Zoeta Store Reviews [Jan] Is it an Online Scam or Not?

Zoeta Store Reviews [Sep] Is it an Online Scam or Not

Zoeta Store Reviews [Jan] Is it an Online Scam or Not? -> Buy number paintings and camping chairs for your next trip at modest prices.

Are you not good at painting or camping? Plenty of options are available online to ease your hobby with perfection. Whether it is camping or painting, you can spend a few bucks and buy quality products. Online Zoeta Store Reviews will help you decide what you can buy and use with your hard-earned money. 

Several departmental and online stores in the United States are coming up with designer and new useful products. You can now paint landscapes, portraits, waterfall, etc. and hang them on your wall. Besides, you can also purchase a utility chair to help you with your fishing and camping site. You have this article to find your queries related to price, website, delivery services, and much more. 

What is Zoeta Store?

Zoeta Store has come into the online world after hiring numerous best illustrators and designers to create useful products. It offers several paintings, utility chairs, and other camping tools. The company has a mission to make a powerful connection by inspiring your mind through new designs and art forms. Besides, the delivery time differs for every product contingent on your living location. 

The website information, delivery service, and products may seem legit to you. However, do you know whether it is a scam or a legit company? You can find your answer in the below segments, such as Zoeta Store Reviews, benefits, specifications, and conclusion:

Specifications of Zoeta Store:

  • Website Type: Camping Tools and Number Paintings
  • Shipping Period: 5-12 days
  • Delivery Period: Depends on your house location
  • Shipping Charge: Not Known
  • Return: Applicable 
  • Refund: Not Applicable
  • Order Cancellation: Within 2 hours grace period after placing an order
  • Company Address: Not Found
  • Phone Number: Not Found
  • Email Address: Payment Method: JCB, Visa, and Master Card

Benefits of Zoeta Store:

  • Designer, crafty, and useful products
  • Acknowledged for bespoke illustrations and artwork
  • Fast delivery within the US
  • Easy and secure online secured payments
  • Hefty discounts on all products 

Cons of Zoeta Store

  • Customer support service is bad
  • The extra cost for shipping and returning the product
  • Product reviews are legitimately missing
  • The product collection is limited
  • Social media existence is null

Is Zoeta Store Legit

The Zoeta website is young; therefore, Google has not located much information on it. To begin with the legitimacy concern, the Zoeta Store Reviews show that all contact points are missing. The owners hide their personal and company details because they may be involved in scamming fields. You can see an email ID through which you can raise queries related to delivery, return, and refund. 

The missing contact points create inconvenience because they cannot quickly raise your queries for anything. Besides, the return policy is absurd because you have to spend extra money for returning the delivered product even after paying high. If your product does not reach the return hub, the company dust off any related responsibility. 

You cannot decide to cancel a product within two hours. Can you decide within a short period? The company allows order cancellation within two hours. After the grace period, you are no longer eligible for cancellation. Besides, the Zoeta Store Reviews are missing on all websites. You cannot locate any comments on the products or services. Overall, we think Zoeta Store is a scam portal. 

Customer Feedback

We did not find any Zoeta Store Reviews on any online portal. The website has done a meticulous job of designing it with all features. However, it missed putting the contact information. According to our research, we find fewer people have bought products, mainly number paintings. They claim that the designs are reasonable; however, the quality and price are compromising. 

Many customers are dissatisfied with the price range. They are suspicious of the quality because the website is lacking essential details. Overall, most users are dubious and hardly shop anything from the site. 

Final Verdict:

When hard-earned money is on stake, you need to make a wise decision while shopping for personal and household stuff. Zoeta Store is a US-based online business that sells painting by numbers, camping tools, and other accessories. The product range can look impressive, but the company is hiding contact information. 

You can buy the products but can never locate customer support to resolve your queries. Moreover, other essentials are detailed in the above sections for you. Our Zoeta Store Reviews concludes that this online store is a scam. Please write your views on the website in the comments!


  1. I order 2 camping chairs 3 months ago and still have not gotten them. there is no e-mail to question them. the similarity is that the business that took my money was also paint by number. but company was called colorfulbest. which does not seem to exist.

    1. I also ordered 2 camp chairs and received an order confirmation and nothing more since that email. I tried sending an email to their listed customer support email requesting to be updated as to shipped details (tracking). No response and still no chairs. I can’t believe I sent my money to this rip off company. I will file a report with the better business bureau in hope that no one else gets taken in by these scammers.

    2. Linda hi I just read your review and I’m sorry that you have been waiting 3 months I ordered the same chairs on the 15th of September and I’ve heard nothing from them I sent them three emails and can’t find any contact phone number for them either. What I just did is I called my bank and disputed the charge and the transaction if you can find your transaction on your bank statement you should call them and tell them that you wanted dispute it also my bank had no problem disputing it and said that they’re going to return my money within 12 hours just a heads up thought you might be able to use the information good luck

    3. I ordered my camping chairs a month ago, got an email confirmation, money has already came out of my account but then nothing. No chairs, no answers to my inquiries, no communication explaining delays.

    4. This is a scam I ordered chairs and never received anything they kept emailing that they were on the way two months later I heard the site was a scam when I questioned them the took the site off then they stop responding to my request for tracking info. I reported them but I wish I could see them get arrested sick people 😠

  2. My Aunt and I order camping recliner chairs, 3 of them to be exact. We have never received our chairs and they have our money. I would advise anyone not to trust this site. We can not find anyone to contact to try and get our money back.

  3. They are a scam, I ordered two chairs. They deleted their website under Zoiya and apparently are operating under Zoeta and still defrauding customers. No chairs and they have my money link to tracking or website does not work. I sent an email and no response.

  4. I ordered 2 camping chairs 2 weeks ago, received an instant order confirmation, but no shipping information. When I emailed their support contact that was listed in their e-mail, I received no response, and again when I replied to the confirmation e-mail, still no response. I would say to anyone, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.

  5. I give 0 stars, as it seems like a scam. Discovered them through a Facebook ad for their reclining camp chairs. On 9/15/20 I ordered 2, and my credit card has been charged $39.98 for them. However, I have yet to receive an email confirmation for my order or shipping status. On 9/24/20, I submitted an inquiry through their website, but received no response. On 9/29/20, I sent an email to, which is listed on their website, but of course, have received no response. I will have to contact my credit card company to get my money back from this bogus business.

  6. I ordered 2 chairs back in August and still no chairs, and after several emails asking about my purchase, still no response. I am not happy about this company, if it really exists and will reach out to my credit card company and to the Better Business Bureau.

  7. I ordered two camping foldable chairs 3weeks ago and haven’t received them,I’ve sent multiple emails but not from them,

  8. This company, Zoeta.stores, formally known as Zoiya.stores is a SCAM. When they were called Zoiya, I ordered 2 camping chairs and never received them. They are using the exact duplicate Page layout as they did when they called themselves ZOIYA.stores selling the exact same products. I made several attempts to contact them via email and they never responded. I emailed them for a refund and they never responded and I never received a refund. Eventually, when this current site steals enough money, it too will suddenly disappear and start up as a new site. BUYER BEWARE. THIS IS A SCAM. I believe they are from China or possibly Mexico.

  9. Same thing here purchased camping chairs about 3 moths ago and still nothing . Have emailed support with no response this is a scam do not purchase from this store

  10. Ordered camping chairs one and a half months back, never received them. Sent 2 emails, no response. Will be contacting Credit card to report, and hopefully get money bak

  11. i ordered my camping chairs a month ago, and yes haven’t seen them yet.
    I ordered similar chairs in the past from a different site and was sent to tiny stools suitable for a Barbie doll but was able to get a refund from PayPal.
    call me a sucker .

  12. I ordered my camp chairs in September. Have not arrived yet. Have sent numerous emails and no replies. Only email I got was the order confirmation and they have my money.

  13. i ordered my camping chairs a month ago, and yes haven’t seen them yet.
    I ordered similar chairs in the past from a different site and was sent to tiny stools suitable for a Barbie doll but was able to get a refund from PayPal.
    call me a sucker .

  14. Add me to this growing list of people who ordered camping chairs and didn’t get them. They confirmed the order and took payment immediately, and I’ve never heard from them again, despite repeated efforts to email customer service. Always great to get scammed out of $50 at Christmas.

  15. I ordered 2 camping chairs 3 weeks ago, it said ships in 24hrs and from Texas. Well I live in Texas and nothing takes that long to ship within the state. I’m going camping this weekend and I guess I’m not getting the chairs based on these reviews. I wrote an email to but no response, I just tried to contact them through their site but it ask you what website, I mean really???? Also it wouldn’t go through, it took forever then finally said it lost connection. WTF?? I will have to dispute this with my credit card company I guess. Ugh!

  16. Yep, this is definitely a scam.. Same scenario as all this experienced before. I am planning on disputing with credit card company as well. Send emails to whatever limited information could find. AVOID THIS WEBSITE AT ALL COST.. It goes by Better Life which is a joke.

  17. Just like all of the many customers above, I too ordered and paid for 2 camping chairs and never received them. I also received a Order # however I was unable to
    find a phone number or a customer service address to make a inquiry on my purchase. AVOID THIS COMPANY IT’S A SCAM

  18. I ordered a rocking camp chair on Nov 23, 2020 and never received it. I only received the initial confirmation. I saw the ad on Tik-Tok. I will dispute with bank.

  19. SCAM! I ordered 2 camping chairs way back on Sept. 22,2020. Never got them and never heard a peep from the company. Unless you like throwing money away stay clear.

  20. Same experience here. Ordered 2 camping chairs on Oct. 6, 2020 and despite my emails I never received a reply or the chairs.
    Unfortunately my (RBC) credit card company informed me that they can’t do anything after 120 days from the date of expected delivery, which is much too late now. Stay clear of this company, it’s clearly a SCAM!

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