Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Review (March) Is It Legit?

Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Review 2021

Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Review (March) Is It Legit? >> Addressed below this article is an insight into the technology’s informative details with new and dual features. Read below for more information.

Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Review: Are you looking for an out-of-the-world designed laptop with a dual-screen? Well, have you ever heard about a dual-screen laptop before? With the continuous evolution of the latest tech and smart features, 36% percent of the population is addicted to purchasing with premium conditions. 

Asian countries and the European States have a record of producing the best feature products, which start shipping Worldwide within a few days of release. Within the surface of laptop production or desktops, a new dual-screen gadget has emerged.

Never let the fear of the unknown let down the morale of buying new products. Through this article, we would love to present you with the specifications related to the product, its relevance, and its features. Is Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 is legit? Could it be a scam?  Continue reading the brief knowledge held out by our research, and it will clear all your queries.

About Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58

The product called Asus ZenBook Pro Duo emerged as a pure retro-designed laptop with its auspicious feature of a spin. Talking about the screen has a 4D screen with a great amount of high power resolution screen. An interesting fact is that it does not have one screen, but 2!! However, the second screen formation seems to be the compression of many screens, also called Screen Pad. 

Continue reading our Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Review to clear all your doubts. Many customers have been facing an issue to identify the original facts related to this latest model. 


  • Website Link –
  • CPU – Intel Core Processor of 2.4GHz and 16.00MB cache data
  • Graphics – Super GeForce RTX 2060 Nvidia
  • RAM – 2,666MHz/ 32 GB
  • Screen – OLED Ultra HD 15.6-inch, Ultra HD 14-inch, Touch Display
  • Ports – Head Jack, 1 Thunderbolt, USB 2, USB-C 3, HDMI 2
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5
  • Weight – 5.041 pounds
  • Size – 35.8W x 24.5D x 2.4Hcm
  • Price – upto $2,799 for 6 core


  • The OLED-built screen gives an authentic look to the new feature of a dual-screen spin laptop.
  • According to Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Review the Screen pad giving a new look to the formation of the second screen is new tech added.
  • The resolution is just similar to horse bomb power.
  • The quality is no compression from the price.
  • Shipping is available Worldwide


  • As compared to the other tech laptops, the price of this product is very high.
  • With certain high power features, dual-screen, and battery, this laptop gets a heavy and bulky look.
  • The customer reviews are not available at the fullest except for the video information.
  • Some customers might feel the screen pad being an objection as it sometimes acts as a reflector. 
  • The full-screen games and installed apps might be challenging to play on this laptop.

Is Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Legit?

  • Asus is a big name in today’s market and has its outlets all over the globe. 
  • The company shares us with its policies and crucial information. 
  • The website has a valid HTTPS connection.
  • The product can also be purchased through various other online shopping websites such as 
  • The product has been featured in many promotional articles and websites. 
  • Also, Asus is highly recognized for its social media presence. One can directly go to their office/ stores to register any complaint or service their product.  

Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Review

Asus gave a life try to the different zone research of in its new feature. This laptop got appraisal by its dual-screen feature. While this product was not a complete success, customers still buy to act as a chain for the company to prop up their wits. The company’s quality and specification is the most significant reason for sale so far. 

People have observed great results apart from game support and full-screen support functions.


Many people wonder if it’s worth the price! Well, space and more plugs can’t make a laptop more expensive. Similar to the other company models, customers have experienced a similar powerful model!

If you have any doubts or comments about Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Review, write us down below.

Thus the result of the discussion would end on a note that if you are willing to try to ASUS horsepower laptop, it’s on the list. Or you can enjoy similar power laptops at other less cost too.

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