Parameter Error Genshin Impact {Jan} Why Login Fails?

Parameter Error Genshin Impact 2021

Parameter Error Genshin Impact {Jan} Why Login Fails? -> Want to fix login issues of the Genshin Impact game, then look over here!

Parameter Error Genshin Impact are making it difficult for the users of the United States and other countries to login into their account. The Genshin Impact had opted to remove the anti-cheat software from the game, and due to this, players are unable to get into their account. Many of the users had tried another to fix this error but were not successful in doing so.

Today our article will give you brief knowledge about the Genshin Impact, what this game is about, and other relevant details. Gather all the information reading this article to have a clear picture and solution for this error.

What Is Parameter Error Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact game is a character play game launched by mihoyo and was published on twenty-eight September 2020. The founder of this Genshin game implemented anti-cheat software, and due to this reason, players are finding it difficult to log in to their respective accounts. It blocks the players to access their data from unknown devices. This came to be known by the players of the United States too.

This has been experienced by many gamers who cannot access the data from any other server. Players said that whenever they try to login into their respective Genshin game accounts, the server fails to address login forgot.

So the execution of anti-cheat software had led to the Parameter Error Genshin Impact!

Can This Error Be Fixed?

There is no official statement made by the Genshin Impact game developers about the errors neither had shared its solution. Still, a few of the users were successful in fixing this error through the following steps:

  • You need to restart the game application
  • Try to restart your device too.
  • Connect email account once again.
  • Try login again into your account and see whether the problem gets fixed or not.

We do not guarantee that you can fix it following these but try once at least to get the results. A few of the players were able to restore Parameter Error Genshin Impactby following this step, so we shared it in our article as you might fix it. But if these steps and solutions don’t work, you need to wait until there is an official announcement by the game developers.

Further, try another method of fixing the login problem by rechecking the password and username present on the login page. But this, not the guaranteed method!


The Genshin Impact game has recently been launched on twenty-eight September 2020. Now the users are finding it challenging to get into their respective accounts of the Genshin game. The developer attempts to execute the anti-cheat software responsible for Parameter Error Genshin Impact.

So this article covers up the problem faced by the users of Genshin Impact, which makes attempts to log in to the game, but they are unsuccessful. The solution for fixing this has is not guaranteed as the developer has not made any official announcement.

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