ASDA Shark Lift Away Reviews (March 2021) Is It legit?

ASDA Shark Lift Away Reviews 2021

ASDA Shark Lift Away Reviews (March 2021) Is It legit? >> If you need to find a difference with the good cleaning effect, read our reviews to find a good vacuum cleaner that helps you clean the surroundings.

So it would be best if you read our fair ASDA Shark Lift Away Reviews. Get complete insight into the product and how helpful it is for the United Kingdom and Worldwide people.

Those who have the passion for pets know how important it is to keep the surroundings and everything clean and neat.

Your search ends here; read further for deep know-how of the device’s functionality.

What is the ASDA Shark Lift Away product?

The product is designed for pet lovers having the vision of clean homes with pets.

It is a vacuum cleaner with great suction power and lifts technology that helps to keep your surroundings clean with very little effort. These shares answer to Is ASDA Shark Lift Away Legit.

More about the vacuum cleaner:

  • Helpful on hard floors and carpets
  • It has a two-floor mode and has an adjustable suction with swivel steering making it a lightweight, portable vacuum cleaner.

How does ASDA Shark Lift Away function?

First, one has to lift the canister from the floor, and it will become a sleek upright, lightweight, portable cleaner.

The great suction technology helps to clean the soft sofas and bedding, including hard surfaces like stairs and floors, very comfortably.

How is it helpful to pet lovers?

  • Its perfect dedicated pet tool quickly removes the pet hair from upholstery.
  • The long 8-m cord is quick and easy to reach in any area for end-to-end cleaning.
  • Further, the ASDA Shark Lift Away Reviews have shared the usages of the product with results.


  • The type of product is a pet vacuum cleaner from the ‘Shark’ brand.
  • The price of the product is £269.96 but post discount it is £189.
  • It has an 8mm power cord with led headlights.
  • I registered with Shark one can avail five years guarantee
  • The color available is red
  • The product includes one upholstery tool, one crevice tool, one pet power brush.
  • Capacity is 1.1 liters of the model – NV602UKT
  • The dimensions are width 28.5cm x deep 26cm x height 118cm
  • The material of the body is plastic along with the weight of 5.25 kg
  • It has a washable filter and the washable foam, to be specific, in ASDA Shark Lift Away Reviews.
  • It uses 750 watts of power.


  • It has an anti-allergen seal that captures and traps 99.9% of allergens and dust. The huge capacity stores and keeps it inside and not release in the air.
  • The 8-m cord is well enough to rotate anywhere in any direction.
  • The led headlights illuminate any area on the floor and make invisible dust particles and pet hair quite visible.
  • It can easily transform into a portable vacuum cleaner, and it is free to rotate with a swivel feature.


  • Customer reviews have shown that it is working only on the flat and smooth surface; the outcome will differ if the floor is not even.

Is ASDA Shark Lift Away Legit device?

To check the product’s legitimacy and effectiveness, we have researched hard; please read the below points.

  • The product brand is popular and well established.
  • Product is available on various e-commerce portals with good ratings.
  • The product has received good buyer’s reviews.
  • Products backed with a good warranty of 5 years
  • The product has great features and functionality.

All the above points prove that the product is effective as it claims.

Customer ASDA Shark Lift Away Reviews:

This product, in comparison to many leading brands, has gained popularity and has good customer reviews.

Most customers are happy and satisfied and have given four stars 5-star ratings on the leading reliable portals.

It is helpful compared to other branded products, and the suction power is great with a good tank capacity. One disappointed buyer has mentioned that it does not work on an uneven floor.


To conclude, we will say that good customer reviews and a good brand are the backbone of this product.

The product has attracted many buyers with its great features and functionality and helps them make their surroundings and home clean.

Through our ASDA Shark Lift Away Reviews, we would advise our readers that they can go ahead with the product if they are satisfied with the research.

Are you in search of some good pet vacuum cleaner? Please share with us your requirement so that we can help in the best way.

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