2 items, received 1, the wrong one, called Papal to stop payment, received an email from Blaroken telling me to cancel my PayPal complaint otherwise I could nt get a refund.
    Buyer be SO AWARE and BEWARE!!!! This is a pit tp throw away money, period

  7. Blaroken is not only a scam but also a fraud. They use deceiving advertising of apparently good quality products but send you real trash. I wish I could show you the images of what I ordered and of what I received. One advertised item was a denim jacket with faux fur inside and what I received was a plain polyester (perhaps PVC) hideous jacket. Another was a tactical bermuda and what I received was undescribable. Please, do not fall for the items they advertise.

  8. Another idiot here who didn’t research this company first! Saw all the clothing and it looked like quality items. Went ahead and made a purchase and about a month later no communication and no delivery. Thank goodness I ordered through PayPal and already alerted them to this fake company and scam! Buyer Beware- DO NOT SHOP HERE or GIVE THEM MONEY! It’s a SCAM

  9. I found this store randomly and was attracted by their products and their promotions. However, it also raised my alert that it’s not a local (US) store so I asked the customer services where their products were manufactured. They replied back that their products were shipped from Hong Kong. Although apparently, they were trying to avoid the initial question, I already knew that they were made in China and made me less interested in ordering from them. I didn’t think about they might be a scam or something, I just simply wanted to research more on the store/the brand which brought me here. Now I am glad I did that!

  10. We paid a total of US$109.39 for the tactical combat trousers and functional tactical belt! WHAT THEY SENT US, a crappy pants worth 12CAD from Walmart ???.

    Their business address reflected on the official website was even fake. We just checked the location in UK and it’s a pharmacy ???. The return address written on the package is Ontario, Canada!

    Even first world countries have FRAUDULENT ONLINE STORE ???

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