Zodokelite Reviews {Nov} Is It Legit To Buy Men’s Shirt!

Zodokelite Reviews {Oct} Is It Legit To Buy Men’s Shirt!

Zodokelite Reviews {Nov} Is It Legit To Buy Men’s Shirt! >> The following article is for website, zodokelite.in, which sells shirts for men, read details.

Do you want to go with the trend? Dress up a bit different? 

Zodokelite Reviews is here with all-new fashion trends and best-selling designs for you. Who would not want shirts that look, designer at such economical prices? A casual or semi-formal look can be described by wearing these shirts. These are suitable for attending any party or personal meetings. This website is based in India.

Gift it or use it for you, these deals are unique and irresistible! Bask in the sun or dine at a fine restaurant, you can get a wide variety to choose from. You can shop now to get amazing discounts for the same shirts. 

This article is written to check the authenticity of the website and its features. Hence, we check for its legitimacy by proving Is Zodokelite Legit.

What is zodokelite.in?

It is a centre for inexpensive but distinctive clothing for men. The website offers designer looks at generously discounted prices. Its products have a large variety of shirts and t-shirts, either full or half-sleeved which can also be bought as gifts. The home page showcases the collection the site has to offer. 

There are some more sections to the website, these include the following links: Contact Us, My Account, About Us, Return or return Policy, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Shipping Policy.

An email address and an address of its branch are given in the contact us section of the website. The social media links however do not work. So, we further check whether it is legit or not by researching on Zodokelite Reviews

Specifications of the website: 

  • URL: https://zodokelite.in/  
  • Email Address: zodokelitehelp@gmail.com 
  • Address: Block 1303-1310;  Industrial Sector Phase-3, Baroda, Gujarat-390006
  • Contact Number: Not specified.
  • Products: The website is an online store for casual/semi-formal wear for men.
  • Modes of Payment: Maestro, Visa electron, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, etc.
  • Age of Website: 1 Month,9 Days
  • The Processing time required: 4-5 days.
  • Shipping time required: 15-17 days.

Pros of zodokelite.in:

  • The discounts offered by the website are as generous as 50%.
  • The website offers a worldwide shipping policy.
  • The website has a 30-day return policy with a 7 to 15-day refund policy. 
  • There is a wide variety of products offered by the website. 
  • The approximate shipping time is also mentioned on the website.
  • The processing time required is also adequate.

Cons of zodokelite.in:

  • While searching for “Is Zodokelite Legit”, we found that the site seems suspicious as of many factors found to prove.
  • The age of the website is slightly above one month.
  • There is no information on the owner of the website.
  • There is no contact number mentioned on the website. 
  • The products offered by the website do not have any ratings or reviews accompanied by them.
  • The social media links are not working, they reload the site itself.
  • While searching for reviews online, we could not find anything on the internet.

Is zodokelite com Legit?

The question that remains is: “Is zodokelite com Legit?” so we say that the website is easy to operate and has different pages for different sections of information. It is only one month old and no ratings or reviews are present on the website. 

However, the contact number and owner’s information is missing from the site. An email-Id and a physical address are given. 

The social media links do not work; instead, they load the home page of the website itself. 

Hence, we cannot trust this website due to the lack of some key factors. So, we search for reviews online. 

Customer Reviews:

No Zodokelite Reviews have been mentioned on the website. Hence, we search for reviews for the site online. However, we could not find anything on zodokelite.in. No website was found proving the legitimacy of the website.  

Final Verdict

Thus, from all the above factors i.e., the lack of a contact number, the information about the owner of the website, no ratings or reviews on the site, also the disabled social media links make us think that the website seems to be suspicious.

We recommend our readers to do their own research before purchasing from this website as we consider it as a suspicious website. Moreover, on-going through Zodokelite Reviews, we were not able to find anything relevant.

However, if you have ever had an experience with the website, do let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Found out about this a little bit late . I had found this website randomly scrolling through instagram and the shirt collections caught my attention .
    So i decided to check it out and bought 3 shirts and there was a discount so didnt look any further and purchased on November 11th. It was processing , 5 days later i decided to check the status of the order but this time as I try to load the page it doesnt work and it shows ” Your connection is not private” and that attackers might be trying to steal your information from the zodok website. So basically i cant enter into the website since it wont load and i cant check the status of my order and lost my money . This is unbelievable. I had saved that money to buy some clothes but didnt find any particular ones i liked so i decided to buy online and now i lost my money and probably wont even get the shirts i ordered. This is very dissapointing and I’m a college student it took me some time to save that money to buy some clothes .

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