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Read Zandov Reviews 2020 ⇒ Is It Scam or Legit?

Read Zandov Reviews

Read Zandov Reviews 2020 ⇒ Is It Scam or Legit? >> This read is for people who have come across and want to know more about it.

A woman’s get-up is incomplete without accessories, though going bare is also a style statement but the latter doesn’t go well with any kind of dressing.

We, ladies like to team up our outfit with complimenting earrings, neck wears, rings and other embellishments.

These attractive trinkets doesn’t cost a lot on your pocket but accentuate your beauty manifolds.

For , online shopaholics, here’s introducing is originated in the United States and aims at establishing itself as a popular online stop for shopping ornamental accessories.

What is zandov? is an essentially women centric shopping site. It sells rings, earrings, chains, bangles etc.

The site is newly registered so can’t comment on it’s viability.

However, the prices at which the products are available is considerably lower than normal market costs.

In addition to the subsidized rates, the company is offering huge discounts and no compromise on quality. All these factors are quite attractive for online visitors.

But, one must be careful before investing here because many shopping sites promise such exotic deals while the ordered items never reach the shopper after payment is done.

Who should buy from here?

Women who are into fashion jewellery, and like to change their wearables every now and then, matching their moods and occasions, can purchase from

The shop exhibits a huge range of styles and designs to pick from and the products are quite trendy suiting the present taste of young ladies. reviews

Certaing features that must be highlighted regarding this website are,

  • If you buy four sets of the same product then a fifth one will be awarded free by the company.
  • All the products available in this web shop can be obtained at a much cheaper rate than the labeled prices in the market, without compromising at the quality front. At least that’s what the company claims.
  • If you dislike any item then you are entitled to return it at an address in China. This is something to worry about. Why would a company located in the United States ask customers to return the commodities at an address in China?
  • Also, the cost of the product will be refunded here but not the shipping cost for return, which normally is much more than the former.
  • The company will deliver your product at no cost, if you shop above $50.

Is zandov com safe or legit?

It’s difficult to ascertain a particular website like as safe or legit because there are few unaddressed concerns here.

  • Firstly, why isn’t the owner’s credentials expressed in the website?
  • Secondly, the company’s location isn’t trustable. There is no definite address and the return of goods to China makes it all the more bewildering.
  • The social media presence of the website is poor. It doesn’t have prominent number of external links which cater to the popularity of the new launch.
  • The company doesn’t have a http server, that’s a matter of worry.
  • If you read through the ‘return and exchange policy’, you will find that a clause says that the company will rebate the price on shipping broken or damaged products. Now, which legit firm does that? Normally, products are replaced or taken back.
  • Another disturbing feature of is that primarily it must sell jewellery but undercover the website is selling other unrelated products like storage shades and so on. A genuine shop will always stick to it’s theme and would profess what it claims.
  • Customer who have already bought from are not pleased at all because they have received counterfeit products and when they have wished to return them back in lieu of reversed payments, it has not happened.


There are several such scam websites, which develop in a very short time with the motive to cheat people off their money. Always be cautious before spending on them.

Do refrain from furnishing crucial information like credit card numbers and passwords as these sites might misuse them in future and sell the same data to third parties without the owner’s permission.

Talk about any new website launch among your social media groups, you will definitely find something useful from that.

Compare and contrast similar products with other known shopping sites so that you get a clear picture of what are you going to purchase and the price difference.

Lastly, if you are suspicious of any wrongful deviation in the website, then please do share your observation or experience with others as an awareness campaign.

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  1. YES! This company is a Scam, Big Time. I found a Wonderfold Stoller on this site. Been trying to find one cheaper than the $500 + on the company site and Amazon. And No one has lay-a-ways any more). On the Zandov site they had one for $89, but 94.50 with tax. I ordered it paid through PayPal, its PayPal I trust them. So I figured they must be alright. They supposedly sent it to me (at my address I entered) and it was not. I received an email from Paypal with the shipping information and tracking number for UPS another company I can trust. I looked on UPS tracking to follow it, stated it was delivered to me on 03/25/2020 at 2:45 P. M. Now, when UPS delivers they ring my apt to let me know it’s upfront. They use to bring to my door, but we too are on lockdown. Never got that call that it was here. I called UPS 800/888 number a few times just kept getting the run-around. The person stated that the package was delivered signed by the driver and left it on my porch. I’m in a secured building there is no a porch, I tell this to every UPS person I talk too. Tried to contact the seller, the number is for China, I called PayPal they are closed. I file a complaint with PP. In waiting for them I go back over to make sure I did put information incorrectly. Whew, I did. So I go to the UPS site and look at things clinking on everything on the page and find the weight of the package 1.9lbs. The stroller is 50lbs. I get the direct number for the UPS cargo and freight where the packages are shipped out for delivery. I happen to get a Wonderful lady that took the time to look up the place, with name and address as to where the package was delivered too. All this was 03/26/2020.

    I get up this morning and PP has denied my claim because the company (so-called) stated it was delivered. Yes, I was livid! Forgetting that PP was closed, I had called again. Got the recorded message telling the same. I got on the Chat and stated I wanted this re-opened. The agent did, telling her the company was lying. I sent her the information I had attached before and the new information; the wrong delivery address with name and the name of the UPS agent and their phone number. I also told her to look at the weight of the package and what I ordered. It was closed IN MY Favor! I’m getting my money back. STAY AWAY FROM ZANDOV, THEY ARE TOTAL SCAMMERS!

  2. It’s a scam I ordered a deep freezer and never received it. They sent me a reciept and tracking number for ups. Ups said they the tracking number they gave me did not match the name and address on the package. Now I’m out 100 dollars and package and can’t get PayPal or zandov to respond back. Tried to send email and not luck there either. Do not buy there.

  3. Do Not Buy have not received my trampoline or Freezer, Cant get Response. Tracking # is bogus….

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