Zolucky Reviews [March 2021] Is Buying From Here Good or Not!

Zolucky Reviews 2020

Zolucky Reviews [March 2021] Is Buying From Here Good or Not! -> In this article, you’ll get to know about the online site dealing with clothing and accessories.

What makes a website legit? The answer reviews. To satisfy you with the information of Zolucky, we bring forward to you the Zolucky Reviews.

Online Market is on hype these days and is also giving employment to many people. But at the same time, it’s becoming a business platform for scammers as well. One such website we’ve come across is Zolucky.com. We’ve gathered all the essential information regarding this website, which will help you get a clearer vision of it.

Zolucky.com is an online website that deals in clothing, offering great discounts on its products. This website operates in the United State. It deals with clothing and accessories.

But it’s hard to figure out whether it can be trusted or not? Is Zolucky Scam?

Thus, we have gone through a number of famous brands available online on Amazon. You can easily compare the features, price, and other details and find out which one is for you-

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This article will help you get your doubts cleared about this website by providing all the essential information you need to know about it. Hence, keep scrolling.

What is Zolucky.com?

Zolucky.com is an online website that deals in clothing, which further includes dresses, tops, bottoms, coats, footwear, home and garden items, etc. Despite being an online fashion store, this website also sells photo-strung lights, stainless steel items, waterproof phones, food items, and so on.

A legit website sticks to its theme and sells only the products it’s designed for, whereas it’s not the same with Zolucky. This website also offers a significant discount on its products. They provide products to their customers at a lesser price compared to the others by compromising its quality.

Specifications of Zolucky.com:

  • Website: ApparelHome, and Garden items, etc.
  • Email: service@zolucky.com
  • Address: Not specified on the website.
  • Contact Number: Not specified on the website.
  • Shipping and Delivery: 13-25 days
  • Shipping Cost: Based on Package weight and destination.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards
  • Return: Within 15 Days
  • Exchange: Not available
  • Refund: Issued within a week to the original payment method
  • Cancellation: Within 24 hours of purchase

Is Zolucky worth the money?

If you’re confused about whether to shop from this website or not, then here’s the answer to your question. Firstly, to start with, the company’s address and contact us details are not provided by the website, which somehow reflects as if the company’s trying to hide the information.

Secondly, the website has mentioned their parent’s company name and address as BTREE limited. Many sites are operating under BTREE, which seems to be problematic and is not recommended for shopping. Customers are also not satisfied with these websites as their products aren’t up to the mark. They deliver low quality and different products as displayed on the site.

Zolucky’s Return and Exchange policies are also not up to the mark. Extra cancellation fee is charged to return the order, making it difficult to get the full payment back from them.

The company is offering a significant discount on its products, thus providing the products at low prices.

On the same note, a legit company would never do so to attract buyers.

And lastly, the website also insists on sharing personal and financial data. There might be a possibility that they may save the data for different types of scams.

The above information might’ve cleared your doubts and helped you get the answer you were looking for. 

Pros of buying
  • Zolucky.com uses an HTTPS secure connection.
  • Zolucky.com has a trendy and professional design.
  • Zolucky.com has a Newsletter subscription facility for special offers, product launches, and company news.
  • Any search engines do not blacklist Zolucky.com.
  • Zolucky.com is not listed as suspicious site.
  • There are many different products on
  • Zolucky.com
  • Zolucky.com has multiple modes of payment
  • No suspicious word is founded in the domain name of Zolucky.com.
  • Zolucky.com’s domain name of has a commonly used TLD.
  • The size chart of products are available on Zolucky.com.
  • The dresses available on Zolucky.com are in multiple colours and sizes.
Cons of buying
  • Most of the reviews about Zolucky.com are negative.
  • Zolucky.com has a short life expectancy domain.
  • There is no activity on the Facebook page of Zolucky.com after 3rd June.
  • The text written in many sections of Zolucky.com is 100% plagiarized.
  • Zolucky.com has an abysmal trust score of 8% only.
  • Many images on Zolucky.com are cropped, and some of them copied and pasted.

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  • The package dimensions are 12.1 x 7.2 x 4.6 inches;
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  • These are made for Women.
  • The manufacturer is New Balance.
  • It has 50% of Textile and 50% Synthetic. 
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  • There is an all-terrain outsole.
  • It is synthetic/mesh up.

Pros of buying nitrel v3 running shoe
  • Its midsole provides premium responsiveness and durability.
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  • 4.3-star ratings on Amazon.
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  • Its rank is #69 in Women’s Road Running Shoes.
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Cons of buying nitrel v3 running shoe
  • These shoes are not waterproof.

2) AWULIFFAN Women’s Summer Sleeveless Tunic Tops Shirts: These are the best summer sleeveless tunic tops shirts.


  • Twenty-seven different colours are available.
  • US SIZE: Small=(US 4-6),Medium=(US 8-10),Large=(US 12-14),X-Large=(US 16-18),XX-Large=(US 20-22).
  • It is made for women.
  • It is 95% rayon and 5% Spandex.
  • It is hand Washable.
  • The price is fair.
  •  The fabric is very soft and stretchy.

Pros of buying sleeveless tunic top shirts
  • You can wear this top in the office, home, beach, the club, etc.
  • It has a slimming cut & trendy look.
  • Save an extra 5% coupon is available.
  • The top is soft, comfortable and flattering.
  • It has received 4.5-star ratings on Amazon.
  • Many happy US customers are there.
  • The top can be returned within 30 days of receipt.
  • It’s rank is #1,673 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  • Its rank is #47 in Women’s Tunics
  • Its rank is #871 in Women’s Shops
  • Its rank is #39 in Women’s Tanks & Camis.
Cons of buying sleeveless tunic top shirts
  • The product is not delivered worldwide.

 The Riviera Tot: It is trendy among women.


  • The dimensions are 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches; 15.7 Ounces
  • It is made for Women.
  • The manufacturer is The Sak.
  • It is made of polypropylene.
  • It is Zipper closure.
  • It has two carrying handles.
  •  There is a zip pocket at the front, one zip and two slip pockets. 
  • It is imported.
  • The Measurements are Bottom Width: 11 in, Depth: 4 in, Height: 12 in, Depth: 4 in, Strap Length: 23 in, Strap Drop: 11 in, Weight: 15.2 oz.
  • The  Lining is 100% Polyester.
  • It has a  12″ shoulder drop.
  • Its Pockets: 1 exterior, 2 interior slip, 1 interior zip,  1 exterior

Pros of buying Riviera Tote
  • It’s rank is #92,432 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry.
  • Its rank is #41502 in Women’s Shops
  • Its position is #308 in Women’s Tote Handbags
  • It has received 4.5- star ratings on Amazon.
  • It is lightweight, thick, and comfortable.
  • It can be returned within 30 days of receipt.
Cons of buying Riviera Tote
  • The straps are stretched.

So, what are you thinking? Which one did you like the most? Go to your favourite brand now.

Customer Reviews on Zolucky:

The customer reviews are not available for every product. The available reviews are positive. But the responses which we have compiled from other sites are contradictory to those available on the site.

According to them, the customers seem not to be very satisfied with the quality of the products delivered to them. They’ve added that products displayed and offered are different and are also not as per their expectations.

Final Verdict:

We’ve studied the website well and also gone through customer reviews. According to the views on another platform apart from site points towards a single direction that site is a scam and they have been cheated. Also, the site does not have preliminary information.  

 Apart from that, the domain-related issues we have discussed above should be taken seriously.

Thus, we suggest you stay away from it and choose from a better option we have discussed

If you get to know anything about the site and if you found the article helpful, then comment below.

45 thoughts on “Zolucky Reviews [March 2021] Is Buying From Here Good or Not!

  1. NEVER use a website that isn’t SSL certified. That means your credit card info isn’t protected.

      I wish MORE Info like this COULD be available on various sites that SCAM people out of their hardworking money! It’s so sad that people STILL fall for sites like these! From experience buying and saling clothes; If IT seems TOO good to be TRUE; RUN from it immediately!

      But once again; thank you for keeping the ONES, who want to take time out and read and do research on these phony FOLKS before they make a purchase! God bless and please KEEP up the good work!

    2. Thanks very much I was thinking about ordering from this website but based on your information and I find it to be extremely helpful I will not waste my money on a scam

      1. Awful business, stay clear. I ordered my wife 4 pairs of socks with seams on the bottom, they are unusable, and a blouse arrived with an ink stain right in the middle of the shirt. When I advised zolucky, they offered 15% off and showed me their policy to return to China

    3. A tricky business method.
      In the case of a complaint, you wait for the information with the return address so long that the deadline has expired.
      The quality of the goods (fabric and cut) is really bad.

  2. I am so very sorry I didn’t read your service response sooner. I placed an order on June 4, and then received a letter saying that the order had been shipped, well that was over three weeks ago, and I am still waiting. I contacted them and they said their shipments were delayed, but it could be expected within 20 to 25 days only becuase of the virus. The only thing that company has shipped was my payment to their bank account. This is theft. Do they even have a phone number….. They are all probably laughing through their day thinking of how many “st;upid” people actually believed they are a legitimate business.

    1. Awful business, stay clear. I ordered my wife 4 pairs of socks with seams on the bottom, they are unusable, and a blouse arrived with an ink stain right in the middle of the shirt. When I advised zolucky, they offered 15% off and showed me their policy to return to China at my expense. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SCAM COMPANY OR YOULL REGRET IT LIKE ME.

  3. Do NOT order from this website…it is a scam! I ordered several items in mid-May. By mid-June they had not arrived. It showed a USPS tracking number for the order but when I tried to track it nothing would come up. I went to my post office to see if they could track it….they said that the USPS tracking number didn’t exist. I tried on several occasions to reach Zolucky by phone …no luck. I emailed them several times and got an automatic reply that they would contact me within 48 hours ….NEVER heard from them. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!

    1. fully agreed. it is a scam, althoughh I recived the items. None are useable! so bad in quality.
      Do NOT ever order anything from Zolucky! It is a scam. Products arrived 3 months later and were different from their description and photos, and very very low quality!!! They do not respond to your complaint at all!

    2. Fully agreed. it is a scam, althoughh I recived the items. None are useable! so bad in quality.
      Do NOT ever order anything from Zolucky! It is a scam. Products arrived 3 months later and were different from their description and photos, and very very low quality!!! They do not respond to your complaint at all!

    3. Thanks very much I was thinking about ordering from this website but based on your information and I find it to be extremely helpful I will not waste my money on a scam

    4. Awful business, stay clear. I ordered my wife 4 pairs of socks with seams on the bottom, they are unusable, and a blouse arrived with an ink stain right in the middle of the shirt. When I advised zolucky, they offered 15% off and showed me their policy to return to China

  4. Do NOT ever order anything from Zolucky! It is a scam. Products arrived 3 months later and were different from their description and photos, and very very low quality!!! They do not respond to your complaint at all!

  5. I absolutely agree no one should order from Zolucky. . I’ve waited 53 days for my order which has been sitting in LA for many weeks. I live 40 miles from LA., BTW. No refunds, no cancellations, AND the merchandise never arrives.

  6. Scam site. My order placed two months go, and has not arrived. They refuse to cancel it. This is theft.

  7. After finally receiving my order nothing was right, either too small or too big. Contacted customer service and was advised to settle for 15% of my total order price as a refund rather then try to ship it back. Why you ask, well customer service told me I’d have to pay postage and most likely a customs fee. So I settled for the 15% which gave me clothes that I can’t use and $8.73 refund.
    I wish I had read reviews before I ordered.

  8. Horrible site total scammers from China. I couldn’t find anywhere on their site that said China. I ordered a dress for my grand daughter. It finally came after getting notices saying it was shipped over and over but no shipping confirmation from usps. It finally came a few days ago and it is horrible. Material not what it was supposed to be. Design not the same. Now they want me to pay for shipping back to China which would cost more than the price of the dress. I already paid about 12.00 in shipping. I usually don’t fall for these scams. And yes they are scammers and theifs

    1. Pam,
      The exact thing happened to me. The dress that I ordered was so cheaply made. Came from China. I also wish I read reviews before ordering.

  9. order #HBIE00014227.kuuipo313 @yahoo.com.On 8/13 icontacted you to track my package. I received a response saying it was in airport in Los angeles. Im contact. This is the second time i’ve tried to get ahold of you.. Los Angeles is only 2 hours from my house I should have received it by now.I am beginning to wonder whether or not youre an legit business. Ill wait for another few weeks before i contact Better Business Bureau and the proper authority. Please send me my package or refund me my money back of 60.18 US DOLLARS. My name is Sandie Humphrey. email kuuipo313@yahoo.com. Thank you.

    1. Sandie, have you received your order or refund? I ask because I am in a similar situation – no product, no refund…

  10. I got half my order, which was not at all what I expected. Clearly I should have done more checking before buying anything from them, so I will give it until Monday for the rest of the order to get here, and then do a return on items I got and cancel the rest…. with my bank, not through their website. The quality of the products I did get is so far below acceptable, I wouldn’t even give them to my ex daughter in law.

  11. I have the same complaints about another website that I ordered from in June. I emailed them about two weeks after I ordered, asking for a delivery date. “Doris” responded with a, “legit sounding excuse, due to Covid slowdowns “. I responded with a “thank you for your quick response.” After another month, I wrote,”Doris” asking for a possible delivery date. The response was “We have put you on priority shipping.” After another 2 weeks, I emailed Doris for a date! Email was undeliverable. I received a badly missed sized dress about 2 weeks later. That was one of 4 dresses I ordered for $109. First time ever I have been scammed, but LESSON LEARNED!!!

  12. Was ready to order for my wife for a surprise …lucky I read reviews.
    Main concern; no business phone!!!!
    Modern tech!? don’t get it??
    need real human interaction.
    It’s too bad, ready to send 100.00 min.
    Must Have -operative- personalities ( real heartbeat)
    Human to correspondence.
    TOO BAD ?
    No number too call??? Really?
    Really like like the item I was hoping to surprise her with.

  13. Hi just got my order and need to return acouple of items please forward the correct return address, unless the address on the package is correct. I look dforward to hearing from you in a timely manner as I want to fit within your return criteria. thanks so much in advance.

    kind regards,
    Daun VanSickle

  14. Ordered items from ZoLucky and received them in a timely manner. However, most of the items were so cheap, I can’t wear them! What looks like a knitted shirt or jacket is actually a photograph printed on the material. The worse problem is that the photograph is so pixelated that you can’t even see the design. I wrote them a scathing email and they said they could either refund me 5% of the purchase price or I could send it all the way to China where it would be thoroughly scanned and I might still not get a refund. The price to mail the package to the location was going to be twice the purchase price. They relented and said they would refund me 25%. Big deal!

    I will never buy from them again and I advise you not to as well! Wasted money.

  15. I wish these reviews were more available to see online. I had similar experiences. Received damaged, poorly constructed items. When I wanted to return them, only then did I find out that I would need to ship them back to China at my expense. This would be more than the items cost. Do not order from Zolucky. You will be wasting your money.

  16. like the look of many items But no way to contact them about questions other than email NO person phone number
    Nervous buying spending hard to come by funds What if does not fit Returning difficult and expensive WHERE are they located SCAM China

  17. Zolucky, you should really take care of these complaints! I was interested in some of the patterns I saw, til I saw them. Another reason I won’t do business online. Too bad!!

  18. Buyer beware. Zolucky is a total scam. You won’t get what is pictured, just cheap rip offs. And there’s no way to return anything. Unfortunately we were fooled and wasted our money. We should have checked the online reviews first which are universally negative. Make sure you order from a reputable company. Once Zolucky fails due to bad reviews, there will be others from China popping up to take it’s place.

  19. This site is a total scam! I wish that I had done some research before ordering. The order took a really long time to arrive. I only got part of the order, nothing looked like the pictures, the sizing was completely off, and everything was such poor quality that I would never wear it. Their returns policy is designed so that they never return any money. Returns have to be made in days, and you have to pay to ship their garbage clothes back to China. Never buy from them!

  20. Add me to the list . . . Zolucky is terrible. Quality of product is too sad for words. Returns are impractical (must pay return shipping to CHINA.) Poor customer service. Oh, and did I mention to poor product quality. Yeah, REALLY poor.

  21. I don’t know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else
    experiencing issues with your blog. It appears like some of the written text within your posts
    are running off the screen. Can someone else please comment and let me know if this is
    happening to them too? This might be a problem with my web browser because I’ve had this
    happen before. Thank you

    Feel free to visit my web page :: reallesbiantube

  22. Why is it that in the United States we are subjected to such trash , fake companies like this. It is so easy to have laws that can prevent such scams and irrsponsible foolishness. most people work hard for their money and ofcourse we are looking for great deals and the best bargains we can find. Shame on you and your family and future generations for the curse your put on them for your greed and selfishness. When you throw it up……it will come down….

  23. I join everyone in urging you not to be fooled by this website as I have been. Their merchandise–should it ever arrive–is nothing like the picture you see. I received a fair isle printed tee shirt instead of the chunky knit sweater that I ordered. They substitute very flimsy and cheap fabrics for whatever they promise or depict on the web. Not only that, but the sizes of Zolucky merchandise are completely illogical. I ordered a “medium” dress but received a much, much cheaper version of the dress in a size 28. The customer service is nonexistent, and I am still waiting to receive a refund (or merchandise) that I ordered five months ago. I will continue to try to obtain a refund for items that after five months are probably not ever going to arrive. Please just remember that Zolucky is an awful scam. Do not waste your money.

  24. Love the clothes, the colors, etc..Styles that you just don’t find anywhere else.
    This company is a complete scam. Christine Shu writes back all the time. so pleasant,she is just as big of a scam as the actual company.
    Joanne Bourque

  25. Absolutely!! Every word of these reviews absolutely true!! Deceive and mislead, the total purpose of the company is to scam and rip you off.
    Oh and has it been mentioned… they coat the products in toxic chemicals – I assume to make the trip in the bottom of rat infested boats – so when
    your package finally arrives, the stench about knocks you over….horrible!!

  26. I too should have read the reviews for Zolucky. The receipt on my account states ChicV UK Limited Rayleigh GB. I ordered 6 tops and have not received as of yet. I am really scared to find what I will get or if I get anything at all. The review I did read stated that the company is in USA and it would be handled in California.
    I am really sorry that a company can get away with stealing people’s money and nothing can be done.

  27. Do not buy from Zolucky! I placed a large order on Oct 2,2020 which included several items and never received it. After many emails, Zolucky continues to deny responsibility and refuses to replace my order or refund my money. All I get from them is ‘give us a little more time please’. I write this review on Jan 20,2021. Save yourself the headaches of dealing with an international company that takes your money and refuses any responsibility

  28. Terrible experience with Zolucky. Shoes came crushed in shipment and they would not refund unless I paid to return them to China. All the shirt fabrics were sort of blurry print as if made from a picture of an original. Fabrics are awful. Socks had a bulky seam down the back and through the heel and foot- bizarre. Would cost way too much to ship back to China. I tried to recoup through Paypal without luck. Wish I had researched the company before ordering!

  29. I don’t know how many times I have to get scammed by these chinese companies that take my money and send me cheap, terrible quality merchandise that has about as much resemblance to the pictures in their online catalog as a hen resembles a pig! This is a total scam. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! Let’s put these scammers out of business. I received the order, six items in total and I decided to keep one piece. The rest I must return to an address in China, being warned that international shipping is taking a loooooong time and I would be better off to take 15% of my purchase price and keep the clothing. That actually makes me more mad! Let my experience save you some grief. Do some research before ordering anything online. You can be sure I will after this.

  30. Great information! Wish I had read this before ordering …… I will check back with your site on any future unknown sites, prior to ordering.
    DO NOT ORDER! Their product looks very different from what they show on their website. The quality is terrible, the fabric actually used is not “sweatshirt” material it is something very cheep. I have submitted a request for a return twice and no acknowledgement of any kind. I washed one item on delicate that I had decided to keep and it unraveled in the wash, never wore it. I will be donating entire purchase to homeless. My advice do not buy from them, not a good, ethical company.

  31. Thanks for the review. If sites like zolucky copy and past pictures from other sites, is there any way to find out what those sites are, ie. who would be the valid original seller of the clothing pictured? I really like the clothing but don’t want to risk buying from the scammers stealing the photos.

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