Amus Xzy {Jan 2021} Amazing Way To Use The Screen Lock!

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Amus Xzy {Jan 2021} Amazing Way To Use The Screen Lock! >> A write-up on a web portal which provides free lock screen, read the whole article to know more.

The craze for Among Us keeps increasing day by day; many fans are hooked more on this game since the pandemic. People say the game never gets boring, and now some fans are becoming obsessed with themed wallpapers.

So if you’re one of them and need help with getting access to some cool wallpaper, continue reading till the end.

Here Amus Xzy will enlighten the fans about a web portal for downloading wallpapers better known as The craze for wallpapers is everywhere, including a football-centric country like Brazil.

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What is Among Us?

Many times a game gets popular due to its videos or pictures getting viral on social media. For the ones who came to know about Among Us through their cool wallpapers, here’s a little brief about the game; Among Us is an online multiplayer game based in outer space in a spaceship.

It’s a fun mystery-solving game on finding who the imposter who killed a character. Amus Xzy explains finding the imposter is discussed via chat and is kicked out from the space ship. Surprisingly the game has gained immense popularity two years after its release worldwide, including Brazil.

What is Amus xyz?

It is a web portal that lets fans and player download free Among Us themed wallpapers. In return, the user has to complete some simple tasks. The website is not directly associated with the main game. There are many web portals like these over the internet.  

Websites like these are created especially for those who are not well aware of video or photo editing. Amus Xzy claims that downloading a lock screen is way easier than developing one, which is true.

How does it work?

The popularity of Among Us has led to many web portals’ creations for designing and creating also downloading lock screens and wallpapers. Here let’s discuss how the site works; firstly, when you browse the website link, you will land on an interface displaying three sections you have to fill according to your preference. 

First will ask for your country name; in the second field, the user will have to input their device type, whether for an android or ios. And lastly, the user will have to select the server according to the speed. Amus Xzy mentions there will be some verification tasks as well to complete.

Is it safe?

Any unauthorized website is said to be risky, web portal has the requirements to claim it a safe site to use like its operated via HTML and is also SSL encrypted. The official website of Among Us has mentioned not to trust any unauthorized site as your privacy can be at risk.  


We can conclude that the craze for themed lock screens and wallpapers is still skyrocketing, and Amus Xzy claims that various web portals are being launched to meet the needs. This is one of those web portals; fans may use it but then retreat if any private information is asked. 

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