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Internet is not only for online shopping, or for the news article; you can use it in the way you want. The Internet is one of the essential tools of marketing. There are several companies registered itself and mark them in the google maps, which shows the legitimacy and increases the trust among the consumers.

In this article, we will discuss reviews and all the information about the listings of the estate agent. There are several websites claims to increase the income of the real estate agents if they enroll and enlist themselves. Several banks link themselves to provide loans to the lenders.

But there is always a confusion that getting enlisting means assured income, REO never works like that even if the branded companies say that REO will give the agent hype and sources. Then it is not 100% right; there is lots of difference in making sources and getting the lead. Most of the REO advertise like that to attract the agents and look at their data listing enormous. 

In the United State, there are several real estate companies running successfully without enrolling in the REO list; the reason may be different.

What is is an REO website where a real estate agent can get enroll themselves to get leads and sources to reach the lenders or buyers. An REO works with the flexible policy if they are somehow not able to sell the properties or the land of the customers they sell through the real estate agents. 

There are several significant banks which sometimes not able to recover the amount from the debtors. In that situation, the only way is by auction or selling through a third party. The real estate agents enroll themselves in the REO listing, so that is the time comes the bank will notify them about the property to sell.

There are several real estate agents available in the US who require properties and lands to sell. But due to not having enough sources, they get listed on any REO agency by paying some amount as a fee. Few or the REO companies are fake; they will not provide you any lead; instead, scam the agent.

In our study, is using a safe and secure connection for the transaction, which is a positive sign. On their webpage, they are using the logos of the big brand banks. But the website is still suspicious as it is showing the not secure mark.


There is no contact number, email id or any office address is mention on the website of

Pros of

  • The website is registered in the year 2019, which means it is not a new website.
  • The website is using safe and secure browsing for the transaction of the money.
  • There is no adverse claim or negative Reviews are found, except few of the non-recommendation
  • The is featuring several well-known banks as an asset manager.

Cons of the

  • The website is not having any registered office, and they are hiding the details about the site like email, contact number, etc.
  • The website is not having enough reviews so that we can give a clear remark.
  • A few of the comments we found where the agents who enrolled stated that they never got any help from the website.
  • The website is showing a not secure message on their link, which is making the site a suspicious one.
  • The website is not having any presence on the major social media, which is a must for marketing.

The policy of the 

  • The agent has to pay the sum amount as a fee to enroll in the list of REO
  • There are several banks attached with the as asset managers
  • The company is not liable if the agent is not getting any sources or any leads
  • Once the agent receives the quotation, then all the bills of repair and modification according to the buyer must bear by the real estate agent.
  • The bank will support till the auction; after that, all the tax and debt recovery will be ensured by the agents only.


In our research, we found unsatisfied Reviews; the reason may be the limited audience. The website is using SSL encryption, but few of the feedback are find dissatisfied and reported the website as not to be recommended, but the choice is yours to take the decision. We neither support nor defame any website.

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