Ben Carson My Pillow (Nov) Is This A Rumour Or For Real?


Ben Carson My Pillow (Nov) Is This A Rumour Or For Real? >> In this article, you explored a celebrity who used a supplement, which the FDA rejected!

Are you looking for a dietary supplement to combat Covid-19? The United States-based, My Pillow has promoted Oleandrin as a dietary supplement as a treatment for Covid-19.

Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak came into existence, many experiments and trials are being done worldwide. Till now, there is no vaccine or drug approved as a treatment for the disease.

Many laboratories are trying with various drugs to build immunity and help prevent life-risk disease. My Pillow has promoted Oleandrin’s extract to the White House officials and President Donald Trump as a potential treatment.   

However, after its rejection by the FDA, an American politician revealed that he took Oleandrin as a Coronavirus treatment.This article will provide you with all the details you want to know about Ben Carson My Pillow.

Who is Ben Carson?

Ben Carson is the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, a member of the White House, and a retired neurosurgeon.Ceo of My Pillow, Mike Lendel, who has a financial stake in the company, has recently joined Phoenix Biotechnology. Mike promoted using Oleandrin as an ingredient in the dietary supplement.

In July 2020, he also participated in a meeting in the United States with President Donald Trump regarding ingredient Oleandrin to use as a potential treatment for the Covid-19.   

What is Oleandrin?

Oleandrin is an extract that is obtained from the plant known as Nerium oleander. Consuming the raw oleander plant can be fatal as it is highly toxic. There are no published studies reviewed by peers about the impact of Olendrin on Coronavirus.

Besides, there are no evidence of this dietary supplement experimented on a patient suffering from Covid-19. After knowing about Ben Carson My Pillow, we advise our viewers not to try any ingredient approved by the FDA.

Does FDA approve Oleandrin?

Phoenix Biotechnology applied to the FDA on June 2, 2020, to add a new ingredient Olenadrin in the dietary supplement. It also described the dosage, which can be consumed only by adults.It is a clause to notify FDA if the manufacturer is adding a new ingredient in the dietary supplement. It is then reviewed by FDA for safety to determine marketing it as a dietary supplement. Hence, we advise our viewers not to consume the ingredient Oleandrin, which is promoted by the CEO of My Pillow.Besides, Ben Carson My Pillow news of using Oleandrin has made many people aware of not using any ingredient until approved by the FDA.   

Why did Ben Carson use Oleandrin?

Ben Carson is an American politician who used Oleandrin for Covid-19 treatment. Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, has joined the board of Phoenix Biotechnology recently. The CEO of My Pillow promoted the drug.  

My Pillow CEO has promoted Oleandrin as a treatment for Coronavirus. However, it is not approved by the FDA. After knowing its application rejection, Ben Carson My Pillow statement revealed consuming Oleandrin as his treatment of Covid-19.

Is Oleandrin safe to use as a dietary supplement?

Oleandrin is an ingredient promoted by the CEO of MyPillow to combat Covid-19. However, it is not approved by the FDA and is toxic. Moreover, no peer-reviews studies are found, and there are no experiments done on people with Covid-19.

FDA said that the safety evidence of Oleandrin provided by Phoenix Biotechnology are not “quantitatively and qualitatively” associated with Oleandrin as a dietary supplement.

The company claimed that it would be helpful and safe to use if the dosage is consumed as recommended by them. The company also claims that it works well and is expected to be safe to use.

However, the statement of Ben Carson My Pillow CEO recommendation has made people concern about the health of Ben Carson because he consumed the supplement, which is rejected by the FDA.

Final Verdict:

Ben Carson made a statement recently about using the supplement Oleandrin as a treatment for the Covid-19. The announcement was made after the FDA’s rejected the use of Oleandrin.

FDA has rejected phoenix Biotechnology’s application for the usage of Oleandrin as a dietary supplement. The reply letter by FDA did not mention using the extract Oleandrin as a treatment for Coronavirus.

Besides, Lindell, who promoted Oleandrin’s usage, has not taken any medical training or any scientific background. He announced the product, which is rejected for use by the FDA.

Hence, taking Ben Carson My Pillow announcement of using a toxic drug is a lesson of not using any supplements that are not approved by the FDA.Leave your comments at the end of the article.

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