Baca Solo Leveling 169 Sub Indo (Sep) Series Details!

Latest News Baca Solo Leveling 169 Sub Indo

This news is a complete insight into the new manga serial showcased from a Korean web novel with a new episode of Baca Solo Leveling 169 Sub Indo.

With new conditions of writers, many Indonesia series of Manga is written in English. The last chapter was written by artists Hyeon Gun and Jang, realizing history in Manhwa.

Many readers are unable to figure out the new update of interest given for the Baca Indonesia chapter. Are you also looking for links to the valid chapter of 169? If yes. Don’t worry, read below.

Our experts have mentioned below more updates about Baca Solo Leveling 169 Sub Indo.

About Baca Solo Leveling 

Solo design is a Korean series of Manga that is based on a web novel written by Chugong. Written in July 2015, 2016, it was published by DC media with the label of Papyrus on November 4 2016. It is a comedy fiction based series that is officially known by the name of Na Honjaman Reberop. 

It was officially given out for an English web novel show which started on December 21 2018. 

Read below for more specifications and new chapter release info or Baca Solo Leveling 169 Sub Indo.


  • Sung Jin-woo
  • Yoo Jinn ho
  • Sung Jinnah
  • Adam White
  • David Brennon
  • Lee Ju Hee
  • Laura
  • Norma Sellner
  • Thomas Andre
  • Shadows which include ( Beru, Igris, Greed, Tusk, Tank Iron, Kaiser ) 

Plot of Series

This plot talks about the appearance of Gates that connect the human world to the monsters. It is all based on the protagonist story of Sung Jin-Woo, who is the weakest monster Hunter of South Korea. Day by day, the struggle of managing and completing his trials in the Dungeon is forecasted. In Baca Solo Leveling 169 Sub Indo, he begins to quest and increase his inventory level of hunting in the world of uncovering mystery monsters. 

Spoiler for chapter 169 solo Levelling

In the new chapter that would come out on October 6 2021, the raw scene would take place where the chapter would be forced to kick Jin Woo towards the new threats coming from one side gate. 

International Release

International readers can follow the release time of the Korean standard on October 7 2021.  

Baca Solo Leveling 169 Sub Indo Released Date

With new excitement of the upcoming solo levelling, chapter no 169 was planned to be released as a DC webtoon on hiatus by the 6th-7th of October 2021. The rescheduling of this release date was done with the confirmation of official Twitter news on the channel. 


Concluding this news, our experts suggested every Manga obsessed user watch the new episode coming out based on a human who later got his superpowers from the realm of magic. 

Do you want to know about the gate that appears between the realm of the real world and monsters in Baca Solo Leveling 169 Sub Indo?

Comment below your favourite scene from the last episode!

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