17 Engaging Video Content Types that People Love to Watch

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17 Engaging Video Content: More than 80% of marketers say that video marketing has helped them grow website viewers. Undoubtedly, video content is more engaging than other content types. 

A marketer has many opportunities to offer to the audience with the help of video content. Different people are attracted to different types of video content types. Hence, we must understand these different kinds to utilize this marketing strategy in the best possible manner.

What are the Top 17 Engaging Video Content Types?

The top 17 highly engaging video content types that the audience loves to watch are:

  1. Vlogs.
  2. Brand Films.
  3. Tutorials.
  4. Social Media Shorts.
  5. Animated Videos.
  6. Product Tours.
  7. Giveaways.
  8. Live Talks.
  9. Webinars.
  10. Company Culture Videos.
  11. Interview Videos.
  12. Announcement Videos.
  13. Behind-the-Scenes.
  14. Case Studies.
  15. Virtual Reality Videos.
  16. Educational Videos.
  17. Personalized Videos.


A video blog, often known as a vlog, is recorded by a person in front of the camera. Creators create vlogs to show personal experiences to their followers. Vlog is popular among influencers rather than brands. 

Today, brands use vlogs to take the audience on an office tour. Vlogs are attractive and straightforward to the eyes. An online video editor can help give the vlog a classy look.

Brand Films

These videos give the audience an insight into the company’s visions and goals. 

Businesses create brand films professionally so that they can establish a connection between the audience and them. Storytelling via a brand film has an impact like no other video type has.


How-to videos or tutorials are standard on all social media platforms these days. Short how-to videos are highly engaging. 

Today, the internet is the answer to any query, and video tutorials solve the users’ doubts within minutes. These explainer videos are great for driving people. Teenagers find it exciting to learn hacks from these video tutorials.

Social Media Shorts

Entertaining videos are the most-watched videos across all social media platforms. The famous app TikTok took the internet by storm with its short, entertaining videos. Instagram’s Reels feature is popular among the younger demographic.

YouTube has a feature, called YouTube shorts, for recording videos of about 15 seconds. One can use social media shorts to create highly engaging videos that connect with a broader audience. With an online video editor, one can also make super cool social media shorts.

Animated Videos

Animated videos can achieve visual and emotional stimulation. One can use creative animated videos to increase brand awareness. Brands with specific demographics can create quirky videos using an online video editor to attract potential customers.

Product Tours

The most effective videos for product reviewing are product videos. Businesses use product tours to feed the audience with exclusive pictures and details of their products. 

Product tours are compelling if created carefully, focussing on every little detail of the products. One can use an online video editor to give a polished look to product tours.


Contests or giveaways excite the yonder demographic more. Hosting giveaways make followers actively participate. Contests drive in new users too.

At times, businesses can host giveaways to make people feel happy and stay connected. Giveaways help build relationships with customers.

Live Talks

Everyone loves listening to people with unique viewpoints on diverse issues. Brands can collaborate with impressive speakers to increase brand awareness. The audience can be impressed by great speakers and famous personalities.


A webinar brings people closer virtually and engages them in interactive sessions. Webinars allow screen sharing and are a perfect choice if one has a small budget.

Businesses can gain customer loyalty by hosting interactive sessions like webinars where customers have the freedom to put up an opinion, ask queries, etc.

Company Culture Videos

Connecting with the customers on an emotional level is crucial for growing a business. Organizations can use sweet company culture videos to highlight their office culture. 

Company culture videos include employee’s life at work, birthdays, fun activities, bloopers, etc. An excellent online video editor will help edit the video to make it look perfect.

Interview Videos

Conducting interview sessions with top influencers or celebrities drives viewers. People love to watch and hear from their favorite influencers on screen. A company can use interview videos to share brand values by aligning with a renowned personality.

Announcement Videos

Firms usually use these videos to launch a new product or talk about an upcoming event. Announcement videos help build excitement amongst the crowd. Music and special effects can be added to these videos using an online video editor to grab the audience’s attention. 


People love watching behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos. Brands should create behind-the-scenes videos and incorporate brand stories to attract customers. Retail online stores should include these videos in their marketing strategies.

Case Studies

Case studies include videos showing workout sessions of celebrities, training of sportspersons, etc. Companies that offer training can use case studies to highlight sessions of famous personalities. One can also use case studies to provide viewers with tips. 

Virtual Reality Videos

A video showing a 360-degree look of a place is super cool. People love sneaking into the 3-D virtual world. Brands can take the audience on an adventurous journey with VR videos. One can also use virtual reality or VR videos for educational purposes too. 

Educational Videos 

One can make learning more fun and exciting by creating educational videos. They can use special tools and visuals that come with an online video editor to teach a topic quickly and simply.

With the advancement of technology, many people use smartphones to view educational videos to learn quickly. Educational videos offer value to the viewers.

Personalized Videos

Today, brands can give a personal touch with personalized videos. Top brands add a personal touch to their products to influence people. Businesses can convert potential leads into buyers using personalized videos.


Video content must be a part of the online marketing strategy. One should choose a video content type depending upon the goals and target audience. Good video content aligns with the brand tone and impacts the audience.

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