Andrew Huang Space (March 2021) Read The Story Below!

Andrew Huang Space 2021

Andrew Huang Space (March 2021) Read The Story Below! >> This article is about an international music artist and his recent journey to outer space. Please read it for more details.

Who is in this world that does not like music? Everyone from every region of the world likes music. And when it comes to music, it does not matter from there the performer belongs. Songs from the United Kingdom are loved in the United States. Similarly, songs from Canada are love in India. If the music is groovy, it can bring anyone to the dance floor. If the theme is sad, it can bring tears to your eyes, and if it is romantic, you will start missing your loved ones. This is the power of music, it can cross states, borders, and musicians have made it to space.

In this article, we will be looking at Andrew Huang Space music.

Who is Andrew Huang?

Andrew Huang is a well-established fact in the internet music industry. He belongs to Canada, but he is loved all across the globe. Andrey Huang is best known for his YouTube series “Song Challenge,” where views challenge him to make a music video in musicianship feats. 

In his video, he uses unconventional objects and instruments to make songs. Huang has more than 2 million subscribers on Youtube, and he has got more than 250 million views on his videos. Before knowing more about Andrew Huang Space music, here is a brief detail about him

  • Name: Andrew Huang
  • Country: Canada
  • Age: 36
  • Profession: Musician
  • Website:

Why is Andrew in News?

Recently, in one of his videos, Andrew Huang said that he had got an opportunity to go into outer space, and he is not going to miss that. He announces that he is going to leave soon. Before leaving, he has made a video for his viewers. In his last video, he is using some special musical instruments, which is pretty cool. Let us talk about his last video.

Andrew Huang Space video

After reaching into outer space, Andrew tweeted from there, “hello I am tweeting from outer space.” His fans are loving his last music video. It was released on March 18, and more than 150 thousand people have watched it. Apart from YouTube, his music is also available on Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Gaana, YouTube Music, and other platforms. 

People love music all across the globe. In the 21st century, many musicians are trying to make such kinds of unconventional songs, but eventually, they are pretty cool. However, Andrew Huang Space song is only released on YouTube. People are waiting for its release on other online music streaming platforms.

It has become easy for anyone to release his/her songs worldwide after coming of platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, etc.


The Canadian singer we talked about has a great fanbase in almost every region on the globe. It was very astonishing to find that he will be going to outer space. 

Do you know any artist who has been into space just like Huang? But before leaving he made an Andrew Huang Space video for his fans. If yes, please tell us about him in the comment section.

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