Balik Pinas ph {Oct} Test For Covid-19 In Philippines!

Balik Pinas ph Review 2020

Balik Pinas ph {Oct} Test For Covid-19 In Philippines! >> Don’t worry- you are returning from abroad; you can test Covid, website will provide the services.

Are you returning from foreign? Are you searching for an easy preliminary Covid-19 test? – Well, now you can quickly get this service as a website portal has been launched to examine the initial Covid-19 test mainly for the people who are travelling from abroad.

We are going to check thoroughly about Balik Pinas ph, as it has been launched among the people in the Philippines.

What is Balik Pinas ph?

A new website has been launched for the people traveling or returning from abroad to the Philippines. It’s a one-stop-shop where the preliminary test for Covid-19 is facilitated for people from out of the country. 

There are three registration processes in this portal, i.e., NAIA E-CIF, Clark International Airport, and Health Metrics. People can click on the option and registered themselves.

After clicking any option among three, a page will come up where you need to upload your photo Id, personal information like name, birthdate. Residence address, airline travel details, Exposure history, clinical information, Payment method, etc. following up, people need to agree with the data privacy policy. 

After that, a captcha security code must be entered, which will detect that you are not a robot, and then submit the form.

Pros of Balik Pinas ph:

  • Balik Pinas ph has been brought up to ease the initial Covid-19 test for people from overseas.
  • There are three registration procedures.
  • People need to fill up a simple electronic case investigation form.
  • The National Privacy Commission (NPC) has supported the digital technologies in this Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Specific details regarding privacy policy have been provided.
  • They have provided an official email ID and contact number.

Services offered by Balik Pinas ph:

  • It is an e-com one-stop-shop where people can register them for the primary Covid-19 test.
  • This website provides services to people who are coming from abroad.
  • In this service, the RT-PCR, i.e., Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction test is mandatory.

Is Balik Pinas ph legit?

NPC supports the Balik Pinas ph, and it has an acceptable privacy policy. We have checked the domain age of this website, and it showed 0 days. We have further researched to find its connection with social media though we didn’t notice its social media presence. 

Final Verdict:

The fundamental right of this website has been reserved by Upright System Inc. A visitor will observe complete information regarding data policy as they mentioned the personal information would not be collected and stores by the organization. They said that the personal information gathered together will be controlled under Republic Act No. 11332.

There is no connection between the website and social media. On different sources, we didn’t see people’s Balik Pinas ph opinions about the website and their services. 

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