2021store.today Reviews {Feb 2021} Is It Legit Or Scam?

2021store.today Reviews 2021

2021store.today Reviews {Feb 2021} Is It Legit Or Scam? >> Read for the legitimacy of the website providing unique & hot products to buyers at low rates.

Are you in need of a website where you can find multiple varieties of products that are too unique?

If yes, then go ahead with the 2021store. today Reviews where you can find this website, which provides a variety of products to cater to your needs.

It has been seen that Worldwide people are always in need of some online portals where they can get a variety of products in one go. As the trend continues, many websites are coming every day, making the internet a vast space for shopping. But this is always essential to shop from reliable and trustworthy stores or websites, where you can shop safely and securely.

But before shopping from the website, we need to make sure that Is 2021store.today Legit or not.

Let us check what is the website has stored in it.

What is the website about?

The website is the new creation of various products to find multiple products related to home needs and daily needs. The website has products like Led Touch Lamp, New Arrival Magnetic Phone Holder, Cup Phone Holder, Outdoor Waterproof Solar Sensor, Air Fryer Silicone Pot, Mini RC Fish Shark Boat, Magnetic Poster Frame, Waterproof Marble Wallpaper, and more.

The website has tried the products at the least cost for the Worldwide buyers as appear in the 2021store.today Reviews.


  • The URL of the website is https://www.2021store.today/.
  • The website was created on the date 12th January 2021
  • The website email address is service@mforworld.com or service@2021store.today
  • The website’s address is Meledo Company limited, 31 Southampton Row, Greater London, United Kingdom WC1B SHJ.
  • The payment methods available on the websites are Visa Card, PayPal, MasterCard, JCB Card, and American Express 
  • The company number is +44 2035 75 1390 
  • The shipping time worldwide is 7 to 14 business days 
  • The return policy is open for 14 working days only for the products where some quality issues are there. 
  • The shipping fee for Standard shipping for orders from 0 to 35 dollar is 9.9 dollar, and above $35 it’s free as per 2021store.today Reviews.
  • Express shipping for orders up to $35, 12.8 is the shipping charge, and above dollar 35, its free shipping. 
  • Refunds will be made post the quality checks in the returns. 

Pros of the website 

  • The website has the aim to provide low cost and high-quality products to buyers.
  • They have already ensured that exclusive deals and special offers will be made available.
  • Very low shipping charges for orders and above $35 no shipping charge.
  • The website has the vision to provide always hot and new products.

Cons of the website

  • The website age is very new.
  • The address provided by the website is mention for many fake approximately 14 websites.
  • The website provides limited products that too not off very interest.

Is 2021store.today Legit?

To check the legitimacy we have searched for various factors where we have found that the website is a recent launch.

The website has social media icons, but these links are not connected to any social pages. The website’s address is fake; the same has been re-used on 14 other fake websites.

The website’s trust index is very shallow, and it has a newsletter section upon subscribing one can get 10% off on first purchase, but again this hasn’t lure customers, so the traffic is meager, along with no customer reviews, by seeing all the factors, we can say that the website is a suspicious one.

Customer reviews for 2021store.today Reviews

Customer reviews are critical for any website to prove its legitimacy. There is no section available on the website which shows the customer review.

There is an option to write the reviews under the individual products, but we haven’t found any reviews under products.

Searching upon reliable sources, there are no customer reviews found for the website, but we have found that few people have tried to buy, and they are also waiting to know about its legitimacy.


To conclude the website review, we would say that the factors mentioned above, like the website’s short age, fake address, no customer 2021store.today Reviews, and many other factors, make this website a suspicious one.

We would not advise our readers to go ahead and purchase from this web site as you might get trapped in some scam.

Have you ever tried to buy from this website? If yes, kindly comment your experience in the section below.

7 thoughts on “2021store.today Reviews {Feb 2021} Is It Legit Or Scam?

  1. I purchased a portable work station from them on January 23, 2021. They advertised on FB. I don’t usually respond advertisements on Facebook, but I was interested in the workstation. The company claims that it shipped on January 26 and to allow up to 20 days to receive product if ordered overseas. To date, (February 20, 2021), I have not received the order.

    I think Facebook should be responsible for the advertisements that they post and make sure companies are legitimate on their site. There’s no way to contact Facebook to let them know that this may be a scam.

    I did contact this alleged company through their customer service email and have not heard anything yet.

    1. I ordered what was most likely the same really cool workstation on January 26 off of Twitter. Package arrived today (March 9); it was a cheap AF wrist watch! Oh well, lesson learned.

      I do have to say that customer service has responded to each of my emails; however, I haven’t contacted them as of yet today. We’ll see.

  2. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SCAM ALERT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<2021store<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    This is a scam/fraudulent site/company that is connected to organized crime. The scam works like this;
    1st they create virtual addresses, one in the USA to show they ship from there and one in the UK to show that they have a office/business there. They actually ship from China.
    Second they secure pay sites to collect their fraudulently obtained money.
    Third they use Facebook to advertise which makes Facebook complicit with organized crime. Facebook claims to have a super duper Anti-fraud Software to prevent this. It's just a smoke screen that Facebook uses along with other loop holes to help prevent people realizing that Facebook is part of organized crime. Organized Crime is used for a lot of things including Child Pornography/prostitution etc..
    Fourth they secure shipping software to generate shipping labels.
    Once an order is received they wait until the purchaser makes an inquiry to find out what happened to their purchase.
    That's when they ship a couple of toothbrushes (in most cases). This delay works in their favor and allows them to collect funds fraudulently collected.
    Now reporting this fraud to Facebook is convoluted, complicated and not effective because even after Facebook has been advised they do nothing to prevent Organized Crime from using Facebook to advertise a scam that is fraudulent.
    What's important to note here is that FACEBOOK is complicit in supporting ORGANIZED CRIME. Organized crime in involved in many activities including CHILD PORNOGRAPHY/PROSTUTION/ABDUCTION.
    Everyone using Facebook should be aware of Facebooks nefarious way of doing business with organized crime.
    You are allowed to copy and paste this on your Facebook profile.

  3. Similar story here . Ordered Jan 31st . Tracked shipment and on March 1st a worthless toothbrush arrived. Wrote to customer service and they apologized and said to return the toothbrush ( worth less than 1$ ) to China and they would refund the purchase and the postage!!! Pretty sure it is some kind of scam. I have reported them to Visa and have been refunded by Visa.

    1. Same story here! They want me to return the toothbrush all the way back to China if I want to get my money back… scam!!!

  4. I have purchased a workstation for my laptop in 01/23/21 and didn’t receive anything. It was advertised on Facebook. Facebook should be responsible for letting scammers onto their website and advise as legitimate business owners!!

  5. Same story, I ordered the portable workstation from a Facebook ad that my husband saw. The web site looked legit, it appeared as an American company shipping from USA. After 3 weeks, I emailed asking where it was, they said it should be here soon and a couple weeks later I received a cheap wristwatch. I emailed them again and they blamed it on the shipper, the shipper sent me the wrong item? Hmmm. And they want me to mail it back to China at my expense, or I can gift it to someone I know and they’ll refund me 40%. I went to their website, and guess what? It’s gone! I just filed a dispute with PayPal, and apparently they send the complaint to the seller and I have to try to work it out with them before PayPal will give a refund. Good grief!

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