Zoom Outage (August) Explore The Reason Behind This.

Zoom Outage

Zoom Outage (August) Explore The Reason Behind This. >> In this article, you will read about the downtime that Zoom, the videoconferencing app, went through.

The unimaginable has happened Worldwide on the 24th of August when the most actively used videoconferencing app Zoom went through an extended downtime! The Zoom Outage was unexpected and puzzled thousands of active users from all strata of society Worldwide.

Twitter went berserk with different kinds of reactions, and it was sometime before the Zoom Outage elicited a response from the app company.

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What is Zoom?

Zoom is a Chinese Videoconferencing app that gained immense popularity during the lockdown period worldwide. The features include 40 minutes of free video calling, audio calling, screen sharing, video making, screen recording, and several others, to name a few. It is readily available and was downloaded in millions Worldwide post the Covid lockdown.

The Zoom app is known for its excellent features and smooth functioning. Thus, the Zoom Outage that took place on the 24th of August was pretty much one of a kind. 

We have brought you more on the Worldwide Zoom Outage news in this article. Stay with us for more on this topic.

What happened?

Yesterday on the 24th of August, around 5:30 PM IST, the massive Videoconferencing website Zoom crashed. The Zoom Outage was so severe that within a moment, thousands , engaged in conferences went blank. Schools with classes scheduled couldn’t operate. All pre-scheduled interviews and meetings came to a standstill.

Who were all Affected?

As the pandemic in the last six months had made Zoom, the new normal, the Zoom Outage hit people Worldwide. People suddenly couldn’t log into their paid Premium Zoom accounts and flooded the customer care with calls and complaints. 

The schools and colleges hit a snag suddenly, and the online classes stopped connecting. Online webinars now a new normal, being hosted on this platform also went dark, leaving participants confused.

Offices Worldwide suddenly were faced with the reality of the lockdown situation and went on panic mode. There were posts on Facebook, mass WhatsApp forwards, and Tweets are enquiring into the Zoom Outage. But the snag hit practically everyone and right around the same time.

What are people saying?

Twitter got flooded with over a thousand tweets in a matter of minutes of the Zoom Outage. The early tweets were that of anguish and confusion, but as time passed, people’s general mood seemed to change.

While a large number tweeted negatively, citing the Videoconferencing App Giant should be more careful with back end maintenance, there was a large party who were beyond happy. Mostly, students and tech workers, they welcome this Zoom Outage with open arms Worldwide

There is an additional pressure that has come about with Zoom videoconferencing, forcing people to attend classes or work beyond regular hours as they are home. The Zoom Outage brought these people relief, and they tweeted happily. 

However, there were tweets from schools citing, how much they missed their students, which was pretty heart-warming to watch!

What is Zoom Saying?

The Company finally responded to the Zoom Outage pretty late, tweeting that they are investigating the matter, and the app would be working soon. They also pointed out that the issue was not Worldwide as several people were continuing fine with their scheduled conferences without any interruption.

Zoom’s claim was also supported by close to a few hundred tweets, who were working smoothly despite the Zoom Outage.

But the damage had already been done. Yesterday’s Zoom Outage caused the videoconferencing giant to lose 2 points in NASDAQ. 

Trolls had a field day with memes and posts all over social media Worldwide.

When did normalcy return? 

Finally, the Worldwide Zoom Outage got restored around 9:45 PM IST. Zoom tweeted to spread the news and also apologized to its users for the inconvenience. 

Zoom has also made a public statement regarding the matter, emphasizing a full-blown investigation on the Zoom Outage to reach the root cause of such a snag!


Zoom is not facing such an outrage for the first time. Earlier this year, privacy concerns were making rounds to the extent that several companies chose to move away from Zoom to other platforms! The Zoom Outage may be another bug attacking data privacy.

Were you one of the people affected by the Worldwide Zoom Outage? If yes, do tell us more about your experiences in the comment below and also tell us if the article was helpful for you.

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