Sirtfood Diet Wiki {Oct} The 21 Days Diet-Lose Weight!

Sirtfood Diet Wiki 2020

Sirtfood Diet Wiki {Oct} The 21 Days Diet-Lose Weight!  >> If you are willing to lose weight by diet, read the review to know on diet helps in weight loss.

The importance of health and fitness is much more at this time of the pandemic. People are trying to lose weight by various means. Be it by doing a heavy workout or following a diet. 

According to a survey from the United States, the body loses weight by following an 80% diet and 20% exercise. You cannot lose weight only by performing heavy workouts as diet plays a significant role.

You might have listened about the keto diet and many health diets to reduce weight and obesity. In this article, we will talk about what is ‘Sirtfood Diet Wiki’ and how it can help the body to remain fit and, at the same time, increase immunity.

What is the Sirtfood diet?

The name sirtfood came from a protein sirtuin, responsible for protecting the cells and service when the body is in stress and increases the metabolism rate. Sirt food diet came in 2016 in the United States and is becoming very popular day by day. 

The diet will help make the sirtuin protein present in a body to work efficiently, keep the cells work correctly in stress, and make the inflammation process proper. It is the answer to ‘What Is the Sirtfood Diet’?

Role of Sirtfood diet:

Sirtfood diet is responsible for weight loss, increasing the metabolism, regulating inflammation, and making the cells perform correctly when the body is under stress. It also makes the glycogen change in our body. 

Sirtfood diet:

The sirtfood diet contains parcels, Khel, blueberries, red wine, apples, citrus fruits like lemon and oranges, dark chocolate, turmeric, capers, and green tea.

Phases of sirtfood diet:

The sirtfood diet comprises two phases that is the initial phase and the maintenance phase. According to the information present on many Sirtfood Diet Website, the phases are as follows:

The initial phase is of one week, and in that phase, for the first three days, the calorie intake is 1000, and you need to take green juices three times and one proper meal of sirtfood only. 

The rest days of the week, the calorie intake is 1500, and the ratio between green juices and meals is equally divided, that is two each.

The second phase, which is the maintenance, is for 14 days, and you will see that weight loss occurs in this phase, and the ratio between the green juice and the meals is 1: 3.

Reviews of the sirtfood diet:

The ‘Sirtfood Diet Reviews’ from the people who follow the diet say that it is difficult to maintain a thousand calories in the initial three days. Many reviews say that people are losing weight by strictly following the sirtfood diet, which is beneficial.


The final line on the sirtfood diet says that the diet lasts for 21 days, and it is divided into two phases. The calorie intake increases step by step in each phase, and initially, the green juices are more in number, and in the maintenance phase, the fatty diet meals are more. 

As per ‘Sirtfood Diet Wiki,’ the diet is becoming popular among many people irrespective of age as it is showing great results.

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