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If you are looking for fresh news media to throw some light on family morals, then America’s Voice News is the site for you.

This news website is a recently branded 24/7 online network that focuses on conventional family principles. It is a multi-platform American news team that shows its news to the citizens all over the world through a medium of internet and basic broadcast. Review tells us that the site is successfully broadcasting news in the United State and is the final step of a continuous tinkering and shifting of exceptional work. In contrast, the site makes progress to make itself heard in the crowded digital media landscape.

The site, initially named as NET: The political News Talk Television Network, is creating a new image by redefining its marketing and promotional goals, financial aspects, and employing new staff.

The original incarnation, NET, had a lot of drawbacks, starting right from its name, which meant nothing to the audience to whom it was catering the news. While on the other hand, americas voice news is self-explanatory and allows an ordinary citizen a sneak peek of what is going on in the country.

What is America’s Voice News?

Recently launched in January 2018, America’s Voice News is a re-birth of a news channel that previously claimed to be a rightist news media.

Now, this news media deploys a finger-on-the-pulse approach to bring out the immigration stories of workers in the country and promoting the undocumented immigrants’ rights.

Additionally, it claims to be the voice of 11 million waiting Americans. They are seeking documentation for their citizenship and caters to them via both online as well as offline news media.

These traits help the network to move beyond the male viewers, and it caters to the broader target audience now.

What is unique about America’s Voice News?

Not only the network puts forth the opposition to the government’s policies on refugees, but it also provides Live News on the discussion regarding the border wall with Mexico.

The site questions the Trump Administration regarding the treatment of undocumented immigrant families.

Apart from creating the awareness, the news organization takes a keen interest in supporting individual cases and highlighting legislative activity.

It has successfully increased its target audience from only-male audience to a broader public using the multi-platform approach.

Specifications of America’s Voice News:

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +1 303-339-7331
  • Email inquiry:
  • Formerly known as NET, the broadcasting news channel seeks to maintain a balance between promoting ideas of conservative Free congress group and that of the government.
  • Recently launched in January 2018
  • It is no more a non-profit organization
  • It deploys a live news feature on the official website.
  • It helps to raise awareness and fight for immigrants in the U.S.

Benefits of America’s Voice News:

  • The facts presented are mostly reliable.
  • Supports an ordinary citizen to win their rights
  • Questions the governmental authority as the voice of America
  • Discusses family values to create awareness
  • Assists immigrants in need with legal help

Detriments of America’s Voice News:

  • Re-branding itself through public issues
  • Use robust and influential words to raise questions against the government
  • Mislead the public by favoring the left

Viewers Feedback on America’s Voice News:

The organization not only promotes the liberal reform to immigration rights but also helps the citizens in need to gain legal advice and obtain adequate documentation from the concerned authorities.

This helps to gain people’s trust and makes them believe in this news channel. They declare this site as a national platform for immigration issues.

The other customers claim the site to be leftist as they oppose the ideas of the right concerning these reforms.

The listeners review that the site is mostly factual as it uses appropriate and reliable sources of information.

Final Verdict:

The site has abundant social media presence and is making efforts to enable ordinary citizens to win their rights. This is the reason it has been able to gather positive reviews for all the viewers.

The contact number is readily responsive, and the email service is working in a commendable manner.

The news delivered might be a little leftist, but they aim at fighting for civil rights.

Overall, we would recommend the media channel to all our readers. You can share your opinions about the site in the comments below.

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