Zebrasea com Reviews [May] Should You Use It?

Zebrasea com Website Reviews

Zebrasea com Reviews [May] Should You Use It? -> This article tells you about the pros and cons of buying from the website.

Are you fed up with the limited range of selection on the website you are browsing? Well, Zebrasea can help you just in that.

It’s just frustrating when the dress or the shoe for which we waited for so long suddenly goes out of stock. And all that is left is the crappy dress and the same shoes that we didn’t want in the first place. But, on Zebrasea you will get a wide range of fashionable products that you will love.

Zebrasea com Reviews tells that this website is doing great in the United State and are providing their customer just what they want. We all have different choices of fashion, and Zebrasea has put up to our expectations. 

They offer an extensive collection of products in clothing, shoes, bags, and other fashionable accessories. These products are designed exclusively according to ongoing trends to meet the fashion statement of millennials.

They even have a range of outdoor tool products like camping mats, car travel inflatable air bed, rotary grinder burr bits, chainsaw teeth sharpener, and several more to meet any sort of random household needs.   

So what is zebrasea?

Zebrasea is an online platform offering a wide range of products that cannot only take care of fashionable millennials but also provides products that are used in itsy bitsy household works.  

They also offer random products that you may like, for example, a power bank, children’s toys, headphones, gemstone rings, and artistic robots.

What makes Zebrasea unique?            

Zebrasea embraces the passion, interest, and uniqueness of every person. That’s why you will have a wide range of custom selection for every hobby, profession, passion, or anything you might think of.

Also whatever you have in mind you can just hit them up, and they will make sure to get you the best deal you deserve in no time. The company aims to be with you for a long time taking care of all your needs.

Specifications of Zebrasea 

  • Product – clothing, bags, shoes, and other household and fashionable accessories
  • Website URL – https://zebrasea.com/
  • Contact email – zebrasea01@gmail.com
  • Phone number – (1800) 000 8808
  • Shipping/ processing time – 1 to 3 business days and also depending upon the customer’s country 
  • Delivery time – 1 to 2 days  
  • Return – 14 days return with full return
  • Refund – After reviving the product, the refund will be initiated in a certain amount of days
  • Mode of payment – PayPal
  • Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/shopify
  • Twitter – https://twitter.com/shopify
  • Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/shopify/
  • Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/shopify/

Pros of buying from Zebrasea 

  • Wide range of products suiting  every need from every walk of life including fashion and household
  • Flexible with your requirements  
  • Fast shipping processing time
  • Great product quality 
  • Full refund with no questions asked 

Cons of buying from Zebrasea

  • The shipping time for individual countries is too long like for US it 7 to 15 business days, for France and most of the European countries its 20 to 25 business days.
  • In case of refund, the customer has to pay the shipping charges.
  • Process of refund is tedious .
  • Only has one mode of payment. 

Customers Reviews on Zebrasea

The customers who have received the products from zebrasea are satisfied. However, some people have never received their order after placing and paying for the order. So, watching this situation people have made a kind of mixed opinion about the website.

Customers are delighted to see the splendid online presence of this website on Facebook, Twitter, etc., thereby increasing the trust in the minds of the customer. 

Therefore, we recommend you to check the authenticity of the website before placing any order and sharing your contact details online.

Final Verdict 

Zebrasea is powered by Shopify, which is a huge platform to grow an online business. All the details about the website do checks out, but some third-party websites gave Zebrasea a very low-reliability score.  

The score is based on several aspects like the website’s active status, popularity, mail server status, and many more. 

The social media presence is significant, so we give it a thumbs up for that. But, overall, the site seems suspicious to place an order.

It is advised to enquire about the reviews from other third party websites about the legitimacy of the website.

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  1. I ordered a pair of sandles (Birkenstocks) and wonder why I have not received them, since shipping cost $15.00. Order number is ZE7515

  2. I purchased Vionic sandles in March and have yet to receive them! I got a response that they were sent back but I don’t believe it! I only got a response because I asked for a refund ! Not impressed !

  3. Complete scam. I ordered a name brand item and six weeks later received a piece of crap. When I contacted customer service they refused to refund my money. Don’t be fooled like I was.

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