Zyshome com Reviews [July] Is this Site Trustworthy?

Zyshome com Reviews 2020

Zyshome com Reviews [July] Is this Site Trustworthy? -> The article gives you an idea of the website is trustworthy or not.

Looking for an online store to buy Vitamix, Breville, or power tools for your furniture? Zyshome is a one-stop-shop for online buyers who are interested in shopping online and expecting fast delivery of similar products.

Zyshome is offering a wide variety of heavy kitchen & outdoor cooking appliances. With the team of efficient and skilled labour, the online store ensures to process fast delivery. On the other hand, its amiable customer support staff work round the clock to provide prompt and impeccable customer service.

Zyshome com Reviews notifies that the e-commerce store is operational in the United States benefitting its customers to place an online order for heavy kitchen appliances and similar products and enjoy product delivery in 3 days.

The site offers a broad range of products in all categories such as Vitamix, Breville, Power Tools, and Home Garden Usables. Before going into a deep dive investigation of the website such as specifications, pros & cons of buying from the store, social media presence, and customer feedback, let us understand if the site is legit.

What is Zyshome?

Zyshome, an eCommerce store, is selling Outdoor Cooking Appliances, Kitchen Appliance Delights, High-Performance Blenders & Power tools at competitive prices. 

They offer 3 modes of order transfer: roadways, airways, and waterways. The delivery of shipment takes up to 3 days (normally) and 5 days (in case of an error in the shipping process).

Its customer service team promises to provide email support to its customers on support@zyshome.com. The customer can expect a response within 6 hours of the query raised.

Is Zyshome com legit?

The internet has become a breeding ground for scammers and fraudsters who are constantly evolving their techniques to trick the customers. Therefore, we took the responsibility to validate the genuineness of the website. 

Zyshome com is a recently registered website with the domain age of just 9 days. The online store not only promises to deliver the shipment within 5 days but also provides an efficient provision of order tracking on its platform. 

We advise our audience to read out this article before collaborating with this e-commerce store.

Specifications of Zyshome:

  • Product: Power Tools, High-Performance Blenders, Outdoor Cooking Appliances, and Kitchen Appliance Delights
  • Website: https://zyshome.com/
  • Email: support@zyshome.com
  • Parent Company:  Zyshome
  • Address: Not Mentioned
  • Contact number: Not Mentioned
  • Delivery time: Upto 5 Days
  • Shipping fee: On Orders Above $39
  • Exchange: Within 21 days of receiving the order  
  • Returns: Accept within 7 days of receiving the order (if approved)
  • Refunds: Accept within 21 days of receiving the order
  • Mode of Payment- Secure Online Payment Gateways

Pros of buying from Zyshome:

  • The faulty product can be replaced within 21 days of receiving
  • Order Tracking available at https://zyshome.com/track-your-order/
  • Fast & Efficient Product Delivery within 5 days
  • Email Customer Support
  • Easy Return, Exchange and Refund Policy
  • Accept Online Payments Through Payment Gateways

Cons of buying from Zyshome:

  • The “About Us” Page Not Found
  • Missing Customer Support Helpline Number
  • The customer has to pay the restocking fee in case of Order Return
  • Domain Age: 9 days Old
  • Zero Social Media Presence
  • Tracking Code Generates Within 24 to 48 hours Post Purchase
  • Company’s information Not Found

Customer feedback on Zyshome:

There are only 2 customer queries/reviews found on the contact us page, out of which a buyer is checking for his shipment status, which leads to suspicion about the website’s authenticity. 

Spelling and grammar mistakes add to the indication of a dubious website. On the other hand, the website is SSL certified, which means it is not likely to be a fake site. The online store is offering goods without its place of operation and customer helpline number. 

Due to the lack of Social Media presence, the site fails to gain the customer’s trust and build brand loyalty.

Final Verdict:

Lack of content, spelling errors, and missing the “About Us” Page, the website fails to validate itself as a valid site.

Unlike reputable and legitimate sites, there are no ways to get in touch with Zyshome’s customer service team except email support which could be a reflection of a fake website.  

Post the conducting a thorough investigation about its customer review and social media presence, and we conclude that the website might not be legitimate. Therefore, we would suggest our audience not to place an order on this website as it may scam you.

0 thoughts on “Zyshome com Reviews [July] Is this Site Trustworthy?

  1. Have not received my 2 orders tracking shows delivered the day before I purchased. Left 3 emails and still no response

  2. comment is awaiting moderation.
    The website is FAKE. I placed an order and the confirmation name was Tran Van Trung. I believe that is Vietnamese. When I placed order and funds where taken I received a tracking number. When I looked it up it said order was delivered 2 days before I had even placed the order. The website is %100 FAKE. Don’t buy from them. Also everything like the invoice comes from a fake yahoo account.

  3. Tracking info they provide on your package says item was shipped before it was even ordered.
    When I email the company they do not respond.
    I’m thinking this is a fraudulent company.
    Spent 156.84

  4. I placed an order, all seemed fine. Then I placed a 2nd order before the 1st one arrived. 1st order was scheduled to arrive 4 days ago, we have received nothing. I opened an investigation with UPS regarding the tracking information. I emailed the company and advised of this information, they have cancelled my 2nd order and refunded my money. I am waiting on a reply regarding the 1st order.

  5. This site is a huge rip off. I got all the proper verification but they sent my package to some other address and would not reply. Thank goodness for PayPal, they got involved and we immediately got a refund. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE!

  6. I too placed an order with Zyshome.com (seller: Le Phan Minh Hien) for a Dewalt table saw and was provided tracking information for a package which had been ordered and delivered prior to me placing my order. I have contacted PayPal and my credit card customer service regarding the validity of this company.

  7. The tracking number says it was delivered to my home, but I never got it. The seller refunded my money a few days ago. Then today I had $2100 charged to my debit card by some mystery person. I didn’t want to think it was because of Zyshome but reading the comments here I am starting to wonder.

  8. same a tracking number shipped two days prior i ordered. It’s a scam. Please don’t order from this site.

  9. Paid through PayPal, ups tracking provided for PayPal. Few days later (3) another email sent with different tracking number. When order showed delivered ups was contacted the tracking numbers were for other addresses other companies. Paypal case was opened, ups notified of packages with tracking numbers…all sent to seller through PayPal. Refund was issued.

  10. This is a scam!! Same as everyone else…..item says delivered 2 days before I ordered it. Person will not return any of my emails. My son just lost $132.00 he has been saving to get these Beats that it looks like we were BEAT out of. Such a shame! I hope Paypal makes this right!

  11. I made a purchase for a grill in July 6, we then immediately started to research the company as the price was too good to be true. As detailed here (though I immediately opened a case with PayPal) the “item” delivery info came indicating a shipment sent out 4 days prior to my order date. We were able to dig in to the delivery details to find it was tracking data from a Tshirt company in Texas. They are currently helping us get details about this tracking number ….
    Anyhow, stay tuned. I’ll update.
    Do NOT fall for this like I did!!

    Same as other comments left here…..item says shipped one day before I ordered it. Company will not return any emails. I filed a fraud case with PayPal and they refunded my purchase, after investigating it.

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